Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This antique chippy floor lamp uses an enormous 3-way light bulb.  Husband offered to sandblast and repaint it, but I like it just the way it is.

 You saw the green Oriental lamp with this shade in my previous GIGANTO header.  Love it in red, too!

 Thrift store in Illinois super find.  

Hey Linda McKean, how's the header size now?  Still playing with the blog layout, which is always fun.


  1. Love and want that Pink Lamp!!! I have green eyes now! The header is better but still large. Keep playing but I like the photo!

  2. Is it a 100,200,300 watt bulb?! I bough a floor lamp earlier this year and I've NEVER seen a bulb that big! I like your Asian lamp in both green AND red! And the pink shade and lamp is pretty great!

  3. NO! I WANT THAT LAMP!! lol
    Hi Chris! I missed this post somehow! We have a lamp we've been using for years that also uses one of those HUGE tr-light bulbs. I finally burned out recently. Now to find a replacement. Can they be gotten anywhere now?
    I have a 'thing' for you think I ought to 'see' someone about this? lol
    Good to see you here.
    My shoppe is going is jammed full but not a mess I am told. Keep adding things all the time.
    I DO like that pink lamp. But I don't need it! Right?