Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Glass, Glass, Glass

Oh I do love my glass!  Here are some of my favorites:

Fenton "Daisy & Button" centerpiece bowl.

Mom's wedding crystal, Cambridge Glass' "Portia".

Sweet little Fenton "Silver Crest" fan vase with handpainted roses.

Two beautiful ruby cut-to-clear wine glasses.  I bought these from a couple at a flea market and they were some of those "My grandmother died and left us this stuff and we're selling it for the family but really, we're crackheads" people.  I paid exactly two bucks for these two beauties, though I'm not sure how much crack two bucks buys these days.  Of course, if any of you ARE crackheads, let me know (sometimes I wonder about Miz 1950's Ranch since she seems to be at her computer ALL THE TIME!  Of course, I jest).  By the way, I bought the glasses from the same people I bought the vintage rhinestone Mardi Gras ball crown from, if you remember. 

One of my kitchen cupboards has been taken over by many different kinds of glassware PLUS that darling little set of cups & saucers, a stack of miscellaneous vintage plates and bowls, and oh yeah, some Wedgwood.  The Birmingham, AL Museum of Art has the most incredible collection of Wedgwood (all from one private collection donated to the museum several years ago) and is worth going to see if you're ever passing through.  I have a couple ashtrays, a sugar, creamer, and small pedestal dish.  But who would actually ever USE Wedgwood?  Certainly not to stub out a cigarette!  I got all of these at an estate sale on the last day--they were sitting in a china cabinet and I couldn't believe they were still there after three days of people tromping through the house.  They're the real deal, with the Wedgwood stamp, and I paid $10 for the bunch! 

I'm actually in the planning stages in preparation for having a great big yard sale in October or November (since we're in the deep south we have a much longer yard sale season than ya'll up north) and I'm hoping to get rid of a bunch of stuff.  Also, I've reserved a space at the Slidell Arts & Antiques Show (Slidell, Louisiana) for the weekend of October 23 & 24 and will be taking as much of my "good stuff" as possible. 

And boys and girls, I do believe that it's almost time for a giveaway at La VintageChristine!  Here's what's up for grabs when I reach 150 followers (I've been stuck at 146 fabulous followers for too long so I'm hoping this will bribe a few more on over . . .):
Mid-century McCoy "Capri" line footed planter.  How atomic is THIS, huh?  But of course, this being ME, one little planter, coolicious though it is, certainly isn't going to be the only giftie.  Stay tuned, peanut gallery!


  1. Christine you do have some of the most beautiful glassware ever! I love those red glasses...crackheads...oh my! come on folks join in the fun and follow so we can get a chance at this awesome planter!!

  2. ok, i would so totally gouge out my own eye (the bad one, not the good one) for that McCoy planter.

    The Wedgewood Japserware is gorgeous, but so out of fashion (at least here) that it goes for a song. My fave is either the pink or the black. I have a few small pieces of the grren that I bought for pence 20 years ago when I moved to the UK the first time. I am with you tho...who would ever actually use if for anything?

  3. I love glass, too, and have a small collection of the milky green depression era stuff...


  4. That glass in the first picture if STUNNING! And as For your planter its on the way, and trust me good thigns come to those who are forced to wait by procratonating red heads ;)

  5. Oh! That McCoy planter...I like! But ten, you know how I love planters. :)

    Mr. Mick, are you speaking of the same planter that you showed me waaaaaaaaayyyyy back in June at the 5 year anniversary party? :)

  6. You are such a tease, Ms.C!
    Would love to be at that Show in October, sounds like a good one.
    That McCoy piece looks like it may 'take off'! 4 more to go.....

    Yes, we are about to 'batten everything down'. Earl will be making landfall 'up here' on Friday evening. Usually the waters in this neck of the woods are cold but not this year. So Earl will not lose any punch. Hey we are very fortunate to have so few of these. You can catch your breath on this one.

  7. See Chris now that you're going to do a fair you HAVE TO get a van, he he. Thanks for the post on my giveaway, I did see it but have been really busy. How did you like the bullets??

  8. I love the fan vase and the boomerang dish. I think that means I have multiple personalities!

  9. Moi? A crackhead? lol.... Just a woman driven to succeed even more than most of my male counterparts ;)

    I envy people who throw all caution to the wind and just let 'er rip with drugs and drink and all kinds of irresponsible fun! Funny, they don't seem to be laughing much, tho do they? ha ha...

    Anyways, love the glassware! I still have Moms wedding china, modest tho it may be, I'll have to see if it has a name on the bottom. I also have quite a few of her lovely and oh-so delicate thin etched glasses, which I love.

    Mmmm the vase is awesome! And I missed two auctions today while I was working waaaa lol......

  10. Oh sure...temp us with a yard sale that we can't attend!! You know I'd buy half your stuff if I could be there! Damn, damn, damn.

    We need a follower run. Let's go find some for ya!

  11. Not much into glass, but that McCoy Capri piece is SuhWEET!!
    ...must go dig up some followers for that vintage chick...