Monday, November 15, 2010

Blue (and White) Monday

I hadn't realized how many blue and white Delft-y things I had until I gathered them up in preparation for trekking them to the booth.  Since it's raining and gloomy today, "Blue Monday" seemed like the obvious choice for a blog post!

This spoon rack is stamped with all the Delft bells & whistles on the back.  The "sails" are silverplated (EPNS) and move. 

The rest of the blue & white stuff is "in the style of Delft" since it's either not marked or (in the case of the egg-shaped Salt & Pepper shakers below) were made in Japan. 

Reclining cows Salt & Pepper--the toothpick holder cow just got up to go to the bathroom. 

 Sugar and creamer.  There's supposed to be a lid for the sugar but it's nowhere to be found, so I turned both of them into little lily-of-the-valley flower vases.  I also have a covered butter dish; unfortunately one of the cow's horns is chipped.  Probably got into it with the harem's Big Daddy Bull. 

How cute are THESE Salt & Pepper shakers with the Dutch clogs on top?! 

Cute little decorative pitcher. 

This kid's job is to carry water but from the look on his face, he is soooo not going to take on THAT heavy load! 

He paid his older sister 5 guilders (isn't that Dutch money?  I think I remember reading it in Hans Christian Anderson or something) to do the dirty work.  This little lass is actually a bell--the clappers are cleverly disguised as those two buckets.  I'm amazed that her skirt isn't a mass of cracks, so I'm assuming she spent her life high up on a shelf away from little hands. 

When all's said and done, though, I much prefer this Delft pattern.  Different and less likely to be copied by the Japanese/Korean/Chinese.  It's stamped "Delft Holland" but fortunately for me the flea market vendor hadn't figured that out since all you can read is "ft Hol".  Hee hee. 

Let me ask your opinion on something.  I'm inching ever closer to 170 followers, which to me says GIVEAWAY!  What I'd like to give away is a beautiful blue opalescent 5-3/4" Fenton double ruffle rim hobnail vase BUT (and unfortunately, there's a "but")--it has a crack located on one of the ruffles.  It's not chipped and the crack is inside the glass and you can't feel it.  Our local glass expert posited that it may have cracked due to a sudden change in temperature, as glass is wont to do. 

My question is:  is it tacky to give away something that's not perfect?  Even when you really have to be told to look for the imperfection?  Would you toss your hat into the ring for a chance at it?  It's not something that should be resold but it would be a lovely addition to a glass collection.

Whatcha think?


  1. I love your blue and white collection (even your frisky cows). YES I would love to have a Fenton vase, imperfect is perfect to me!! I say go for it!

  2. You betcha Chris! Nothing is ever perfect anyway, is it?
    Love your 'dutch' collection especially that last one.

  3. NOT tacky! Love your "blues", and heck for folks that love beautiful glassware, they love it regardless. =)

  4. My sister used to collect the blue and white's so cute!

  5. I love that last delft plate, I've never seen it before so thanks for showing me something new. I think its fine to give away that Fenton vase, I'm sure it's still a beautiful piece.

  6. Those are lttle clogs on the eggs? I thought they were eyeballs. That's what I get for trying to look through danged bifocals.

    Heck yeah, offer that sweet thing up for a giveaway! Fenton is still very desirable and I even think you could sell it if you identified the hairline crack.


  7. finally posted stuff I'm not interested in!

    Yes, you can giveaway stuff with cracks - just say so!