Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Power Of Positive Thinking

When Dad was younger (but not THIS young, ha ha!  He's three years old here), he joined the Toastmasters Club, an organization for people who, basically, like to talk.  Or want to be able to talk in front of a large group without fainting and/or wetting their pants.  I think Dad really joined up for the camaraderie since he's a people person and has been a member of a HUGE number of social groups over the years.  He's still a member of the ROMEOs (Retired Old Men Eating Out, so you can guess what they do when they get together), a stock investment club, his church's Grief Counseling group, and I think he's even honorary chair of the Women's Auxiliary at the retirement community he's part of!  Plus I'm sure there's one or two groups I either forgot or don't know about, but all this is to say that Dad loves people, and they sure do love him back!

I spoke with him yesterday and was able to confirm what my sisters told me--he's completely back to normal mentally!  That's the good news, but the bad news is that while he fought off a recent bout of pneumonia, he's just incredibly weak, so weak that he told me he couldn't talk long because he just can't sit up very long to talk on the phone.  He also admitted that there was a football game on that he wanted to watch . . . . . . . .

He is getting physical therapy, of sorts--I think it's probably just enough to keep his limbs from atrophying from inactivity, but he is also determined to get out of the hospital and asked my sister to go buy him a leather coat since it will be cold when he finally says bye-bye to all his cutie-pie nurses.  

Having lots of friends, a loving family, and a positive mental attitude has kept him going this long, and I want to    also say thank you SO MUCH, GJB Fan Clubbers, for your thoughts and prayers.  

I plan to end the year with a flurry of postings, so stay tuned since I'm also going to do a giveaway or two and OF COURSE I have to show off some of the fabulous costume jewelry I've been accumulating!

Hope everyone had a fun and filling Thanksgiving and I just know you're totally ready for Christmas, right?


  1. Yay for George! I am so glad he is doing better!! The power of positive thinking indeed...I think he loves life so much he isn't ready to leave yet. I'm looking forward to your posts about your gorgeous jewelry. Do you have a collection of Christmas pins? I would love to see them. hugs, Linda

  2. I'm so happy for George (and you)!! I knew he'd beat this!! I can't wait to see your giveaway!!

  3. That's great news! He's such a trooper. The ROMEOS just cracked me up! Send him my love and I will continue to send positive energy his way. Have you considered he may be faking the weakness just so he can hang out with cutie pie nurses?? George!'re too much!

  4. Thanks for the update and happy to hear your dad is back to his own snappy self in spirit...crossing my fingers for leaving the hospital and those cutie-pie nurses!
    good news!

  5. I am thrilled to hear your Dad is recovering! "What a guy" *hehe*
    Do you think they have a Roleos? (Retired old Ladies eating out) Because IF THEY DOOOO! I will be sure to join as soon as I can. *Smile*

    Good to hear from you again. And looking foreward to your future posts.

  6. p.s. The pic of 3 year old George is just adorable!

  7. So glad to hear that he's doing better!

  8. Great news about your dad. It sounds like he's been through a lot. No wonder he's weak. Glad to see you back. You know you're missed.

  9. love the photo of your dad!!
    so glad he is doing better.

  10. Good for George! Have been thinking about you guys lately and now I know. Yes siree, a positive attitude can do wonders! It will take a while for George to get stronger but when he does.....look out! Sounds like he's almost back.
    Thanks for dropping by the other day was good to hear that you are still kicking it around!!!lol
    Look forward to your upcoming posts....I always learn a thing or two.
    Things up here in the ARCTIC (lol) are going great.

  11. So good to hear your Dad is doing better Chris!! SOOOO not ready for Xmas, the tree comes out on December first, then I'll think about it, right?!

  12. O' Happy Day! I'm so glad your pappa is feeling better. Where would we fan clubbers be without him? Send him some love from us!