Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Dad

Well, here he is, all dressed up and ready to go meet up with friends for lunch at the Olive Garden.  What a cutie!
84 years young and he was planning on having a cocktail or two!

A blue knit hat is the perfect stumpwarmer.  Oh, and doncha love the support hose.  Dad rocks!!!

When I was in Birmingham of course I had to stop in at 5th Avenue Antiques, a great shopping experience.  Before I began wandering I started babbling to the owner and one of the vendors and it turned out the vendor was having a 40% off sale!  His boothes were full of Fenton glass and beautiful Roseville and Weller and Van Briggle pottery, as well as lots of planters, jewelry, etc. etc. etc.  At 40% off, why go anywhere else (plus I was running out of time before I was to meet my sister, damn it).

I love this pretty Weller "Panella" pansy vase:

And I'm fairly certain it's not a reproduction:

Also got good deals on a Fenton Silver Crest two-tier tidbit (dinner plate and luncheon plate sized tiers) and this absolutely darling little Silver Crest basket with handpainted lilacs signed by C. Ash.  There are several other pieces of this design at my antique mall--a pair of candlesticks, a large vase, a larger basket--but this one is just tooooo cute!

I especially love how the artist painted the lilacs on the rim. 

And finally, I'd like to introduce the newest member of our extended family.  My sister, who is known to her grandchild as "ZuZu", lost her wonderful boxer Rusty several months ago and they were finally ready to "do dog" again.  Could this little guy be any cuter?  I say little, because from the looks of those paws he ain't gonna STAY little for too long!  Meet Max!!

The weather at La Condo has been incredible the last couple of days, at least in the morning, and since I get up before dawn thanks to the leaping screaming cat I get to appreciate the almost-coolness.  It's only gonna get better!

Well, unless some nasty ole hurricane decides to make a visit since we're still right in the middle of  'cane season. It's been five years (as of August 29) that Hurriane Katrina paid us a visit.  I do NOT want to go through THAT again!!!!

On a much happier note, a brand new Publix grocery has opened AHEAD OF SCHEDULE just minutes from La Condo.  I LOVE PUBLIX.  WOO HOO!!!


  1. Oh wow, so great to see Dad up and about, and enjoying! Thanks for the update, I had been wondering. My Dad would have talked your Dads ear off lol they would have fun together.

    Where is the two tiered tidbit tray? Pictures, I wanna see!

    My friend has pottery like that, he's told me, I don't dare start collecting it, I'd have to have them all. Simply lovely.

    Adorable pup, I have been contemplating getting a dog for years now. One day I'll do it. =)

  2. Hello to your Father. =)
    The pansy vase is gorgeous
    OoOhH MAX!!! What a cutie pie! I am so Jelous of your Sister right now. I want another boxer sooo bad. *lol*

  3. Your dad IS cute, but I think the puppy has him beat...sorry pop!

  4. It looks like all members of your family are pretty good looking!

  5. Hi Ho...Maxie need to start running with me and I'll teach you all the tricks of the trade...seriously.

  6. I don't know. That puppy is cute but I have real soft spot for adorable old men!

    And that Fenton basket...what a treasure!

    On a side note, which of those flowers do you fancy? Let me know and we can strike a deal, or if you see something you want, but in a different colour, I can do that too.


  7. Hi Christines Dad! Max is ADORABLE!

  8. Ok Christine, the deleted post is stuck in my blogroll... What did it saaaaay? lolol...

  9. Hey Christine, love the Weller! And the baby boxer Max! OMG what a cutie!

    I agree that 'print' I have of NYC is very Madmanish!

  10. ooooh what is it about tidbit trays that I love so much? Thinking of the goodies to display on them, and eating the goodies? I don't know, but yours is lovely and calling out for something sweet!

  11. Your Dad looks great! Good to see him up and scooting around. Cheers to him and his two cocktail lunch. Max is adorable too! Glad to hear you are enjoying la condo. Is it la cocktail hour yet?

  12. Oh my God, I have no idea which is cuter - your dad or the puppy!!

    I think we should design stump covers for him. You know, for different occasions. I see a Santa for Christmas.

    That dog is adorable and looks like it may become huge!!

    I swear, I'm coming to your condo and I'm never leaving. I swear it.

  13. Your dad looks great! :-)

    I like the new look of your blog.

  14. Your pop is quite the looker. So is the pup. Lucky girl.

    I like your new finds, although, if it's breakable, don't let me anywhere near it. I am a class A klutz!

    Hugs to you and the mister!

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  16. Christine you know I have this crush on your Dad!! Tell him I said Hi! Love your antique finds and that Weller vase is gorgeous. I'm envious of the cooler weather at the beach!

  17. Your Dad looks wonderful. It is great to see has done so well after his surgery.
    Love all the sweet finds...that little glass basket is very sweet indeed...but that Max...OMGosh, there is just nothing like a puppy is there?
    I want to reach through this computer and give him a squeeze.
    CiCi and GinGin say hi and to tell all your furbabies hi too.

  18. What did you other entry say, Miss C. I am anxious to hear. :)