Friday, August 19, 2011

Waddya Think I Am? STOOPID?

Verbatim comment that was headed for the Fenton giveaway post until Blogger decided it was spam.  Go Blogger!
"Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti I have made a blog at Since i have added a google adsense in the blog but haven't made a penny with this.  I need your help and support to help me make some money to PAY MY Tuition Fees.  What you have to do is follow these simple steps  1. go to and search "Kwotz-Golden Words of Life"  2. then visit my blog from the search results.  3. Remain on the page i.e. Kwotz for one minute or so and do some random surfing  4. click ONE of the ads that appeals to you from AdChoices and visit there.  5. remain on that page for one minute or so and do some random surfing.  and that's it.  Note: You MUST visit my blog from  Only ONE click is asked and nothing else I will be very grateful to you."  By Majid Ali.

Apparently Mr. Ali finds your blog through going to other people's blogs and then hitting most or all of YOUR blogroll, so I apologize if he found his way to you through my blog.  Needless to say, I did NOT go to his blog so I did NOT click on anything over there.  Jeeeeeeeez.  

Since you usually don't think of someone named Majid Ali living in Haiti (at least I don't), I got googling and discovered that there are actually about 4,000 Muslims in Haiti out of a population of 8 million, although I strongly doubt that this person is anywhere near Haiti and probably much closer to Nigeria.  Believe me, I'm not casting aspersions on Islam (unlike many of my fellow Americans) but I AM referring to that hotbed of "send me money stupid USA grandma", Nigeria.  My husband worked in Nigeria for over a year as an offshore diver and he said that no matter what you wanted to do, you had to fork over money to the person who did what you wanted done.  It's called "dash" over there and it's how you do business.  

While in Nigeria, he frequented the local bush bar and every time he came home he'd tell me about the rather large prostitute (named, of all things, Doris Day) who worked out of the bar.  Every time someone new walked in, she'd sashay over, stick out her big hand, and say basso profundo:  "Hello!  My name Doris Day!  You wanna party?"  She didn't get many takers but she was hell of fun to drink with according to me hubby.  He swore up and down that all he did in the bar was drink lots of bad Nigerian beer with Doris and his co-workers and I believe him, mainly because I trust him, but also due to the fact that before he started going to Nigeria I pointed out (LOUDLY) that AIDS started in Africa and that he'd be A STUPID DUMB DORK OF AN IDIOT if he so much as LOOKED lustfully at any female there. I was working at an AIDS hospice in New Orleans at the time so I knew more than the average American did on that subject.  My husband is one of those men who's married for life, anyway.  Our friends call us "Mr.and Mrs. Dove," ha ha ha.

Mike made several friends among the locals who worked alongside him on the barge and was very upset to learn that one of them had been killed shortly after he came home.  His friend died defending the barge from pirates attempting to board and rob.  Apparently these pirates weren't the kidnapping pirates, just the robbing and killing ones.

Needless to say, I am very very glad that Mike decided not to return to Nigeria--the money was good but the thought of having to fend off pirates (as well as the amourous Doris Day) pretty much made up his mind.  Plus he contracted malaria even after getting the shots and taking the meds.

Of course all of this has NOTHING to do with vintage but getting that "comment" from Majid Ali really got me going.

On another, more pleasant subject--19 very nice people left comments hoping to win the little Fenton vase, which was won by Nova Scotia Jim.  BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL!  I'll announce more lucky weeners this weekend.

But now I must dash!

P.S.  Jim Varney was one of my favorite comedians and vastly underrated as far as I'm concerned.  Did you know he was the voice of Slinky Dog in "Toy Story"?  He passed away in 2000.
Rest in peace, Ernest P. Worrell.
Ya know wuddah mean?


  1. So spammers and scammers have even hit the blogs, eh? Thanks for the heads up. That was a rather scary story about your husband. I'm glad he made it back home safely, and isn't going back.

  2. Good lord.

    Of all the things I've tried to do to make money, this never was one of them. It's hard to believe with all the publicity that people still fall for them. ARG.

  3. Not long ago we got a call from some guy in Jamaica telling us that we were going to receive a package that day from Las Vegas and that he needed money to send it. I'm sure to his regret my husband answered the phone and the conversation that ensued from my husband was hilarious. I don't think he'll be calling back anytime soon.

  4. I got a message somewhat like that and just deleted! I am not stupid either! I didn't know that Jim Varney had died. I thought he was pretty funny! RIP!

  5. The NRA called me, and asked for a "Mr. Rodriguez". I thought that was funny too, but gee, wish I had your life experiences to spin it into a story as interesting as yours!

  6. these spammers and scammers are bold!
    one idiot emailed me yesterday claiming to be from the FBI..long email about needing info or they would come arrest me! hah. I forwarded it to the FBI interenet fraud unit!!! then sent the message back to the sender in the forwarded email!! end of FBI emails!!!

  7. Oh I got a check for 2175.00 and all I had to do is deposit it in my account and send them 1,000. of it, then they would give me millions for life..whatever! Boy I wish it were true, but no.. Hey, what I mean?

  8. I loved the Ernest movies Hubby thiought I was iodd but I always got a great laugh out of them I didnt know he had died or was Slinky Dogs voice.

  9. We had a guy blacktop our driveway once, didn't know him from Adam but he did a decent job. A few months later he calls from another state and said he was stuck in some town with no money and wanted to know if my husband would give him his credit card number for a hotel room. He got the same response as your post title!

  10. Midcenturymadam, sounds like an Irish Traveller Gypsy, they do these kinds of scams.

    I hand't heard about Jim Varney and I didn't know that he was Slinky Dog's voice either. He couldn't have been that old!

  11. I needed to catch up on what you've been up to, and this was quite a surprise. Wowza!

    BTW, I "hate" you for getting to go to the fabulous glass convention and having way more fun than one person ought to. ;)

  12. Hey Majid Ali....NOT IN MY LIFETIME.