Friday, September 17, 2010

Ahoy There, Caption!

Awhile back I shared the story of Cowboy Bill and his sweetheart, Cowgirl Billie.  Things weren't looking too great for them after the honeymoon, what with Bill's horse along for the ride and Billie bringing all her drunken birdbrain bridesmaids (is that redundant???) but then three lil cowpokes popped into the picture and we were hoping they'd reform Bill & Billie into a cohesive family unit. 

I took this photo yesterday and SOMETHING'S up as you can see from Billie, Zeb, Ned and Fred staring at SOMETHING.  What could it be?

How about you loyal VintageChristine fans?  What do you think?  Write a caption to this photo, make it funny, and you might win a fabulous prize!  Don't forget the Fenton birdie giveaway, either--go HERE to enter.  At this rate I just might be able to get rid of enough stuff before the husband comes home so he doesn't have to say, yet again, "When are you going to get rid of all this crapola?!"

PS: I definitely hit my "link to another post" quota, didn't I?



  1. "Now I've heard stories, but I didn't know it could grow THAT big?! Where do you expect me to put that again?"

    errrr I guess I can't help the naughty talk, or am I doing naughty talk? Heh heh...

    Ok Christine, I haven't abandoned the vintage "stuff" posts yet, but I think we also loved it wen you would tell stories about your crazy youth. I live vicariously via your younghood because mine was less than spectacular! ;)

  2. "You best have gotten that vasectomy or the kids and me are outta here."

  3. Happy friday, dear Missus C. Hearts and love...

  4. "You expect me to wear that. Get on your horse!"

  5. I'm no good at captions, but I love that cowgirl!


  6. "No you can't go on a fishing trip by yourself and leave me here alone with the kids!"
    (David is going back to Navarre by himself in October-supposedly the Spanish Mackerel will be running then...)
    I started to look you up, when we were there, but I didn't want to intrude. And you know, I was at a flea market outside of Navarre and I say someone that I thought looked like you. I was trying not to stare...were you at a flea market the 4th?

  7. "Did you just say that your Mother is coming to dinner?"

  8. Not feeling witty tonight to come up with something clever...but did chuckle at Sweltestuff's comment about not being Pa.

    I hope Cowboy Billie has her head screwed on straight and has not gone astray...I thought I raised that girl with some high morals!

  9. "Now I've had just about enough of this and I won't put the kids through another one of your crazed ideas! We are NOT going to renew our vows!"

  10. "Outside with the horse,hon!How many times have I told you dear!"