Thursday, October 27, 2011

If You're In Slidell, Louisiana This Weekend . . .

(Photo courtesy Slidell Antiques Association)

Come on over to Olde Town Slidell for one of the South's best antiques and handmade crafts fairs!  Saturday and Sunday, October 29 & 30.  Of course VintageChristine will be there (pretty much hysterical since I have NO help this time) with lots and lots of gorgeous vintage costume jewelry.  My booth is on First Street right in front of Carolynn's Wonderland, a most fantabulous collectible doll shop.  I also have jewelry inside Antiques & Art on First, so what you're doing this weekend is a no-brainer: come on down!

Now, about Dad.  He has gone completely wacko and we think it's due to the infection on his posterior that somehow went to his brain.  He is combative, won't eat or drink, thinks he's sitting on the right hand of God (and occasionally thinks he IS God), and gets pretty mean and nasty with those closest to him (including using the "n" word to hospital staff.  This is just not him AT ALL).  He's also in a great deal of pain.  It's like he turned into a completely different person overnight.  Additionally, the hospital staff can't find a vein either by poking him or using the PIC machine and were finally able to administer pain meds and antiobiotics when he went in for dialysis.  Trying to give him meds and antibiotics in pill form was useless--he spit them out, even after they've explained that by taking the pills he'd stop being in pain.  Now I hear they're going to put in a feeding tube.

I'm pretty sure this is NOT how Dad wanted to end his life, in a hospital bed, delirious, with a tube stuck down his throat.  Personally, I think he should be on hospice but I'm not the one making decisions.

Praying hard that God doesn't let him suffer too much longer.  



  1. Oh Chris I'm so sad for you about your Dad, I've been reading your blog for a while now and I'm sure he has always been such a lovely man all his life, my mum is a DON of a nursing home and she said she's seen his type of behaviour a lot with those kinds of infections. I hope he doesn't continue to suffer too much. Thinking of you.xx.

  2. Chris I woke up this morning with you and your Dad on my mind and here was your post. I am so sad and sorry that your Dad is going through all this. I know it is so hard for you but I am praying his suffering ends soon. I am still in Texas and trying to get hospice for my brother. It's just a hard time right now. Good Luck with your sale!
    hugs, Linda

  3. PLEASE, PLEASE check with hospice intake staff from more than one agency if that's available. We had a similar experience with my mom and found that while one agency WOULD NOT recommend it, another one DID. It's so important for him and you. Thoughts and prayers are going out to you all and your dad...

  4. sorry to read that paragraph about your dad. No words that can make it any easier from me, just thinking of you and your dad. Big hug and hang in there.

  5. Christine:
    I am very sorry to hear about your Father.

    My Grandpa just passed away on the 24th. He was 79 years of age and had been dealing with diabetes for at least the past decade. But it got really bad in the last couple of months. His last few days of life he stopped eating and drinking. They could not do anything for him at the hospital because he would not recover if they did. But we all knew he just wanted to go peacefully. (He did)

    I will pray for your Dad and hope that whatever is best for him will happen.

  6. Sorry to hear about your dad, he's got such a lovely smile in the photo on the side bar. I hope he can find some relief soon.

    Hugs and prayers.

  7. So sad for you.Its an awful thing to have to go thru to see this happen to ones we love.
    I woudl so be at that fair if I could but am off to a Brisbane Vintage one instead.

  8. Christine,

    My heart goes out to you and your family and especially your father. We know from your warm accounts here that he is truly a sweetheart and a good man. It is sad to hear about his struggle now. I hope you have enough support around you (for yourself!)and him too. Heartfelt blessings comin' your way! We love you too Georgie!

  9. Hi Chris! Sorry to hear that your Dad is not doing well. Life is so unpredictable. The infection travels throughout his body through the blood stream and will settle in the weaker areas as well as the 'infected' area. Hope the meds kick in and you will all have a chance to catch your breaths and go from there. Good luck.
    The antiques fair sounds like what I need RIGHT NOW! Hope you sell your butt off, so to speak, and need a U-haul to carry home your loot! lol

  10. Chris, I just stumbled onto your blog & was exploring. I'm a "stranger" so I'll tread lightly, but all my bells & whistles went off as I read about your dad & him being uncharacteristically combative. My mother had the same problem - horrible, HORRIBLE. It was discovered (by ME) that she was allergic to morphine! As soon as she was taken off of it she became her normal self. Turns out she was allergic to all opiates, having the same reaction. Please check what pain meds he is being given. There are alternatives to opiates. I hope I'm not butting in but I just HAD to because I know this agony you & your family & especially your dad are suffering & maybe this info can help. I wish you all the best.

  11. Good grief! I take a blogging break and all hell breaks loose! I had no idea your dad was in such pain and doing so poorly. Hang in there Chris, and you will certainly be in my prayers!