Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One More Day Til The 25 Days of Xmas!

In 1959, if you had paid good money for a 9' tree and you realized when you got it home that your ceilings were 8', there was no way in freakin' hell you were going to waste that good money by lopping off ANY of that tree.  You just jammed it up to the ceiling and then looped garland and lights around the bent-down boughs!  Arranged oldest (and smartest) to youngest (and cutest) are: yours truly, Lowly Trooper Sally, Susie Who Is Now Zuzu, and Baby CeeCee.  Behind us are my beautiful mom and the owners of the 1950's de rigueur white flocked tree, Mr. and Mrs. Sharp.  

I've got the house 99% decorated and as I told my soon-to-be-visiting niece Corinne, it is now officially "Crazy Gogie Festive" (Gogie being me, of course).

Bellatrix LeStrange

If I looked like Helena Bonham Carter (and ohhhhh, how I wish I did!), people would walk in my house during the holiday season and murmur, "Yes, it DOES look like she and Tim would live here."  Although I'll bet anything their actual real-life house is just as normal and modernist as can be, and people walk in their house and yell, "Who in the f**k lives HERE?  It can't be weird Helena and crazy Tim!"

Missed me, didn't you?  


  1. Love that tree ha ha! I will decorate Friday, always wait til December. I also love Helena Bonham Carter, nothing like a bit of English eccentricity, she's also a fabulous actress :o)

  2. After reading your comment on Jim's blog re. the Occupy Wall Street movement, I knew I had to come and visit and follow your blog. I totally agree with everything you said and said so in my own comment. I love all the neat stuff you have here and can certainly relate to the pictures from the 1950s.

  3. You look so much Like the little girl who plays "Sally Draper" on Mad Men in this picture!!!

  4. YES! And thanks for dropping by with your 2 cents worth! I KNEW Inger (your latest fan!) would LOVE you......soul-mates for sure.

    And the countdown begins. You really have EVERYTHING decorated?! I wish we had a pinch of your 'spirit' but alas, we don't. We will be quiet like little mice and that is how we like it.

    Pics please of all your decorations! And regards to your father.

  5. fab photo!!
    our neighbors..back in the 50's had one of those metal trees with the light wheel so that it kept changing colors..never liked it!
    i like the green or flocked!

  6. *I had to "LOL" over the 9' tree bit.*
    I love your photo it would have been perfect for a Christmas magazine article.
    Everyone looks HAPPY and perfectly dressed.
    I have got to say that Baby Cee Cee totally reminded me of Shirley Temple with that cute curly hair.

  7. We never had a flocked tree, my Dad hated them, but we did get them a little too tall once in awhile! LOL....gosh growing up in the 50's was fun! hugs, Linda