Sunday, January 26, 2014

One More Time . . .

I've started and stopped with this blog so many times.  I really did try to post using my iphone and my ipad but you can't really do it right when you can just post a photo or two and text.  Plus I type with my index finger so it takes forEVER.  My nieces and nephews think this is hilarious, by the way, but I personally think typing with your thumbs and making every other word a typo or an abbreviation much MORE hilarious.  So neener neener.

Another reason I stopped blogging is that we got a new computer so I had to put my 50 gazillion photos on several (yes, several) zip drive thingies and now I have no idea what is where.  I don't want to download them onto my hard drive because we did have a nasty virus at one time that we're pretty sure we got rid of but I'd hate to find out we didn't when THIS computer explodes.

So then I  had the bright idea that I could take pix with my iphone and then email them to myself and download from the email to the computer.  Except when you do that you lose a LOT of quality.  I tried Dropbox but that's not great, either.

So, I finally broke down and bought a new camera since the one I'd been using was pretty well shot, and  now I'm  having to figure out how to use it since you no longer get an instruction manual, just a CD which is just too complicated for lil ole moi.


Let's put it this way about how long it's been since I blogged on my desktop.  My header isn't for Valentine's Day 2014.  I put it up there LAST year!

Stayed tuned and hopefully I'll get the darn camera figured out soon.  You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, you just have to have the patience of Job to do it.

Love, VintageChristine

Amazing pale lavender rhinestone necklace and earrings.


  1. If you have an iPad download the blogger app. I use Dropbox take my photos with my camera and it uploads to Dropbox and when I get home it transfers to my iPad drop box. I then choose the pics I need. Download to iPad and then use the blogger app to produce a post. It's very easy and I worked it all out myself. Give it a go.

  2. WONDERFUL to have you back in the Blogoshpere!!!

  3. Chris! Good to see you! And whine all you want......good to get it off your chest!
    I have missed your very instructional posts.....I always learn something from you.
    Now figure out that new camera but no pressure.
    Ever thought about an external hard drive for all your stuff? We did and it can hold/carry tons of stuff.

  4. Hi Chris.
    Just dropping by to after reading an old blog post of mine and one of your comments was there.
    Hope all is well in the vintage world for you.....I can't imagine its not.
    We have opened a tiny little vintage shop called Mid-Century Maniac' which is attached to another vintage shop called Fancy Lucky Vintage (you would LOVE her stuff!! from vintage clothing to jewelry. It is just down the road a bit from us and depends on the summer 'traffic'. Hopefully I will clear out the basement.....and have room to put new stuff!!
    Take care, Jim in Nova Scotia.