Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fenton Animals, Florenza Treasures, And Other Beautiful Things

As you can see from the newest banner featuring my guest room, I'm kind of nuts for glass (as if some of you didn't already know that).  I'm particularly enamored of Fenton animals, cats specifically, but as a member of the National Fenton Glass Society I receive a FREE mouse each year.  Which is why I have mice and cats living together in my guest room.  I also buy the cats on eBay, since sometimes you get lucky and no one else wants what you're very willing to pay $6.99 for, and occasionally I find them at garage sales and thrift stores.  Here are my lovely pets!

 I couldn't resist the darling little pig.  Could anyone, especially with that little heart on his snout?!

 My mother-in-law is the person who started this particular collection many years ago when she gifted me with the opalescent kitty on the left with the crystal rhinestone collar.  The collection subsequently went ballistic!

 In addition to glass, I also collect Florenza jewelry and trinket boxes.  Here's a little history of this wonderful jewelry:  The Dan Kasoff Company started producing jewelry in the 1930's, but it wasn't called Florenza until 1948 when Dan Kasoff decided to rename it after his wife, Florence.  Dan was able to start his company through the generosity of a gentleman named Mr. Spier, a patron of the restaurant where Dan was eating lunch one day when he was still working in the garment district in New York.  Dan's coat was stolen that day and Mr. Spier gave him money to purchase a new coat, which Dan repaid quickly.  Mr. Spier was so impressed by this that he offered Dan a job with the Spier Jewelry Company where Dan worked for the next 10 years learning his trade, and then left to start his own company.  Florenza also produced jewelry for other jewelry companies including Weiss, Kramer, Coro, Capri and Carnegie--all known as the cream de la cream of high end costume jewelry.  Of course, Florenza made more than jewelry--there are trinket boxes, lipstick holders, and pin cushions as well, and nearly every item is clearly marked with the Florenza logo.  They ALSO made accessory items for Estee Lauder and other cosmetic companies!  Florenza ceased operations in 1981 after Dan Kasoff's son, Larry (who had come into the business earlier) was injured in an accident.  
(Information courtesy of Julia Carroll's great reference book, "Collecting Costume Jewelry 101").

 The little Florenza box on the left is actually a perfume bottle--that's the dauber sticking up.  Next to it is a fantastic trinket box topped by a fleur de lis, and those are Boyd Art Glass dolls ("Elizabeth" in the back, "Nancy" in the front).  In the back, a small Fenton Silver Crest basket, and a Westmoreland Paneled Grape with Roses & Bows decoration perfume bottle.

 Look!  I wished upon a star and found the Florenza trinket box I was looking for.  Ha ha.  Well, I was looking for just a bottom, but when I was searching this little item popped up--it's actually smaller than the lid I have but it's that whitewash that I love.  Plus it was cheap cheap cheap.  Speaking of cheep cheep cheep--there's a whole flock of Boyd Art Glass hen on nest salts.  Last but not least, the Florenza golden strawberry trinket box.

 Four Westmoreland Glass trinket boxes in the Beaded Edge pattern.  Of course the Roses & Bows decorated box is my favorite.  I also have an Almond color box and a frosted crystal box, as well.  Boyd Art Glass items are becoming increasingly collectible AND more expensive but you can still find some deals if you're willing to hunt.  Plus if you buy a group like the 2" tall Candy the Carousel Horses below, you'll average out much lower than if you bought them separately.  I'm going to sell these just as soon as I stop saying "Oh, you are so CUTE!" every time I walk past them.

 Fairy lamps/candle lamps are lovely to look at--just don't put a real candle in them when they have a rare Westmoreland Mary Gregory-style decorated ruby red shade.  This one arrived with several big globs of melted wax--now it's clean and gorgeous and the only candle it will have from now on will be one of those battery operated tealights.

Much of this will be going to the antique mall booth, but for now, I'm just enjoying looking at it.  Hope you did, too!


  1. I am so in love with the Fenton cats! I want one! I'll have to start checking Ebay! I shouldn't but since I love cats so much I really must have at least go with the lovely bird I won in one of your giveaways! It is one of my favorite and special trinkets! hugs, Linda

  2. Love those glass animals. Such a variety!

    My mother had a large carnival glass hen candy dish (the orange color). I don't know what ever happened to it. I remember it sitting in the same spot for years.

    Thanks for the compliment on my photos. I was a bit worried about Mr. Bullfrog with the cats around, but since they don't taste good, he was HUGE, and could jump a good 2' at a time, we figured he was pretty safe. We checked on him several times during the evening to make sure he was okay, and by morning he had moved on.

  3. SHEESH!! You have such lovely stuff!
    Alot of times I buy cute little things to re-sell but then after I purchase it I don't want to get rid of it. ahahah

    That strawberry trinket box is just the sweetest little thing. It grabbed my attention ad soon as the pic made it through my screen.

    Thank you for sharing all your lovely things with us.

  4. Coming up from my workload for a mo to say "Hello!!" to our friend Christine!!!

    Such a sweet collection!! I love the cats so much. I have Grandmas glass Fenton shoe, you know the kind, in green.

    Mom loved her crystal. To her, that was "luxury". I never did pick up on her love for crystal or painted glass things.

    But she started me on a small cat collection too...

    Oh just different kinds, brass, glass, porcelain...

    Holiday weekend, I'm going to be scanning eBay for any great deals I can find. I'm not done shopping yet, glad you are not either!!

  5. I love it all! I love glass and the trinket boxes. Hope you do well in your booth!

  6. I've never seen the mice before - so cute! My daughter is fascinated by the hens and can't imagine what people put in them.

  7. Chris, I loved this crash course in glass!! Very informative. You are one knowledge-packed lady.
    I am getting geared up (in my head anyway) to sell off my stuff but I need a locale to do so. We don't have the population around here that you have and there is a 'mall' of sorts. But things do not move very quickly here. Anyway I will know when the time is right.
    Reading your posts makes me chuckle....I am not the only one with a pack of stuff!

  8. Long time no comment on your blog! LOVE all of your glassware, and I wish I knew more about it. If something isn't stamped on the bottom, I'm lost!
    Happy 4th!

  9. "Hi, my name is Mary, and I'm a Fenton addict."

    Do they have a 12 step program for us? My favorite "dealer" is Ebay. It feeds my habit.

    It's soooo nice to meet you and your glass menagerie.

  10. Hey! Long time no see? I like your new pics & layout on the ol' blogeroo! Your glass collection is radiant! I love all the pretty colors. I really like the trinket boxes too, especially the one with the fleur de lis. Really pretty stuff. And I always love it when people in the know share their knowledge with we uneducated people on the history and collect-ablilty of cool items!