Friday, November 12, 2010

Bob's Big Boy! Vintage Santas! Stuff!!!

I spent two days down at the antique mall this week preparing for my booth's 15% Off Holiday Sale, and guess what.  Almost as soon as I put up the signs, a woman wandered in, I told her everything over $10 was 15% off, and she literally began grabbing stuff and carrying it to the counter!  I figured it was a good time to skedaddle and let her shop to her heart's content.

Big Boy's about to be listed on Etsy.  Having him in your home is a great way to remind yourself to stay away from doubledecker burgers, fries and chocolate shakes.  Unless of course you WANT to look like this! 

Today I'm taking more stuff to the booth--alot of blue and white including a beautiful Royal Delft handpainted spoon rack (with silverplated vanes--technically called "sails"--that spin).  And oh, is that a pair of little Dutch clogs I spy, Miz Tinky?  Not everything in the photo is going, though--some will get listed on Etsy like the four Ben Seibel soup bowls.

These darling Holt Howard candleholders have sat in the booth's showcase for two Christmases while people buy brand new made in China crapola.  Amazing.  They're going to the Etsy store and I'm sure someone there will appreciate them.

Genuine Holt Howard Japan sticker and a datestamp!

The famous Kissing Santa & Mrs. Claus salt & pepper shakers.  On their way to Etsy.

Several of the pieces I'm taking to the booth today are blue and white.  I love this pretty little girl with the blue hat and the swirling skirt.  I'm sure she thinks she's just way too good for old porky Big Boy, though.

Actually, Etsy hasn't turned out to be all that great as a sales venue--I've made one sale so far and I actually lost money on the sale but at least it's one less thing in my house/shed/garage!

Per the request of Miz Atomic Ranch I'm going to be putting more mid-century things up for sale but the thought of doing all that photography and listing wears me out (yes, just the THOUGHT of it wears me out).  I'll get started on it Monday. 
I promise.


  1. Oh we used to have those candle holders! How much? lol...

    Christine, take pics and throw them up on your blog. Let us make you offers and such, or mention a price you'd like. Then put them up on etsy or eBay or whatever. Hopefully you will get some "easy" sales from your blog first, then you can take the time to list things. I for one love the opportunity to see what you have first, and buy direct from you!!

    Now I am off to check your etsy shop, but I have to confess, I am not signed up for etsy =(

  2. oh I don't think I can bear to look at your etsy, I'm broke and those christmas candle holders are fab, so sorry not looking ;o)

    I do agree though put them on you blog first you'll probably get the same people buying anyway ha ha!

  3. ah, the Big Boy brings back memories of stopping off at Kip's with my Dad and having a hot fudge sundae while he flirted with the waitresses.

    Good luck with your sales. I hope you do well!

  4. Oh man, you have stuff!! Money to you Monday woman!!

  5. Isn't it the truth? I get worn out trying to creatively photograph my etsy items. Then have to have good natural light as a flash will kill the looks of everything. You have some beautiful and darling little pieces...I love Big Boy! Good luck with Etsy!


  6. Christine, I'd love to get the Kissing Santa and Mrs. Claus S&P's!!

  7. Christine I also get overwhelmed just thinking about the photos, etc for Etsy! I agree just put up some photos here and let us have first dibs! LOL...I was going to email you and see if you have any other little radios or clocks...I'm looking for Christmas gifts for Mr ALC!!


  8. Etsy hasn't turned out that great for me either, but then I figure it's a sign of the times.

  9. I have so many things I want to sell and I don't even know where to begin. The thought of photographing it all seems overwhelming.
    Good luck....

  10. I just got a Delft Kissing Couple last week.....must be popular.Good to hear about Etsy. Was wondering if I should go that route. I like the Holt Howard pieces.

  11. Cuuuute, candle holders. I hear ya on the photog thing. But like the others are saying, give bloggers a pop at the stuff first, then you don't have as much to fuss with re: etsy.

    Hugs from Chicago!