Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Salt & Pepper Shakers & Stuff

I've been collecting salt & pepper shakers over the years and even joined the Salt & Pepper Shaker Collector Club--in the main it's an inexpensive hobby and extremely easy to accumulate a nice collection.  Lately, however, I decided to get rid of (translation: try to sell) this collection, took some to the flea market, and was pleasantly surprised to see that people were interested in buying some.  Well, as long as they didn't have to pay more than $2 a set, of course.  So, I found some good deals on shaker lots on eBay and have been able to actually sell some of the better sets for as much as $4.  These are the ones that are valued in the salt & pepper reference books at over $30, of course, but I couldn't even begin to get that at the antique mall booth.

These are called "turnabouts".

 Ha ha!

In the back row are Trader Vic shakers that are found on every Trader Vic table and sell in their online gift shop for $11.49 plus shipping.  I guess you can buy them at the restaurant, too.  I sold these for $3.  Also in the back are little farmers that are souvenirs of Canada (they also have rhinestone eyes).  Love the Gay 90's pink set and the Tobys.

 Amish children, Asian girls with "salt" and "pepper" in Chinese or Japanese, Scots couple, cowboy & his trusty cactus, and those incredible plastic Venus de Milo shakers.  The salt & pepper come out of their boobs!

 Sleeping Mexican and HIS trusty cactus, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Ox, weird and a little bit scary head split down the middle, Indian chief & squaw, and sweet little Asian dolls.  In the back (hard to see since they're black) are two Buddhas.

I love my newest kitchen addition--a Westmoreland Glass large hen on nest.  She's pretty shabby and I'm pretty sure someone painted over her original milk glass since a red cased large hen doesn't appear in the Westmoreland book.  I don't care--she looks great with my vintage spice set! 

 Vintage Asian guy planter.  Wonder if he is part of a pair?

Found these Beatrix Potter character figurines a couple years ago at the Goodwill before they went all internet and ridiculously expensive on us.  Not sure how many are in the complete set, but here we have (from left):
Mrs. Tiggy Winkle
Goody Tiptoes
Jemima Puddleduck
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe 

My friend Lisa from the flea market gave this to me over the weekend.  It's a small but lovely jewelry box--looks like someone may have rested a lit cigarette there on the upper right corner, though, but that just adds to its character. 

The knob on the front is a rhinestone and I love how it folds out to reveal the red velvet interior. 

I bought a very old, very used jewelry box at a recent estate sale and decided to alter it a bit with decoupaged handmade paper and rhinestones.  The back was broken off one of the earrings in the center, so I broke off the other one and glued them down.  Faaaaaabulous! 

You may have noticed the new photos on the sidebar of some of my rhinestone jewelry and cameos, most of which are Florenza.  Here's how they look together in the altered box.  The large round brooch and matching earrings on top are Karu, and those gorgeous earrings in the back are Florenza. 
The compact on the bottom is cool--the mother-of-pearl top flips open to reveal a mirror, there's a lipstick holder on one end and a perfume bottle on the other.  More beautiful cameos and brooches.

I really like the salt & pepper shakers, but I'm just head over heels in love with vintage jewelry!!!


  1. Hey I don't remember sitting as a model for the "after" salt and pepper woman? Musta been before I got sober! LOL. No, I was thinner then! Would you resend me your Dad's address? I misplaced it..and would like to send a Father's Day card. Love all your collections!

  2. Dang! Can I just have all of your stuff?

    I'm way behind on blogging and commenting cuz of the new pup and being sick. Hope to catch up soon!

  3. Yay! You have come out of the closet about being a S&P Shaker collector..Just Kidding! I LOVE the Venus Demilo's and the before & after couple! Those are too funny. I think S&P collecting is a great place to express your sense of humor. They are that perfect mix of cheeky and functional. I little bit of silly kitsch for a sweet price! I love them all!

  4. Hahahahha that before and after set is just hilarious I love it.

  5. Very cool collection!! Haven't seen some of the S&Ps you have.

    Christine, years ago I had a BF clean out our garage, and I knew there were some 50's S&P shakers that got tossed. Oh nothing valuable, but I still kick myself to this day over letting those get tossed. You know, back in the early 80's 50's stuff was considered junk lol...

    Love the pic of your dear pet friend up on the right!!!

  6. What a great colection is it hard to get rid of an of the?The Beatrix ones are lovely

  7. A lady after me ole heart! So maybe this whole 'shaker' addiction is highly contagious! lol Love these! Jewelry.....must be an acquired taste?

  8. My mother is a mad collector of s & p shakers too (she has HUNDREDS) and I adore vintage jewelry (I had to start collecting vintage jewelry boxes just to store it all).

    You have some great sets and I didn't know there was an s & p collectors club, will have to clue in my mom.

  9. I have drawn the line at salt and pepper shakers. Have a few because they are something special but just cannot allow myself to indulge... down that path lies madness! (I know, we have S&P collectors in the family). Love yours, though.

  10. Woah, you have quite the collection of salt and pepper shakers! They are hard to sell because like you said, no one wants to pay more than $2-$5 max for any set.

    I can't allow myself to start any new collections. I wouldn't be able to stop and my apartment is too small ;)

  11. I love S&P's but since my collection is mostly 'orphans' I try to get them cheap! You have a great collection! I too love your vintage jewelry collection. hugs, Linda

  12. Great new header..so sparkly! Nice job on the altered jewelry box.