Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Little Trial, A Little Error

Trying to blog on my iPhone was limiting which is kinda why I stopped blogging, but now I have an iPad mini and it looks like I can do pretty much what I was able to do on the desktop.  Also, I have such admiration for Linda Mc (who is now in Paris!) and Mick (deep into preparing for yet another musical extravaganza, West Side Story) and the newly-engaged Amber and everyone else who's been keeping up with THEIR blogs.  

So, what to blog about after being away all this time?  Why, costume jewelry, of course!  BTW, I won't be doing a lot of typing since I type with my index finger on this little keyboard and I'm not that fast doing it this way.  Y'all like looking at pictures, though, so herewith, some pretty baubles!

Just got some great vintage charm bracelets.  The previous owner "married" each of them with a pair of earrings, some good matches, some not so good.  I think these go well with this gorgeous bracelet!

Everyone likes this one the best.

And this one is just too fun!

It's still not as easy to blog as on the desktop but its better than the iPhone!  I'll save the full-blown ruminations for when I don't have to fight with autocorrect!

Hope everyone (if there's anyone still out there following this blog) is doing well and living the good vintage life!


  1. Beautiful, all three of them. I'm still here, although I haven't been real active in the blog world. Welcome back VC!

  2. Hey Christine! Good to see you! These are 'works of art' and I love the turquoise one as well!!
    I can't imagine blogging on something so small! I just got my first, you heard it first, 'smart' phone and I'm all thumbs....I mean index finger!! lol
    Getting into mid-century furniture now in the hopes of joining a shop soon to be opened in Halifax. Will let you know. Will put in all my 'smalls' as well.
    Have a great day and so good to hear from you!

  3. have missed you! nice to see you again!!
    love these pieces!!
    i am doing well..and trying to live the good life!!!

  4. My oh my what pretty sets.
    I like the green one best of course as green is my favorite color. But the others are quite pretty as well.
    It's very nice too see you again. I hope you are doing very well!

  5. Love the pretty baubles!

    Well I made a blog post myself, but my camera went ka-poot so I will have to get a new one and TRY to figure out how it works. That won't be pretty! Meanwhile I'm going to post auction photos of the few things I have bought in the past year or so... Ugh. So glad to see you blogging too! xo

  6. I'm doing my best Christine! Living the VINTAGE life! How are you doing?

  7. Hey Chris!! I have tried to post several times and it won't let me...Hope this time is a charm!! Good to see you are back!