Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Costume Jewelry Gorgieosity!

Here's a few more pieces, some of which are already sold but are just too pretty not to share.  I also recently acquired some amazingly beautiful vintage made in Japan pearl necklace sets and will show them as soon as I get up off my lazy butt and photograph them.  My flea market venture has me pretty busy, though, so I'm taking a little break from the heat, humidity, torrential rain, el cheapo customers and the constant drone of Obama-bashing by my fellow flea marketeers.

This outstanding brooch was one of those finds that make your day--it was in a big pile of what was labeled as "junk" jewelry, probably because the pin is out of the pinback.  Like that's a reason to throw something this beautiful in the JUNK PILE!  I can't be certain, but it sure looks like a piece of Juliana to me.  

A more contemporary piece--it's a pendant and it's BIG.  Love the smokey navettes. 

This set is dainty and sweet. 

If I actually wore brooches, I'd keep every dragonfly I found.  These two are my favorites, even if the one below seems to have lost part of his tail.  Not to worry--I filed off the rough edges, dabbed on a bit of gold paint and it's perfectly fine. 

Impressive crystal rhinestone dragonfly. 

This lovely set was made by Lisner and I received it in its original presentation box.  Somewhat understated, but very elegant. 

Just the thing for the next Mardi Gras ball! 

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!

GJB Fan Clubbers, just a note to let you know that Dad is doing great and happy as a clam.  His infection cleared up, thank goodness.   I'll be seeing him soon and will snap a few photos to share.  


  1. I always wear brooches and have a thing for insects ......

  2. Oh I love Dragonflies! Every time I find a pin they want such big bucks for them I pass. All your 'jewels' are fabulous! So glad your Dad is doing well. hugs, Linda

  3. You, my dear, have the BEST taste.

    Glad your dad is better! Can we hear from you more though?

  4. They just don't make costume jewelry like that anymore. Glad your dad is doing well.

  5. Lovely gems and great news about your papa! I'll have to send him another post card :-)

  6. The ebay issue I had? They banned my buying IDs because someone hacked an olllld ID I had years ago, then they blamed ME for using it to list things the seller didn't really have. I discovered it had 7 negs for non-mailing or refund. Ironically I discovered it when ebay sent me an email about that ID, telling me my seller limits had been INCREASED since then. Oh sure, they were going to let the hacker sell again?? I knew I'd never sold under that ID, so...

    I got blamed fo being the bad seller LOLLL

    Can you imagine!

    Anyway, they put a 'stop" on all old IDs (which is good, no more hacking) and I simply got a new one. Like some old bitch from eBay was gonna stop ME!! lollll

    Hey you... Been busy as a bee, looks like you have been too. Glad to hear Dad is doing well!! You know I have been trying to think of the jewerly I had as a kid, but I don't think I had much, certainly not the lovely stuff you have!

  7. You always have pics of the loveliest jewelry! I love the top 2 the most.

  8. SO much to learn about jewelry! Every time I look into the display cases, I have no clue what is good or not! Guess it takes reading blogs likes yours, Christine-know-it-all!! lol

  9. Well no wonder I can never find any beautiful rhinestone jewelry...you've been all over the south snapping up all the good stuff! Every piece is worth ooohs and aaahs and totaly coveting. I love it all!

  10. Green is my favorite - as always, but that set with the earrings in blue is a close runner up. Glad to hear from you and glad your Dad's doing better. He sent me such a sweet letter!

  11. What a gorgeous lot of jewellery! Sounds like you're making yourself part with a good bit of it though, but then there's always more just around the corner, isn't there? Good to hear your lovely Dad is doing better.xx.

  12. I absolutely love that rhinestone dragonfly! I'll have to keep my eyes open for a piece like that that I can afford.

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