Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guilt. It Can Be Verrrrrry Rewarding!

Waaaaaay back earlier this year I saw a cute little planter on our friend Mick's blog and blatantly requested that he give it to me. 

Shyster that he is, he offered to TRADE it for the cute little swastika planter he'd seen on my blog.  Okey dokey, done deal, so I immediately shipped off my planter.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Turns out that he was going to give me my planter at the grand bash he'd planned for friends and bloggers in June that I was totally planning on attending with hubs and doggie.

Long story short--we closed on La Condo exactly on the day before the party and since not even my leadfooted husband could make it from the Florida Gulf Coast to the wilds of northern Texas in time, I had to send my last minute regrets and apparently missed an incredible event.  Waaaaah. 

OK--that was June.  Guess what I just got in the mail?  Yeah, dear Mick was a bit slow (what with being in the hospital and being a major musical comedy star, etc.) but certainly finessed himself by sending not only the planter but ANOTHER darling planter AND a sweet note AND photos AND a DVD of his starring role in "Pirates of Penzance"!  I love you, you lil red-headed Texas cutie!

The little black planter looks like a plant or urn stand and I love it!  And I not only got the "PofP" DVD but it's the official Press Night video.  I'm going to take it to the beach and watch it whilst quaffing a flagon of demon rum, pip pip and cheerio.  Or a bottle of wine, whichever comes first . . .

Not only did I miss the June event but he wanted me to know I missed the End 'o Summer event as well.  Here's part of Mick's harem and a friend (who I at first thought was Mick) in a cool hat.  Those kids have too much fun, y'all!

I'm just so darn lucky to have met so many wonderful people through blogging.  Thanks to each and every one of you!!!!! 


  1. From perusing Mick's blog I noted that he parties a LOT! Ah, to be young again!!

  2. Wow we love Christine and Mick!! =D very cool!!

  3. I have no idea who this guy is, but how very generous of him! It's so great having friends. Hugs, Miss C.

  4. To Darlene, if you haven't checked out Mick's Blog run right over! I sent Mic a boatload of records a while back and he said he would send me some Casa Blanca Swag but I haven't gotten any...hmmm...maybe I should lay the guilt trip on him....

    ...Naw, I never expected anything in return for the records, I just KNEW that the Casa was the best place for them. If I even got a post card from Mick I'd be thrilled! He is the busiest Red Head in all of Texas!

  5. I love reading about Mick and all his adventures at the Casablanca! Those are some great kids and they enjoy so much good clean fun!

    Christine your planter is like the one I got on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale only mine is Pink!! I love it and the black stand is awesome. Enjoy your goodies! That Mick is a sweetie!

  6. Oh yeah and I love, LOVE, L O V E!! The new look of your blog!!

  7. hee hee hee...a little guilt never hurts! I saw that little planter when I was there for the 5 year party for the Casablanca...he showed it to me...along with a comment of..."I really need to send that to her"....

  8. Haha Im glad you liked the "Im sorry for taking forever" goodies! If we ever trade again FEEL FREE to hold what ever it is for 6 months before sending it! haha and be forewarned, during Pirates of Penzance when the daughters say "Yes Yes he is a Major General" is NOT the time to take a drink as you will provably spit it out from laughing! :) Its been great getting to know you too! <3

  9. Yep, looks like you missed out on some fun, but you did get some neat stuff from a very good friend. I rec'd your cute postcard. Yes, I can't stay away from junkin for long. Once these blasted football games are done with, I can get back to what I really love to to estate sales!

    Love ya,