Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ooo-La-La and OMG!

Yes, I know it's been almost two weeks since I last posted, but as evidenced by the fact that life is still going on, I'm pretty sure me not posting isn't the end of the world.  Everyone was probably too engrossed in that STUPID CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL to even notice.  I'll bet more people know all the details of that STUPID CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL than they know about what's going to happen to this country on August 3 if the STUPID POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON don't get their act together.

Whew!  Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's look at some beautiful costume jewelry.  Because in the grand scheme of things, costume jewelry is just about the most wonderful thing there is, and never let it be said that VintageChristine can't be just as trivial as the next person!

Unmarked ruby red & dark pink brooch and earrings.  Everyone who has seen this set lets out a great big "oooooo" when I open the box.  

Unmarked lavender brooch and earrings.  Beautiful. 

Aurora borealis earrings are marked "Weiss" and the brooch is unmarked.  I'm not sure these are vintage Weiss pieces but they're gorgeous nevertheless.   

Unmarked crystal rhinestone brooch and earrings.  Fabulous. 

Dainty blue enamel flowers with blue and white rhinestones brooch and earrings.  Marked "M&S 1/20 12KT G.F.".  I hadn't heard of this company so of course I hopped on the internet, googled M&S, and found a bit of info.  The company's history isn't readily available, but the Illusion Jewels website (which is a FOUNTAIN of information, FYI) says that it's "c. 1950".  From the looks of this set, I'd agree with that.  Other related marks are "Phyllis Originals", "Scitarelli Creations By Phyllis" and "Scitarelli".  Unfortunately, I have no idea who Phyllis is/was.

I have a thing for big vintage bead and/or pearl necklace & earrings sets.  Many of these sets were made in Japan and every time anyone sees them they invariably say, "Oh, that looks like something my grandmother would have worn!"  It's not that easy to find matching sets, though, although individual necklaces or earring sets are pretty easy to come by.  So, the jewelry world has come up with the designation "married set", whereby you put one together using items that ALMOST match, or at least complement each other.  That's what I've done with the following sets--I've "married" them.  Uh oh, wait!  I wonder if that's banned by the The Family Leader pledge Mitt Romney just refused to sign . . . 
(Yeah, I know that really has nothing to do with costume jewelry, but I just had to say something, me being me and all).

 The bead colors and textures match on this one, just not the shapes.

There's nothing more beautiful than a simulated pearl necklace with some sparkly pearl and crystal earrings.

A perfect summertime matchup!

This is one of the most beautiful necklaces I've seen in awhile.  It's marked "Coro" and you could certainly pair it up with a nice big pair of CZ solitaires. 

I purchased a jewelry case full of beautiful rings, necklaces, brooches and earrings, but while they were all lovely, this incredible necklace was hands down the best.  Since the jewelry came from southern California, I'll bet anything a glam 50's starlet wore this to some big premiere.   

OMG, for sure!

Which one do YOU like best????


  1. OMG is right - WOWZA! What a fabulous collection you have! I am in awe - and the one I like best is the last one. Like?
    Hell - I am IN LOVE with it.

  2. Well, here's the deal - I like them ALL!!

  3. OMG is right! I have a couple of sets of costume jewelry that my Mom wore back in the day. Some of her pieces look a little like these. I don't know hard to choose...I think the Blue enamel set is my fav but that last necklace is stunning! hugs, Linda

  4. Wow, gorgeous!! The red is my favorite, but that necklace...woo!

    If they stop the SS checks on Aug 3, Obama will not be reelected!

  5. The last one is my fav. They just don't make costume jewelry like that anymore. Many moons ago when I was around 7 or 8 my sister and I shared the same bed and one morning when we woke up there was all kinds of costume "jewels" laying all over the bed. My dad was a salesman and he had gotten all these "jewels" from somewhere and brought them home to us girls. We were in Heaven. Now I wish we still had all that costume jewelry because it could be worth something.

  6. Definitely the bl/gr combo of the last piece - AMAZING - I'm in complete LUST!!!

  7. I like the one marked Coro the best. It's so delicate and pretty. I still have all of my Mom's costume jewelry, much of it sparkly and pretty like these. Unfortunately, no sets, just pins because Mom was allergic to metal.

