Thursday, September 2, 2010

For Someone Who Doesn't Smoke . . .

. . .  I sure do have alot of ashtrays!  Here's my latest find and also a link to more information about Treasure Craft.  If you follow the link, note that my Hawaiian tourist salt & pepper shakers are shown at the top of the page which is nice because I had no idea they were Treasure Craft.  And you know what--I think one of you gave them to me but my wretched brain can't remember who it was!
It's ceramic and I really like the marbled interior.  And the reason it looks odd is because I photographed it upside down and had to rotate it with ACDSee.  Again, that brain problem . . . 

I think I have more Treasure Craft ashtrays somewhere.  I think they're cool.

Hope you're not sick of my glass.  If you are, don't go any further cuz here comes a darling little Fenton double crimp vase with handpainted cardinals!

I really love their Silver Crest line, which is actually pretty easy to acquire and the prices are reasonable, even on eBay if you get lucky on an auction with a low starting point and no one else wants it.  Now I'm branching out a little to other crests--pink, green, blue, lavender, red--which are harder to find and when you find them the prices reflect scarcity.  And then if the vase was handpainted by the Charleton company, well, forget it.  I'm not sure if the crest on this vase is classified as silver or peach, but no matter because it's girly girly pinky and it shore iz purty!

When I can find it cheap I pick up Frankoma Pottery (I know that Mick is a FrankomaFanatic) and when I saw this little nut dish I went "ahhhhhh" and brought it home with me.  This is my favorite Frankoma color, too.

The rain has finally stopped and even though Hurricanes Earl, Fiona and Gaston are whirling and churning away in the Atlantic, at least the Gulf Coast is going to be calm for the Labor Day weekend.  OK, when I say "calm" I mean the weather.  It IS the end of summer and totally time to party.  Woo hoo!!!!


  1. I have... 4 or 5 ashtrays. If you have mid-century or vintage, you HAVE to have some!

    They are plentiful, affordable, come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and have a million uses besides the butts lol...

    Kind of like little planters. Have to have a lot of those, too. =)

    Glad the storm ain't a-blowin' you down!

  2. I love ashtrays and I (gasp, cough cough) smoke.

    Pass them my way!

  3. Calm except for that little oil explosion eighty miles from shore.

    Anyhoo, I love the ashtray and the unique way it has to be turned upside down to be used. Frankoma...I used to have tons of it! My very first pieces was a tea pot and mugs.

    Happy Labor Day and get ready for more oil in the water.


  4. I was more concerned when I heard that a helicopter went down yesterday since my husband went offshore IN A HELICOPTER yesterday, but since no one called me I'm assuming he's ok. Hopefully this time they'll let the fire burn itself out like they should've done with that other one. Every time a platform blows up it doesn't mean oil is going to get in the water and it sounds like the humans were somewhat prepared if they had time to get on those suits.

  5. Vintage C... hugs to you in the south... I cannot wait for fall, hurricane season will be over... and cardigan sweaters! Tell me again why peeps migrate to Florida? The heat alone is crappy. Don't get me started on Disney... :)

    Your ashtrays rock! That's the kind of breakable I'm on board with. :)

  6. I never get sick of looking at your fabulous glass finds! Oh and I LOVE Shoe numero 4! The little flower on top is so cute! I especially like the title of the picture! :) And we've used that copper chafing dish for several parties! It's great and people always love it! Thanks for parting with it. I love you Gogita! Muah!

  7. I also have several vintage ashtrays. I don't smoke and never have but these are such works of art it's hard to pass them by sometimes!!! Love that it's now September!! Cooler weather on it's way.

  8. how big is your frankoma candy/ nut dish? I think I have one like it that my Grand mother I use it to heap mashed potatoes in during Thanksmass! Your slowly but surely gonna make a enton addict out of me! The one with the Cardinals is great!

  9. I've seen a lot of ashtrays at the thrift store lately. I guess someone has been cleaning out the attics of America. lol

    Glad you're not getting too much 'storm'. I can't imagine living in areas that have to deal with these storms on a regular basis. A sturdier person than I.

  10. I learn so much from you Christine!! Frankoma eh?
    The only ashtray I have is a Jadite one. Are all Fenton's signed?

  11. Hey There!

    My theory on ashtrays...if you find some really neat ones, buy them and hang on to them. The only ashtrays available now are boring clear glass ones. Eventually, someone is going to start an ashtray trend and toss out all those boring ones! Then, you'll make a million!

    Better than the lottery!