Friday, November 19, 2010

Glamour In The Boudoir. And Fascinating Turkey Lore. Huh?

Glamourous stuff from VintageChristine's boudoir collection.  I actually used some of this way back when I cared more about how I looked.  I was going to say "back when I cared more about how I looked AND SMELLED" but then I realized that I still do care about whether or not I stink.  Silly me, I know.

Too bad the price sticker person stuck the price sticker on the front of this box.  I made the seller take it off in front of me so HE was the one who ruined it.  I got it for half-price.

 Tinted foundation and powder in one!  Glamourous!

 Whenever I buy old powder boxes like this one by Aquamarine, I always throw out any remaining powder and OF COURSE the puff.  I mean, YUCK.  You can buy brand new puffs in pretty colors on eBay (like this one).

This April Showers powder box got a new puff, too. 

I have a soap fetish and I have so much now that I will never, ever, EVER use it all.  So every once in awhile I go out to the shed, open the soap boxes and inhale the lovely vintage-y fragrances.  April Showers was one of my favorites.  I especially like the smell of the ones that were stuck in the back of an old lady's closet for 50 years.  You get floral and musty, all in one!

Three bars in a pretty box.  Fabulous! 

Estee Lauder "Lucidity" compact.  I'm an Aries so I had to get this one. 

Pretty floral compact from England. 

Beautiful Richard Hudnut compact. 

I can't imagine actually using this beautiful set of mother-of-pearl brush, comb and mirror.  Once upon a time someone did, though, since they do show some wear. 

My gorgeous hairspray cover!  Covers up that dollar store can of Suave perfectly! 

Even though I currently use the little square boxes of tissue (hidden in a pretty Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic container) I really do adore this beautiful gold container.  It's just too big for my small bathroom counter. 

A final splash of "Jolly Night" perfume before heading out for a night on the town.   Say a cocktail at "21", dinner at a small romantic spot with a table for two, then after-dinner toddies at the Copa?   

Then tossing her last tissue into her fabulously glamourously beautiful and gorgeous (because you just can't use those words ENOUGH!) lucite trash can ........ oh, good grief, after all this, we end by using the words TRASH CAN?! 

Let's try this again: Tossing her last tissue into her fabulous lucite WASTE BASKET (much better, yes?) she danced from the boudoir, down the staircase and into the arms of her lover, both ready for a night of drinking, dancing, and adventure! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned, but remember not to eat too much--we're fast approaching Thanksgiving.  I just learned an interesting factoid--the turkey originated in Mexico (called "guajolete" there) and migrated to the U.S. over time BUT it wasn't called turkey until the British
came over for a little conquering, saw the guajolete and said, "Oh my lord, Jeeves, that ugly bird looks just like the guinea-fowl that we import from Turkey!  Of course we have no intention of using the word for it the local savages use, so we shall imperiously (since we're so damn good at imperiousness) call it a turkey!" 

One more factoid: Benjamin Franklin desperately wanted our national bird to be the turkey--ole Ben did love him a big honkin' turkey leg and a keg of beer!  But the rest of the Founding Fathers decided the bald eagle was the better choice, but at least we still get to eat turkey instead of eagle for Thanksgiving!
So that, boys and girls, is today's history lesson courtesy of your pal, VintageChristine. 


  1. Is there ANYTHING you don't collect? Wow! I care about how I smell - rather "not smelling" since I rarely wear perfume, but I wouldn't be caught dead going to the mailbox without my makeup!!!

  2. Glamor in the boudoir?? Oh yeah, I remember those days, back when I could afford fancy soaps and powder puffy goodness. Now it's Advil and heating pads. My how time changes things. Hey, at least you still have the soap and powder, that counts for something doesn't it?

    I love the hairspray cover!

    And thanks for the turkey lore.
    Smelly, pretty and educational all rolled into one post. I like it!

  3. Christine! A tip! You can remove virtually ANY sticker stuck to paper or cardboard, if you warm it with a blow dryer and gently tease it off. Believe me, I have been able to remove those "clings on like death" Salvation Army Thrift store price stickers from the most amazing vintage graphic printed boxes. =)

  4. Leanr something new everyday! Love you dressing table stuff!

  5. Oh, you've struck a nerve here. I LOVE powder boxes, and what beautiful ones you have!


  6. I love your vintage powder boxes. I have one and it just needs a new puff! Love the info about Turkey! Have a wonderful week!

  7. I think Ole Ben was a party guy. At least he got the food and drink right!


  8. OMG! Christine, you are the QUEEN! What don't you collect?! I bow down to you, mi lady!
    Nice have great taste.
    I always wondered where 'turkey' came I know. Thanks.

  9. also an aries, very jealous of your compact. when do you believe the mother of pearl set to have been created?

  10. Hi Chris...thanks for your kinds thoughts today. Dad would be 89 if he were still here and I'm sure your mom loves his personality now. He is such a cut-up, a sweet and gentle kind of man, not a mean bone in his body. I'm not a big fan of Christian music either. Most of it is modern rock and roll and I can't understand a word of it! LOL Have a good day in warm and sunny Louisianna. We're having our annual "better get your Christmas lights up now because the weather is going to change" kind of 70 degree weather today. But, I'll still put off putting up lights. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. I love love love all this stuff, and the barbie in your header. I want it all!

    Sooooo...I just gave you a blog award! Head on over to my page to check it out!


  12. Just found your blog, and I love it. My grandmother had a few of the sorts of things that you mentioned in this post, and of - how lovely they were! Though a simple woman, she loved her pretty things, including wonderful soaps that were the delight of my childhood. I would give anything to find those same soaps again favorite were the ones shaped like strawberries!

  13. I dream of having a woodbury powder box since I kno Cyd Charisse did the ad <3

    Love your things everything is really beautiful!