Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alas, No Computer. That Sucketh!

My desktop is on the fritz again so I'm doing this on my iPhone. Nedless to say this will be a very short post, just long enough to announce Jim in Nova Scotia as the winner of the Fenton vase! But never fear, those of you who were kind enough to leave a comment are in the running for a few more goodies that I'll post about as soon as my desktop is up and running, which should be soon. Thanks to all for commenting and becoming new followers (I'll be visiting you soon).


  1. Congrats to Jim. Darn on no computer! Hopefully soon!!!

  2. How quickly we have become accustomed to being wired....

  3. I'll tell you what sucketh. Not being able to get my Vintage Christine fix everyday.

  4. Congratulations to Jim!!!!
    it sucketh that it wasn't me!!!!
    it sucketh that your computer is on the fritz!!
    Jim..I really am happy for you!!!

  5. I love "sucketh". It should be in the new urban dictionary. Too funny.
    Hope you get the computer fixed soon.
    Congrats Jim.

  6. Oh, Jim will just love this Fenton vase!!! I am excited for him. Wonder if he knows? He and Ron are on a road trip, and you know they are taking lots of gorgeous pictures. Congrats, Jim. And I hate that your computer is sick. Get well soon, puter!

  7. Yeah for JIM!!!!! That's me alright! It may sucketh but I am one happy camper to have woneth something from Vintage Christine!!
    Thanks Chris! Hope it arrives all the way up north safely.