Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tootie's Mama Shore Is Swell!

My poor mail lady, who actually had to get a shot in her spine due to my recent eBaying (well, it wasn't COMPLETELY my fault since there's another guy on her route who's been buying electric train cars by the freakin' truckload.  Apparently eBay fever isn't common just to women with a cellphone app who can't seem to stop mashing it and hitting "PAYPAL") brought two small packages late last week.  When I saw that one was from Liz in Oklahoma, I had to open it FIRST.  And was quite surprised to see a pretty blue Pampers wipes box under the plain brown paper wrapping.  Hmmmm.  I'm pretty sure Liz knows I'm waaaay past child-bearing age but since she's been babysitting her grandkids maybe she thought I was, too, and needed baby wipes.  Um, no.  Anyhoo.......

So there's this Oklahoma postcard (just in case I didn't actually believe she lived in Oklahoma) and she wrote the nicest little note all about how she knows I don't get much snow in southern Mississippi so she thought she'd send me a little giftie that she saw and immediately thought of poor lil ole snowless moi.   See the horses just a-whistling down the plains.  Oh wait, I think Billy was singing about the WIND whistling down the plain, but then again, who says horses don't whistle, too?  Where am I going with this anyway?

Ever the perfectionist, Ninny wrapped up whatever it is with unused tissue paper and tied it all up in a bow.  Getting increasingly impressed with her attention to detail!

Oh my goodness!  If these aren't just the cutest lil ole thangs I don't know what is!!!  I even artistically used the tissue paper to stand in for snow, which I may have to do again come winter since what with global warming and all I doubt we'll see the white stuff this far south. 

Liz, you're just the best!  Thank you soooooo much!!


  1. Sweet!

    Hey at least you didn't get the super maxi pad box that one of my sellers sent an eBay package to me in lol... I know Ninny wouldn't do that, but these eBay sellers don't have any shame ha!!

  2. Well aren't those the cutest. Ninny is a sweetie and a fantastic sis. You wouldn't believe it now but we use to fight like cats and dogs growing up. She had some mean nails!

  3. Hopefully these will cool y'all down a bit! Cute!

  4. Hey Old Friend!

    Are those cuties Annalise? I have a few friends that collect them. Hope you are well. I sure have missed following everybody!

    Take care!

  5. Glad you got them. I couldn't believe that they were in such great shape when I saw them. After Billy and his bride had such a disasterous honeymoon, I thought I might send some "wimen" to liven up the place. I don't know if they are Annalise or not. But they are cute and will carry you through December to MLK day!


  6. Adorable snow kids, Miss C! I just love the way you turn a phrase!

  7. GOGITA!!! I love the shoes :) The latest addition (Beautiful Blue as I'm calling it) is so stinking cute! I love it! It's so fun to have random dutch shoes scattered around the house. It's fun. Just like you dear! LOVE YOU!