Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vintage Beaded Bags, Hats, Jewelry

Now this is what I REALLY REALLY REALLY love!  I'm "sort of" moving away from glass and gravitating towards this kind of stuff, mainly due to my increased sales at the flea market consisting mainly of jewelry and salt & pepper shakers, although I'm still selling other things but let me tell you, hauling around jewelry is a heck of a lot easier than breaking my poor old back hauling around heavy boxes of glass!  Plus my profit margin is better on the jewelry.

I'd taken photos of more jewelry but I seem to have sold it all last weekend!  Yay for me!!

First, some vintage handbags and clutches.  One of them belonged to Mom, the rest I've picked up along the way.

Tag:  Magid/Hand Beaded/Japan

No tag.  This one folds in half so you can carry it as a clutch if you so desire.

Tag:  Fuji Bag/All Handmade/Made In Japan

Tag:  Mr. Ernest Handbag/Made In Hong Kong

Tag:  Made In Japan.

Tag:  Handmade In British Hong Kong

This little headpiece is very old and the beading on it is beautiful.  I look like an idiot with it on, unfortunately.

Incredible, large brooch signed Sarah Coventry.

Note:  I collect Florenza jewelry and trinket boxes.  I just got this one (at an incredibly low price) off eBay.  It has faux opals, blue aurora borealis rhinestones and gold metal.  And of course it's signed--Florenza was very good about that.

Closeup.  Gorgeous.

Several years ago when I bought a big bunch of vintage jewelry at the flea market, there was this thing that I THOUGHT was a broken brooch since there was no pinback, not even a spot where it might have been at one time.  I tried to google it but since it wasn't marked I had a devil of a time getting information on it.  But at last I did, and discovered that it was the top to a Florenza trinket box!  Well, I have tried and tried to find a bottom but to no avail.  The bottom is the part that's marked.  If ever any of you run across one, please let me  know.

I was so glad to see on Facebook this morning that Ninny, Tootie et al made it through the Oklahoma City tornado outbreak ok.  We're supposed to, maybe, get a thunderstorm or two all the way down here in southern Mississippi which would be great since we're in the middle of a bad drought.  All kinds of clouds keep going over us but they don't drop any moisture due to the fact that it's just TOO HOT for the rain to get here.  We're on the bottom end of the system that attacked the Midwest yesterday and yet again today, which is why we'll get thunderstorms but nothing worse. 

Or so say our weather people.  THEY'D BETTER BE RIGHT!


  1. Love the beaded bags...especially the last one! The necklace is pretty yummy too. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
    Pam ~ One Gal's Trash

  2. Man, that necklace is FABulous! I remember my mom going (and taking me too) to Sarah Coventry parties. Wish they still had them.

    Will keep eyes open for bottoms. Stay out of the bad weather, if you get any.

  3. Well, since you mentioned it yourself, I feel like I need to see a picture of you in that headpiece! LOVE the old jewelry, and I still pick up pieces here and there when I find them cheap. It always amazes me how that's the first thing that alot of women rush to at rummage sales. Everyone except me, so I get first pick at all of the other junk!

  4. Gorgeous clutches! And the jewelry is divine!

  5. Funny, I saw a small brand new beaded bag yesterday at Chico's. I've seen a couple of others at various stores. What's old is new again as they say.

    I love the first one, as well as the little black bag, and that last one pictured is gorgeous!

  6. Love the vintage purses! I am starting to be very attracted to vintage pins...weird huh?

  7. I love the little head piece! Maybe what you need it a big bouffont hair do to accent the delicate beading! I'd like to see that :-)

  8. Those purses would fit in with my collection no worries and the jewellery too.I hope your not selling your mums purse tho xxx

  9. I love the little pearly clutch. I remember having a similar one I took to the prom. Hope all is well your way and your family in Oklahoma as well. Hello and hugs to your Pop.

  10. There's something wonderful about little vintage purses. Imagining a woman talking one with her and her date to go watch a band or a movie (you know, back before men stopped picking you up at the door and before they were all hands HA HA!) OK, all hands is cool if you want him. :)

    Love them all, put your Florenza thing in an eBay search and save the search so you can check for it often. I'll keep my eye out, but I don't tend to focus my attention on jeweled things. You know me, lamps and tables lol....

  11. Did I say say "...imagining a woman TALKING" ??

    Gee I must be tried lol working hard, oh well, skim the typos lol....

  12. TIRED, not tried!!!!

    I better give it up before I say something really naughty hahahahaaaa...

  13. Hey Christine, you are finding your niche. Good! Glass is everywhere but it is good to get into another 'branch' as well. The Sally Annes are full of jewelry that I know NOTHING about. Maybe it's time to learn a thing or two!
    Good to hear that both you and Ninny (Liz) were untouched by all that bad weather we've been hearing about. Our 'bad' weather isn't usually till August/September with hurricane season......fingers crossed!

  14. Yum-yum! I love those bags and of course, I love any kind of jewelry!! The jewelry sells better than the glassware, although I've sold plenty of things that had to be packed very carefully and sent off to new loving owners. I love selling on Etsy. I remember those trinket boxes! Will keep you in mindwhen out junkin! Hope your dad is doing good, and hope you get some rain soon!

  15. I just bought a white beaded mister ernest bag at a flea market. It's in perfect condition. I am having a hard time finding out when it was made. Any ideas? If so, maybe email me?

  16. I have the earrings that match your sarah coventry brooch :) I am putting a lot of many things like that on Ebay - too much stuff to keep anymore!