Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kitschy Kitchen

Love my new vintage plastic straw dispenser.  And the cool 60's kaleidescope.  And of course the Hazel-Atlas box of glass deviled crab baking shells.  You know I adore my turquoise canisters in the background, too!

 Now, I always say that just one complete set of carousel animal glasses aren't enough--ya gotta have TWO.  The atomic glasses in front are some of my favorites, and I love those gold encrusted glasses on the right, too. 

Indiana Glass Company is often pooh-poohed in the glass collecting community because they made stuff that was sometimes a poor imitation of better, older glassware.  Apparently they decided to do something in the 60's to look like Miss America or English Hobnail, and what resulted was Diamond Point.  Gene and Cathy Florence do feature the pattern in their Collectible Glassware From The 40's, 50's & 60's book but as they put it, "Frankly, we never expected to be adding this pattern in our book when it was appearing all over the markets."  Hey, it's pretty, it's cheap, and it's plentiful!  What's not to love?  When they listed prices for Diamond Point, they did note that the prices were only for the crystal with ruby stain "because it is the ruby stained crystal most collectors seek."  The ice tub with the lid on is the most valuable piece of Diamond Point I own and it's only valued at $22.  Many times you will see the pedestal compote with a lid, but it doesn't belong on the compote, it belongs on the ice tub.  The compote's on the right with the cute honey bear jam jar sitting in it. 

I never fancied myself a salt & pepper shaker collector until I took stock one day and realized that, yup, I were one!  Some of my favorites are the Van Tellingen "huggers", and I get a kick out of those wooden chef S&P's.  The space agey Tupperware S&P holder is cool, and don't you just love the little mousey toothpick holders? 

More S&P's, some pretty old.  In the back is a wooden set that are little tombstones with the words "Here Lies Peppy" and "Here Lies Salty".  Ha ha ha! 

The Shawnee Little Red Riding Hood series (cookie jar, S&P's, sugar, creamer, etc.) are horribly expensive so I've been trying to complete a salt & pepper set without going into debt.  Unfortunately, these have been reproduced so all three of the shakers I own don't match each other. 

Yes, those are Kool mascots Willie (or is it Chilly?) & Millie S&P's--they're plastic but the other set is ceramic.  Don't know who they are, just plain old penguins, I guess.  I sold the pigs toward the back to a couple who were about to open a BBQ joint and the shakers were going to be their mascots.  Cute!  The little round pigs more to the front were part of Mom's pig collection.  A couple ears have their tips knocked off, but that just makes them cuter. 

When I reached for the door handle to go into my shed the other day, I was met with this.  Every glass pane in the door is completely riddled with what I thought at first were thousands of spider webs.  Which of course nearly made me pee my pants--AACK! GIANT SPIDERS LIKE THAT ONE IN "ARACHNOPHOBIA" THAT TRUSSED UP JULIAN SANDS!  AACK!
Upon closer inspection, however, I determined that some stupid bird had crashed into the door.  I did look around for a stupid bird carcass since it had to have hit that door pretty hard, but either it was able to shake it off or some woodland creature was awarded a tasty snack. 

So far the flea market sales are outdoing the antique mall sales BIG TIME.  I'm seriously thinking about just concentrating on selling salt & pepper shakers and costume jewelry at the flea market, though, since wrapping up all the larger stuff, packing it in boxes, toting it around and then packing it back up on Sunday when I'm tired, dirty and cranky is a big pain in the patootie.  Plus I'm usually one of the last to leave since everyone else has already figured out that easily packed and carryable stuff is the smart way to go.

Hope everyone is doing well and that this damn tornado season is just about OVER.  I mean, hurricane season starts tomorrow for pete's sake!


  1. Always love looking at other peoples vintage goodies. It's like taking a trip to the antique mall via chair, which is my way to go lol...

    So glad you are making sales!! Yes, try to take along whatever can be easily carried, the things you mentioned, maybe if you have vintage fabric like tablecloth or anything easy to grab and pack along.

    I wish I were closer, I'd help you out, and no doubt have to buy a goody or twelve!!

    Bummer about the door glass!! I'm afraid my gardeners are going to bust one of my huge windows as there is so much dirt and STONES in the back yard, (besides weeds), their weed wacker throws up rocks and chunks of concrete from the neighbors wall he insisted on putting in grrr....

    Hope you are doing well, my Dear!

  2. This was so much fun to peek into your vintage kitchen goodies. I do love S&P's and I'm surprised that my collection isn't larger!! I think it's because I really rescue the orphans. You have so much knowledge and I love that I learn from you all the time. hugs, Linda

  3. Man, one door down!

    I'm beginning to believe that if we were to ever get to shop together, we'd both be going "buy it!" to each other. So, note: If shopping with Christine, bring a boatload of money.

    If you ever get tired of the drinking glasses....


  4. ooooh, that reminds me of the bunch of birds that hit my windshield coming back from Oklahoma! Nothing shattered except the poor birdies. You have such great stuff! Is all that in your booth? Or,is some of it in your house? I want to see more of your cool house stuff.

  5. Christine, you have some really, really pretty vintage stuff. The S & P shakers are just so charming!

  6. Now you know why I hardly ever do glass and crystal-it's a BIG p.i.a. at markets and fairs.

  7. Oh you lucky Dog you! I've always wanted a set and you gots not one but TWO sets of Carousel glasses! Well Enough Boo-hooing Haha I bet we both turn green when we read eachothers posts! My mother also has those weenie dog salt and pepper shakers you have in that one picture they were my great grandmas and I have her Set that are in the shape of to-ma-to's

  8. My mom is an extreme salt & pepper shaker collector-- she has over 300 in her collection! She actually has that hugging bear set and the atomic tupperware set.

    I adore vintage jewelry so it definitely seems like a good area to specialize-- I'd try to find a niche at your local market so you don't have to compete with too many other dealers (there are a ton of vintage jewelry sellers in Chicago so it's hard to be unique.)

  9. I love the wooden salt and pepper shakers. I have a decent collection of them and they remind me of my grandma as she had them on her table. I actually have her spice rack that matches the set and loves thatthey are worn and old. As for the glassware...I hate snobbery when it comes to those things. We collect what we like. I have some 'pyrex-ish' sort of bowls and casseroles that have been met with virtual sneers when shown to collecters.boo-hiss to them!

    I wish for your continued success at the fleamarket!

  10. I agree it is like going to an antique mall whilst sitting in your chair!! Fabulous stuff lady!

  11. Ok, I can't believe you didn't realize you had such an extensive S&P shaker collection! Maybe you were in denial, LOLS. Now I know where my lil' pink piggies came from!

  12. Christine, you a lady after me own heart! lol
    Love what you have. Are you sure that we aren't related and you really are my long lost, kidnapped sister who disappeared and took off to the States many years ago? Just checkin'!
    I always things when I read your posts....thanks.

  13. Loved your post today, Chris. (Well, I do love them everyday, but today I felt it in my HEART.) I haven't been junkin' in days because of Grandson #1 being here, tornadoes threatening my very life, and retirement making me work to afford health insurance. So looking at your pictures was like a trip to the thrift store and it felt GOOD. Ahhhh.