Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fenton Joy and G'Day Kitty!!!

I left for La Condo before I had a chance to tear into the box of goodies I won in Kitty's Vintage Kitsch's giveaway and first, let me tell you that even though various post offices between Australia and Mississippi did their very best to smoosh the box everything came through unscathed.  Apparently they only let a small herd of spider monkeys jump on the box and decided not to unleash the gorillas . . .

Please note the large box behind the yet-to-be-unwrapped goodies.  I knew what was in it, something I'd been waiting for for over a freaking MONTH (eBay purchase) but there was something in Miz Kitty's box that I needed to get to: the chocolate bullets that weren't actually part of the original prize package but when I saw the photo of Lil Miz Kitty eating them I pretty much groveled and begged for some.  Yay!

All kinds of cool rings that don't fit me BUT my nieces will love them especially since they're from way cool Australia.  My first cup of tea when the temps drop will be in the lovely cup.  Super silver bag with matching coin purse/lipstick bag.  A glass stopper.  A witch ball (I think).  A rhinestone bracelet.  LICORICE BULLETS!

I'm so happy I won her giveaway.  Thank you thank you thank you!

And oh yeah, THEN I opened the big box and here's what was in it:

A gi-NOR-mous Fenton Silver Crest plate--like 16" across (cup and saucer put there for size reference).  It's too big to be a cake plate but it would sure look nice with a bunch of those little tea sandwiches or a major pile of cookies.

El Husbando had managed to round up several burly dudes to help him move the pool table out of the family room today and out into his workshop (so we can put the Hey-Wake stuff in there) but Mother Nature decided to make today Rain All Day day over our house.  At least I got all my crap off the pool table but now the hallway is packed with boxes and piles of old books and cookbooks.  The huge box of SpongeBob Squarepants stuff has landed in the poor guest room.  At this point, if we have any actual guests they will be forced to tiptoe their way through the Pyrex forest, around the 5,000 plastic boxes of beads, and over SpongeBob Box Mountain in order to make it to bed. 

Better they just go to La Condo.

Speaking of which, here's El Husbando, or Der Buttmeister.  He gave up telling me not to do this kind of stuff a long time ago.  He he he.

Boogie is looking at me and thinking, "Boy, if HE took a picture of HER like that she'd be hysterical and screaming and trying to scratch his eyes out.  Poor master.  The things he has to put up with all in the name of love."

Happy Rain All Day day, y'all!!!


  1. I WANT that Fenton plate!!!! Beautiful....great serving dish for anything, I'd say.
    Betcha the rain was welcomed......need some here too. Very unusual summer with hardly no rain at all.

    OK. I got that magazine in Prince Edward Island at a converted church turned antiques/collectibles shop. There were all kinds there. Interested? Let me know. They were $5 each but I'm sure they'd waiver a bit.

  2. "Stop in the name of Love"...that's the name of a song isn't it!!

  3. We love Mz Kitty! Yea!!

    Ooo love the bog plate. I love big plates and yes, piled high with cookies or chocolates or cupcakes decorated for Halloween!

    Tee hee @ buttmeister lol...

    I can't wait until it starts to rain here. That should be about... January =X

  4. BIG plate, NOT bog plate grrrrrr this is what I get for trying to figure out a complex HTML issue while blogging at the same time. DAMN I hate HTML!!

  5. Jim I remember your post about that shop! Next time you go I'd love it if you'd pick up a copy or two and I'd be happy to reimburse you. And yes my dear Sophie, Boogie says "Stop In The Name Of Love" is one of her favorite Supremes songs. Boogie's mama (me) used to sing it in bars with her friend Dee and they did all the gestures. Easy to do when you're inebriated!

  6. Miz 1950's, what is HTML? Hard Times Mean Little? Happy Turtles Must Laugh? Yeah, I know it's something computerish . . .

  7. Computerish, something only real live tech people should be doing, and not me lol...

    Happy Saturday!

  8. I am so cracking up (get it) over Der Muttmeister! Cause I would have a screaming fit if my pic was taken from this angle. I love that gorgeous Fenton plate! WOW!!! What a great gift from Australia!

  9. Whoops sorry I was laughing so hard I put
    Muttmeister and I meant BUTTMEISTER but then your sweet dog could be Muttmeister....ok I'm not making any sense now.

  10. Wow, girl, you SCORED! (I bet hubby is thinking, "Wish I could say that.") Anyway, you got some good stuff, and I bet those dainty little sorority cucumber sandwiches would look almost appetizing on that beautiful plate. Glad you got some rain....we could sure use some here.


  11. Oh, thou Hubby Doth love thee to let the Mistress subject him to such antics.... ;-)

    Can't wait to see the Hey Wake all in place!

  12. LICORICE BULLETS, MISS C?! Hello and love...