Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Vintage Kitchen

I love vintage kitchen items more than anything!  First off, a bread box, canister and flour sifter with red flowers.  Poppies?  Or whatever that Hawaiian flower is.  You will have to excuse me, my memory isn't all that great these days.  HIBISCUS, that's what it is.  Whew.  Cute red plaid lunchbox (no thermos).

I found the chicken canister all by its lonesome and then a couple months later found the whole set.  The finial is different on each canister, starting with an egg and progressing to the newborn chick.  Awesome Fire-King "Tulips" grease jar.  The Log Cabin container is a 1980's repro of the original.  The spice jars were found as a complete set along with the little red rack.  And then my pride and joy, four Fire-King Jade-ite "Swirl" mixing bowls.  There is a smaller bowl but I don't believe it was part of the original set and you had to buy it separately.  I think.  I've seen them for sale but they are ridiculously expensive.  I didn't buy the bowls as a set, bought them as I found them.

Here are the "Tulip" salt & pepper.  They're in great condition, as is the grease jar.  Can't say the same for what is very obviously a well-used cold-painted instant coffee container but I love it just the same.

I've been moaning and groaning about not being able to blog because I can't do good close-ups on my kind-of-new camera.  And then, quite by accident this morning when my husband and I were trying to figure out how to get some photos off his iPhone so he could print them, we both discovered how freaking SIMPLE it is as long as you have iTunes on your desktop.  I downloaded ALL my photos off my camera using ACDSee.  Then with that program you can resize and fix up the photos by cropping and adjusting exposure.

This wonderful discovery (which I'm sure every 12 year old already knew) will enable me to get my Etsy store back up so I can sell my costume jewelry online.  I just left one of the antique malls I was in where I had a whole room full of gorgeous stuff but sales weren't steady unless some insane collector or dealer came through and bought a bunch at greatly reduced prices.  You buy a quantity from me, you get some amazing deals!  Because I now have a TON of vintage costume jewelry all over my dining room and shed.  

I'm still getting used to the "new and improved" Blogger, especially the gigantic header.  I think as I get back into the swing of things it'll all work itself out.  Are the pictures inside the post too big?  How about the type size (I have it on Large instead of Normal). 



  1. I love all the items you have in your kitchen. Such great finds! So glad you have figured out the photo thing...I'm horrible at technology! So glad you are back to blogging. Did you try making your header photo smaller yet??

  2. For my vintage eyes the pics inside the post look the right size, as does the type, but the header's still a little big. Good to see you though and looking forward to the Etsy store coming up!

  3. Your post looks great Chris!
    I swear we are 'twins-separated-at-birth' !! I have a lot of this kitchen stuff or similar at home and at the shop! I gave a little tour of the shop the other day on my blog....check it out and you'll see a lot of familiar stuff!
    To get header smaller adjust your 'pixel' re-sizing by starting at around 800 and go from there. Good luck