Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks For Making My Day, Anonymous

I was going to write a post about the Fenton Glass convention but when I signed into Blogger it said I had a comment left on July 25, 2011 waiting for moderation, so I went to "Moderate Comments" and saw this:

You sound like a hater.

The post Mr. or Ms. Anonymous was commenting on was one entitled "I Hate Mike, Frank and Danielle", the stars of "American Pickers", that I wrote way back in November 2010.  Obviously Mr. or Ms. Anonymous was googling the show and my blog popped up.

Once again, cowards of the internet, if you're going to leave a mean comment, at least have the bee-a-double ells to identify yourself.  I was thinking about just labeling it spam but decided to add it to the other comments.  In looking back over the other comments, MidCenturyMadam did warn me about this.

Now, on to something much more pleasant--the amazing Fenton Glass convention.  Here are some table displays--I suppose I could hate their creators because these people have more Fenton glass than should be legally allowed, but having been called on the carpet about hating people you don't know and all that . . .

Imagine wrapping all this up securely and transporting it to the convention.  Most of these collections were amassed over many years and are probably just a part of what is owned.  These are gorgeous!

Neat black and white display. 


Each of the mice or groups of mice represent a month, and there are others for different holidays.  The mice are extremely popular.  I'm partial to the cats myself.

Fenton has several artisans who create incredible art glass.  The pattern with the hearts is called "Hanging Hearts" and items are quite expensive.  Not sure what the swirly pattern is, but I can't imagine the work and talent that goes into creating these vases! 

 Fabulous ginger jar collection.

Blood orange has never looked more elegant.  Pairing this color with black (like the ginger jar's lid) makes quite a statement.

Some items in less common shapes and patterns.

 An interesting collection of this and that.  I LOVE the low bowl in front.

These Silver Crested beauties are actually a very pale yellow which didn't photograph well.   Would love to have the epergne (the bowl with the vase in the center--this is a single horn epergne and there are others with three and four horns.  Epergnes are used to create floral arrangements).

Other glass companies called this color jadeite or jade-ite.  Fenton simply calls it jade.  It's breathtaking in person, especially in this quantity, and the black touches are great!

 Too cute Christmas display!

Last but certainly not least, a whole bunch of beautiful glass.  The painted bowls in plateholders are something I particularly love.  Obviously, this collector loves flowers, too.  Note the one horn epergne in the center.  The soft pastel color is called Burmese and is highly prized. 

I realize that many people don't "get" us glass fanatics (which group includes my dear husband, who said, when I asked him if he wanted to come with me on the trip, "I'd rather stick a hot screwdriver through my eyeball than go to a glass convention."  But I feel the same way about his motorcycle events, so we're even).  But if you DO love art glass, this convention was truly heaven on earth.  Sadly, Fenton Glass has announced it's closing its doors this years after 106 years of operation, but they assured us that they have enough inventory to enable collectors to keep collecting for some time.

It was wonderful.


  1. Comments like that are why I pretty much stopped blogging. I don't have the skin for it!

    But, this post about glass is beautiful!!!


  2. I had to go back and read my warning...see, I was right. Somebody is very jealous of you and your pickin's. Wow, that convention, so much beauty under one roof. What your husband said is very funny though. I almost spit out my kool-aid. I better switch to wine.

  3. Christine! You got to stop this!!! lol I think I might be 'hooked' on Fenton glass now thanks to you. I absolutely love the Jade and the Ginger jars....well all of it to be honest.
    And here I am trying to be moderate in my collecting and along comes a post like this! You must have had a ball and I'm sure it was very inspirational.
    I think I might have some of this glass....unwittingly of course. I'll let you know but don't hold your breathe! lol

  4. Oh yes, if I were you I'd ignore those losers who comment and delete them into eternity!

  5. I agree about the pickers and well if people aren't brave enough to put their name on same thing then its not worth reading.

    Regarding fenton glass I used to blow glass in college and the fenton glass was the best glass to blow too it was so co-operative.

  6. A hater?? Oh my, is that the best they could do? Negative Anonymous comments come with the territory of blogging. I've been saving mine, so maybe I'll do a fun post about them sometime soon! hahaha :)

    My Dad and step-mom love fenton glass and have quite the collection of pieces. I myself have never gotten into collecting glass. Collecting depression glass is also big around my area too.


  7. Oh girl that is so crazy that someone left a haters comment. I say who cares about anonymous comments anyway. You make me laugh and that is what counts.

    I love all this gorgeous glass....OMG! I have my few pieces and I really do treasure them!

  8. Well I am not glass obsessed but I do come across pieces I HAVE TO HAVE!
    I love the ginger jars pictured, they are beautiful.
    The Jade table.. WOW WOW WOW
    There are quite a few things in these pics that I would whisk off a second hand shop shelf in seconds if they ever ended up there.
    I like your Husbands reply to you asking if he wanted to go. HAHAHAH That gave me a good laugh.

  9. Oh Dear, I "hate" to tell you, but that is HUGELY mild compared to what I have been called on chat boards over the years and even one of my work blogs recently lol. I get it every day on my friends' message board.

    To the person who said they stopped blogging because of a bad comment or two, you are allowing strangers to dictate your life.

    STOP IT!!! Why give power to people you don't even know?


    OK, wow, that glass is just gorgeous!! If I had such beauties, I'd make a white plastic shelf unit, put lights inside for a soft glow, and set the colored glass on it so the light would illuminate it from the bottom.


  10. Not a glass fanatic but I am a hater of miserable peopla who leave horrible comments and do it anonymously lol.
    Had a giggle over your hubbys comment even shared it with The captain who thought it funny too.
    I am like that with fishing stuff and he is like that with my vintage (he has non taste!! ) xxx

  11. Fenton is gorgeous!!! I have one piece, just a blue swirl top hat vase that was listed in my Etsy shop for a while. I'll re-list it closer to Christmas. But you must have gad a great time looking at the colored glass. I love it all!

  12. I love Fenton glass! I had a cat and a bird at one time, but have no idea what happened to them.

  13. Just ignore stupid comments, as you say they should at least have the balls to put a name to their comment!

    Wow all that beautiful glass! Scarlett x

  14. That person should be glad they posted as anon, because I'd kick their ass if I knew who they were! Hater? YOU? Puleeez!

    I can't imagine packing that glass. My bottles make me nervous enough.

    And about that picture of your booth over there>>>>

    Is that a bar cart I see??

  15. Whatever! No one talks mean to my Vintage Christine! Hey, that rhymes! Anyway, shake it off girl! We love you..ya know! Love glass, but no where to display or store it, so, I'll leave it to you! LOL!

  16. Wow, those are so beautiful, especially the way they are grouped into such coherent collections.

  17. Beautiful Colors! I REALLY like the jade glass. As for Mr. Anonymous, maybe it was one of the folk's from Am. Pickers, how funny would that be!

  18. I so love the red glassware - thank you for the beautiful photos - at least my children can't break them!

  19. The jade ice knocks me out, which is why I have three -- three! -- pieces myself.