Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teeny Tiny Vases & Cats & A Fur Clip

I've always loved miniatures and small things and over the last few years have been collecting tiny little handmade pottery, small Fenton vases and little Fenton cats.  One of these days I'm going to find the time and energy to drag the still-in-the-box-dammit dollhouse I bought, put it together, and fill it with all the dollhouse size things I have everywhere.  This was also one of Mom's dreams so I really need to get started on it, if only to do it in her memory.  Herewith, a few things I love (and that aren't for sale, at least for now):

Fenton opalescent hobnail vases--by way of reference, the vases are about 3-3/4" tall, so those are some teeny weeny itsy bitsy pots!  I buy them from an artist named Judith and have been getting them from her for the last several years when I attend the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, MS. 

Fenton Silver Crest vase (4" tall) with Spanish Lace design.  Two more vases from Judith.

Green ruffle rim hobnail vase (represented as Fenton but I don't think it is) and Silver Crest vase.  And two more Judith creations.

More Fenton hobnail.  The little black vase on the left was made by Dona Rosa of Oaxaca, Mexico and I've had it since I bought it from her way back in the mid-60's.  How I've managed to hang onto something that small amazes me to no end!  The little white piece on the right is actually a small lidded dish, perhaps for rings or earrings.

 My mother-in-law gave me the Fenton cat in the middle (rhinestone collar, very me) and since then I've picked up more kitties when I can find them cheap.  Well, yes of course there's a pig, too, but hey, it's CUTE!

Here's BooBooKitty's interpretation of "Fenton Cat In Contemplation".  Isn't he BOO-tee-ful?!

I finally got a semi-decent photo of my fabulous McClelland Barclay fur clip.  It is just breathtaking, and even more so since I paid exactly three bucks for it since neither I nor the lady at the flea market had any idea who he was.  I sure do now, though!

Husband is nearing completion of the ongoing kitchen renovation, which has mainly involved tearing out the disgusting 70's paneling, putting up sheetrock and painting.  Since most of the wall space is filled with cupboards (which were painted last year) our expenses have been minimal.  It's good that he has something to do during this unfortunate time of unemployment, and he's been having a ball demolishing and pounding and slopping paint all over everything. 

And so far, Barbara, he hasn't impaled himself with a screwdriver or nail gun.  In the future, however, he recommends just slapping electrical tape over the wound and not bothering about an actual bandage.  Works for him every time!


  1. Ha! I can only imagine the damage I could do to myself with a nail gun, which is probably why I want one so badly. I'm kinda masochistic.

    Those ARE teeny-tiny pots! I'll have to keep my eye out for some for you.

    You're doing your kitchen too? Yipes!

  2. Ooo I LOVE the little pots, as you know, I have an odd clay vase/pot obsession myself. =)

    Sweet glass. It's one of the few things I do not collect or know anything about. Mom loved her few crystal things she bought in fancy shops. She felt real crystal was a sign of elegance. Other than a few cheap vintage hobnail vases, it's all I have in glassware.

    Chris my cat says "Hiya" to BooBoo kitty. He wants to know if BooBoo can come out and play?

    Glad hubby is keeping busy. My long-time friend who has been working big commercial construction for about 50 years is still laid off too. =( He's this close to retiring, and this time off work is not good for him either.

    Big hugs and love the clip!!! =D

  3. I am liking little things lately also. Maybe it's because of the abundance of items I already have. hmmmmmmm.....anyway..love the pots and the fenton cats of course. Hoping things turn around for you hubby soon!

  4. Oooooh...that fur clip is fantasticly beautifully fabulous. $3?! wow!

    p.s.I am dying over the dollhouse idea. DO IT!!

  5. Dollhouse, dollhouse, dollhouse. You must do it, please?

    I'm very glad your hubby has something to occupy him whilst he's out-of-work. I know how stressful that is...

    Hello to your little furry one... :)

  6. I could spend hours browsing around your 'shop' Chris!
    Look at BooBooKitty! Cute. I had a cat,Polo, who looked just like her/him.

  7. Love your glass and the fur pin is STUNNING! maybe pinned one somethign grey or black? and what a steal for $3!

  8. I just saw an episode of Antiques Road Show where a lady had brought in 2 pieces of jewelery that she had paid $2 ea for at a rummage sale...guess what? They turned out to be Tiffany & Co.! WOWEE! They were worth $3,000 (necklace) and $1,500 (brooch) How about that! Reminds me of your fur pin :-)

  9. $3 was a steal for that brooch. I reckon it's worth adding a zero to that.