Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And The Weeners Just Keep On A-Comin'!!

Even though the Post Office has announced they are probably going to raise our rates in January, I personally felt that there was something MORE that I could do to help them out.  As you will remember, I'm also helping my vet save up for his kids' college education AND I'm keeping eBay afloat, as well.  So I randomly drew four more names from the list of poor souls who wanted the Fenton vase but didn't win it, and here they are:

1972 Peace & Freedom Party button
70's Yellow crackle double ball earrings by Trifari.  These MAY glow in the dark!
(And no, you can't have the fabric in the rear.  It's actually a blender cover keeping Mom's Mixmaster safe and sound!)

Vintage pink kittycat figurine

Vintage gold twisty circle pin with faux pearls
Vintage gold earrings with crystal rhinestones 

Christine (the Okie from Muskogee)
Boyd Art Glass handpainted"Willie The Mouse" in Classic Black Carnival--purchased by yours truly at their factory in Cambridge, Ohio

 Barbara in Cali 
An orange Fire King coffee cup for your morning cuppa, and a pin that says it all.  My mom was one, too.

Now don't get all excited by the next photo.  No one won this--I'm just showing it off!  It's a beautiful Fenton blue opalescent hobnail epergne.  I bought this when I was at the Fenton convention (at an offsite sale) and got a pretty good deal on it.  Then I get it all the way home and discover that the seller hadn't bothered to mention that one of the horns actually wasn't hobnail, but rather "Diamond Lace".  See that little horn laying next to the epergne?  Well, after I made this discovery, I went online trying to find a CHEAP hobnail horn, and found one!
Unfortunately, I neglected to measure the horns I had, and this one is for an apartment-size Fenton blue opalescent hobnail epergne.  I know that the person who sold me the first epergne was under no obligation to tell me that one of the horns didn't go with it (you know, "Buyer Beware!" and all that) but it sure would've been nice.  As a seller myself, I ALWAYS point out any flaws or discrepancies in things I sell, but maybe they thought I was aware of the wrong horn since the price was relatively low (but not THAT low!). 

Now, this is one little cutie-patootie epergne.  It's a Fenton pink opalescent Diamond Lace epergne with a Snow Crest rim.  It's the size of a Coke can!  Cutie-patootie is on her way to the antique mall today so that everyone can go, "Awwwwwwwwww!" 

I need some addresses, BTW.  My email address is over there on the right.  

Just remember, boys and girls.  Just because you don't get first prize is no reason to give up hope.  

At least in VintageChristineLand.


  1. How many times have I won and received an ebay item only to discover there wasn't something "right" with it, that I didn't think to ask because it should have been pointed out by the seller, and I assumed because it wasn't, because the seller didn't mention it. If that makes sense.

    The latest deal: I bought two childhood books: "Misty of Chincoteague", and "Stormy, Misty's Foal". Well, the first book was larger than the second, because it wasn't published by Scholastic books, and I had no idea they came in different sizes from that era.

    So how did I know that, to ask the seller to begin with? I want all my "series" books to be the same size. Boo.

    At an rate, your glass is breathtaking and the pink one is to die for!!

    Congrats to all the winners!!

  2. First of all, that was awfully nice of you to give away a few things. You're keeping eBay afloat helps me a lot, too! And that blue epergne is gorgeous!!

  3. Thanks so much for the little mouse. My granddaughter collects them. Do you mind if I regift it to her. She will be thrilled. Only HOT weather here today, not much else. Temps are to get in the low 90's for the next week and we are estatic.

  4. How wonderful! I love orange - and you know that - and I could use a new cup for my joe. I shall wear the pin proudly!!

  5. You are so generous my friend! Love all those gifts for the lucky winners but I must say I am jealous of VainGlorySinner and that Pink Kitty Cat she won! Love your blue and your pink epergne! They are gorgeous.

  6. Oh, how unfortunate that you were hoodwinked by a shady dealer!!! That is pretty very dishonest IMHO! And congrats to all the Lucky Loos out there who won vintage goodies. I noticed that Christine, the Okie from Muskogee, didn't offer to regift that mouse to her sister! Noooo, grandchildren are higher up on the "my precious" ladder to her! Well, just see if she gets that collectible autumn bell I bought especially for her.

    I hope you are cooling down in the deep south, cuz we are smokin here in the southern plains. As in 108 today!

  7. OOOh! How fun! Thanks! I wonder if I had that button back in the day? LOL!!

  8. Is that Nelly ME??? yippeee if it is I do hope I am the only Nelly lol

  9. Oh and Thankyou you darling lady xx

  10. Ohhh such amazing prizes!
    Zoots new earrings are SOOO LOVELY.
    The pin and earrings will look most glamerous on Nelly. I am sure she will wear them on a Frock Friday in the future.
    The pink Kitty will totally suit VainGlorySinner!

    AHHHH THAT RUFFLY glass is so beautiful.

  11. Hi Chris, girl and boy kissing couple you asked about are actually a salt and pepper set-I hadn't noticed, LOL, priced at $25 plus about $14 postage. There's some bits of paint missing which I'd like to show you first so let me know if the price is right and I can email you some pics tomorrow.

  12. Oh my! I didn't even know I had won something! :| I just randomly came across this 6 months on.. Where is my brain?! That pink kitty is so very very cute so if you still have it laying around then I'd definitely take it off your hands, if not then no problem! I'm just very confused as to why I never knew about this! my email address is vainglorysinner(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk xxx

  13. Hi VainGlorySinner: I announce the winners and they contact me with their email address. I keep them on file just in case they win another giveaway. I'm pretty sure the kitty is gone by now, unfortunately. I haven't kept up with my blog so you finding out you're a winner 6 months after it ended is certainly understandable!