  8. Holy moly! My eyes are sparkling! I LOVE the last one, it is so gaudy/glamorous! My second fave is the white rhinestone brooch & earrings set. It is so dazzling!

  9. Oh Lord! I feel like hopping in my vehicle and hunting for some sparkly jewelry right now!!

    I like the
    * unmarked crystal brooch and earrings
    * Coro necklace
    * And of course that last stunner of a necklace! MY GOD it is gorgeous!

  10. What a great selection! I like the turquoise last necklace.....I can see Buffy Ste.Marie wearing that! (hope you know of her).
    I am sure that the politicians will compromise....don't you think? I wonder what would happen here if we had similar tactics being used? Our politics are so Hey, I wonder what really is going on? Do I want to know? YES!

  11. The brownish gold are my favorite! But all are loverly! As far as politicians go, I decided a long time ago that they all are about the same...put them in a bag - shake em up, ya won't hardly tell em apart! LOL

  12. The flowers are my fave!! My mom has a HUGE collection of costume jewelry. She works at a thrift store for several years and several years she had spent collecting. She has her china cabinets in her tiny apartment all sorted by colors and each shelf is dedicated to all red jewels and glassware,the green, purple. blue.etccc...I think I may have to pay her a visit and do a blog just on her collections!

  13. Love the M&S set, the soft blue set and the last necklace for sure! As a jewelry maker myself (well, a beader, really) I really appreciate the symmetry of these older pieces.

  14. So many pretties I don't know where to start! Is the last one for sale?

  15. OOOOO OOOOOO OOOOOOO OMG OOOOOO omg I love them all what a wonderful buy and that last one shure is an OMG item

  16. Letting out MANY "OOOoooooooo"s!
    I think I vote for the blue enamel floral wins...but they are all DELICIOUS!

  17. That turquoise one is to die for! How stunning would that look as the centre of attention against a black dress, or with a similar jewel toned dress! I did let out quite a few gasps when looking at the brooches you started with.

  18. Aurora Borealis, because I'm going to Alaska on Saturday and the last one because it is magnificent! It will happen by Aug. 3 and then we can all watch John Boner cry again. I'm really looking forward to that...he hasn't had a good long cry in awhile. Maybe Mitch will join him.

  19. I'm probably the only person in the country who paid absolutely no attention to the trial. I don't keep my head in the sand, but following stuff like that isn't my thing.

    Pretty jewelry. :-)

    That first set looks very similar to one that my mother had. I wish I still had her gorgeous rhinestone jewelry. She had tons of brooches/pins.

    The blue enamel flowers really catch my eye. Love the style.

    Being the research hound that I am, I had to do a little digging about the Phyllis name myself. You probably already know this from your own research, but what I found;

    "Jewelry by M & S MFG. Co. of Providence Rhode Island used the Phyllis mark as well as Scitarelli Creations by Phyllis. The company was only in business for approximately 10 years from the 1940s and very early 1950s so there is not much of their jewelry around.

    It was a line of lower priced, but quality plated jewelry, usually with rhinestones.

    Scitarelli was also a mark used by Phyllis Originals Inc. or Providence, Rhode Island from 1950. Scitarelli pieces from ca. 1950's through the early 1960's are always beautifully designed and executed with quality stones and workmanship".

    I'll go away now. lol

  20. Love it ALL!

    And cos I'm from the UK I don't even know what you're talking about hehe! Although we have been engrossed in News International phone tapping, don't worry I think it's hitting you guys now ;o)

  21. I'm with Carole... I didn't follow the trial, the outcome was disappointing to say the least. I stopped watching the news. My daily quality of life is better. Friends accuse me of hiding my head in the sand, but getting upset about issues or politics? Doesn't help one bit, and only served to agitate me. So my friends remain agitated while I'm doing okie doke lol.

    Love the jewelry!! The last one is a real stunner. If I went out more often, I'd invest in vintage clothes and jewelry, but...

    Hope all is well, hugs to Dad. :)

  22. You mean I have to pick just one? I'm like the old fart who bought beautiful pins and attached them to a beret which he wore all the time. I saw him on Antiques Roadshow. I love all the jewelry you pictured. Have you seen the Hollycraft necklace in my Etsy shop? TO DIE FOR!

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