Sunday, July 13, 2014

Here We Go Again

VintageChristine is back.  Celebrating my return to Blogland with a beautifully decorated cake set on a Fenton "Spanish Lace" pedestal cake stand.

Well, the cake is fake but the Fenton is real.  

I think I finally have my camera figured out and since I'm closing up shop in my main antique mall I'm going to try to market my vintage costume jewelry online.  And share all the other lovely vintage I've been finding since I stopped blogging.

I keep promising myself that I'm going to get back to blogging because I LOVE writing about vintage and LOVE reading about it on your blogs.  Hope hope hope!

I'm also going to try to figure out why my freaking header is so huge!  I love the photo, though--that lamp is fantastic and I recently found a red one in the same style, same shade, but different figures.  


  1. Hey you! How the heck are you? Good to 'see' you today!
    LOVE the header and THAT LAMP!! (lusting)
    Chris, a month ago I opened up[ a little shop next to a Vintage Clothing Shoope just before the beach in my area.....lots of tourists during summer months into the fall. Plan is to sell all my stuff....not giving it away by any means. I put my prices below ebay/etsy prices. The room is very small....maybe 7' by 12'. The gal who owns next door leased this room to me....we compliment each other's product and join the together wherever possible. You would LOVE her stuff!
    I only work Mondays....she looks after everything else, cash, books etc.
    I like doing me a focus.
    So you gave up your mall shop? It is hard to compete with ebay etc You are the pro in the jewelry dept so you will be able to put all the energy into that.

    Looking forward to your posts and am happy you're back.

  2. LOVE the cake stand! So glad you are back!!! You need to resize your header photo to make it smaller. Good Luck!