Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two Great Dames. Dames I Said, Not DANES. Jeez.

Dame #1:

I'm not a huge fan of the movie "Gigi" probably because I'm not a huge fan of Leslie Caron but I AM a big fan of Hermione Gingold.

I cry every time I watch her wonderful scene with Maurice Chevalier as they reminisce about their youthful romance.  If you're so inclined you can sing along in  Spanish.  Hey, it was either this clip from YouTube or one that was dubbed into German!  Jah jah mein Gigi.  Umm, NEIN.

My office calendar offers one of her great quotes:

And speaking of fighting, here's the salt & pepper shakers that I said I'd (along with an undoubtedly very reluctant husband, but then again, he might go for it, considering . . .) dress up as at a Salt & Pepper Novelty Shakers Club convention.  I would KILL to own these!

What do you think?  Does he actually have her boob in his hand (ouch) or has he just punched her in the boob (OUCH!).  Either way, he totally deserves to get hit over the noggin with whatever it is she has in her hand.  I wonder if there is a set out there with a semi-nude woman nailing her hubby in the 'nads.  Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

EVIL VintageChristine is feeling particularly frisky this a.m. because there's just one more post to go before the big 100th POST GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!  Stay tuned!!!

And RUDE VintageChristine just discovered that way back in March she was given this award:

by one of her favorite baby bloggers at Bonheur du Jour.  Of course one of the reasons she's one of my favorites is because she described me thusly:  "I love Christine's groovy blog because she is everything I like to fancy myself as: Fun. Sexy. Cool. But I'm actually the Jan to her Marsha."      I'm thinking that maybe THIS is the daughter I never had (or left under a rock when I was 11 and if that's the case I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I didn't do that since children left under rocks don't turn out quite right and Miz Bonheur is definitely A-OK due to the fact that she's a screaming liberal just like her idol which is of course me).  Unfortunately right now there's not even ONE thing that I haven't already shared with my bloggy buddies so I can't do that 7 Things You Don't Know About Me.  I think I even told y'all about the time in the 6th grade I wet my . . . yeah, I already told you about that, no sense in embarrassing myself AGAIN.  Oh wait a minute, that doesn't embarrass me any longer since it happened long ago enough to where I can legitimately say I don't remember it.

Now here's where I CAN'T REMEMBER SHIT VintageChristine takes over.  Where am I?  Where are my keys? What year is this?  Who says I wet my pants during squaredancing?  LIAR!

Yup-a-doodle, it's a dandy day for sure in VintageChristine's LaLaLand.

(BTW, Dame #2 is me, of course)


  1. Geez! You're 'on top of it' this morning!
    Those 'shakers' are cute. The man has that look in his eye....don't trust him a bit. lol
    You crack me up Christine.

  2. You are feeling good today! Yes you are a great Dame!!

  3. DEE-LIGHTFUL! The song and the blog! Laughed all the way to the end.


  4. Nein!! Como esta Gigi!! (I can't speak either).

    Looking forward to the giveaway, and Hermoine was great in EVERYTHING!

    I agree that we all are Jan's to your Marcia. You rock.

  5. C'mon, all together now. MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA! Oh, how I love the sound.

  6. Well I have been tardy to Christine's blog because yes, I was around the back of the building sneaking a smoke. OK, so I tried to kiss that guy but I was a little drunk at the time hee hee. We only held hands, I swear!! And I thought he had a pickle in his pocket. Dill ;)

    OK, I don't think I have seen this movie, and I have watched about a bazillion movies, so on my netflix list it goes! =D

    Oh and that little salt shaker guy is yanking that woman's bazonga for sure. You can see her red headlight up on his shoulder. Forget the lump on the head, I'd be making a Lorena Bobbit shaker for this dude lol!!

  7. Oh, holy cow and where's the TYlenol!!! I'm laughing my slightly less than huge derriere off at your blog! WHERE have you been all my bloggy life? This is so flippin' funny! And for the record - I LOVE Gigi. I mean really. Where else can you find a musical about pimping our your daughter and keep it charming and sweet!? I am definitely reading all of your past posts. Glad I found ya!


  8. Oh wow! You are in True form right now! Those S&P shakers are ridiculous! I think she's got a rolling pin in her hand and well, he's got her in his hand! Whatta pair!