Monday, September 20, 2010

Winners Winners Winners!

Winner of the 150 Follower Giveaway--McCoy Capri line planter:
Miz 1950's Atomic Ranch

Winner of the Bea Arthur Thank You For Being A Friend Giveaway--Fenton glass bird:
Miz Linda @ A La Carte (please email me your full name and address)

Winner of the Ahoy, Caption! contest:
Miz SvelteStuff
(what you won is a surprise and you'll just have to wait and see, hee hee hee)

Thanks to everyone for following along and I can assure you that there will be more giveaways in the near future.  Stay tuned.


  1. Man, kissing up to you gets me nuttin!

    Congrats winners!

  2. Whut whut WHUT...????

    I won???!! I WON??!!

    Do you know how many giveaways I enter and post about, and how *few* I have ever won?

    I stopped entering them! That's how few!

    Oh wow, geez Christine, I am so thrilled... So humbled too, because I always hesitate to enter any giveaways because I know what a hassle it is to pack and mail these things...

    And because I work more hours than a chinese slave worker, I never have time to pack and ship and do giveaways YET...

    awwww ya made my day, tho... Gee, I am flattered I won.

    Thank you (((Christine))) You are someone special!!

  3. OH - This is TOOOO FUN!!
    ...but I feel soo bad having this much fun at Miss Billie's expense!

    What a most excellent way to start a Monday!
    I didn't even have to bribe you with those two, cute stick pins I found on Saturday ((wink~wink))


  4. Congrats to those who won. What a great idea.

  5. Me? Yippee I won that gorgeous, beautiful Fenton Glass Bird! I am so excited. Thank you!!!!!!!!
    Sending you my address etc!! :) Oh an congrats to the other winners. I have to go look and see what caption won.

  6. Congrats to the winners!:)
    Oh & i forgot to say thanks for the post on Pensacola the other day,i've always been fascinated with American history so i enjoyed that:)

  7. Dang! I hate I missed this giveaway! Congrats girls! Ya'll got some fun stuff!

  8. Congrats to all the winners. Nice prizes.

  9. Hi Christine! It's good to 'hear' from you again. I couldn't comment on today's post for some reason, so....
    First off, don't apologize for your political beliefs. You have every right to say and feel the way you do. That is why I follow you! You are not the Pollyanna type and that is what's so appealing about your views and presentations!!!
    If you lose followers for your views, well screw them. Don't sell your soul for a few narrow-minded individuals.
    OK. So sorry to hear your hubby lost his job. That's a bummer, indeed. We had a big 'hit' like that a couple years ago. We had to 'downsize'. We did it and it hurt a lot. But we managed and got rid of all the unnecessary spending...had no choice. And stuff too. Remember, it is only stuff! Very easily replaced in the future. Think of all the room you will have!!! I know this is hard and don't mean to trivialize it. Take care and be strong. Good to have you bac, Christine.

  10. Hey, Chris...I can't find your latest post! It keeps bringing me to this one!
    (The Winners, Winner,s Winners)

    What's the deal? I love reading your blog!!!