Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey Kids! It's Freakin' Fabbo Friday!

Stuff I've gotten at flea markets, antique store sales and eBay. I really am winding down on eBay. Really. I am.  Just as soon as Miz 1950's Atomic Ranch does . . .

My living room currently looks like what I imagine the inside of the Vatican to look like, what with all my Infant of Prague statues and planters, PBN's of Jesus knocking on doors, and an ever-increasing collection of Blessed Mothers.  I've nicknamed my newest acquisition Our Lady of the Lepers because she's missing the tip of her nose.  And don't tell me I'm going to hell, I already know that.

You can never have too many salt & pepper shakers, and I know that since I'm a member of the Salt & Pepper Novelty Shakers Club and my collection is definitely minor league even though I have over 100 pairs.  The bigtime collectors go to their conventions and dress up like their favorite shakers.  I'm serious.

I know, I know--a bunch of you get all giddy whenever you see Frankoma, although it's not one of my favorite potteries.  I do like the satin finish though and the great deco lines of the vase.  And of course whenever I see any vintage cornucopia pottery I get kinda giddy my own self.

Now if this isn't the cutest little pottery collection I don't know what is.  I have the squirrel planter in the same turquoise color as the Dutch shoe and the baby buggy and I totally love the little horse.  Supposedly he's Fiesta?

Can you scream AWESOME along with me when you look at these Shawnee Aladdin's Lamp planters.  What a find!

I'm not sure why I bought this, maybe because it's stamped Japan and I go all robot when I see that.  I guess it's a planter dishscrubber holder rhino thingie.  I'm pretty sure they've taken some major artistic license with the placement of his eyeball, however.

Now you just KNEW I couldn't do a FFF without sharing my newest glass acquisitions.  I really only wanted the Fenton Opalescent fan vase on the right but all three were sold as a lot on eBay.  The seller described the vase on the left as having some "scratches" on the inside.  HA!  Let's just say that somewhere along the line the vase had been badly broken but had received one of the best repair jobs I've ever come across.  Since I got a great deal on the fan vase I didn't raise a ruckus but I did let the seller know about the vase.  She thanked me for the info.

Another Hocking Glass "Block Optic" sherbet circa 1928-33.  I just love the glow!

One of the vendors at my local flea market is a woman with a very heavy French accent.  The first time I was at her booth I "assumed" she was from Quebec and she said, "Non.  France."  Oh.  She's actually kind of mean to people but so far she's been ok with me.  Her husband, who is as charming as she is NOT charming, comes with her and sits in a chair and flirts with everyone.  He really went to town with me the other day and of course since that doesn't happen very often anymore I was eating it up right up until she told me, "Oh, don't pay any attention to heem--he has Alzheimer's and he doesn't know what he's saying half ze time."

Gee, lady.  Thanks for that great big boost to my ego there.  I love love love this beautiful orange candy dish I bought from her, though.

My white glass fascination has expanded to Fenton's Silver Crest pattern.  This is a gorgeous "Melon" vase.

And what would my glass collection be without more Westmoreland Glass?  Here are two pretty "English Hobnail" individual salts.  Did you know that there is a group called the Individual Salt Collectors Society?  Wow!  Talk about making it easy to tote your collection around! 

Oooooh!  I just noticed that this is my 98th post of 2010, and guess what that means?  A giveaway!  Details coming soon, mes amies.


  1. Oh wow, will you look at all of that great pottery!! But you must answer this question for me: If you DID dress up as your favorite s&p shakers, which would you be dressed as??? I think we all will want to know the answer!

  2. Good lord, where do you keep all this stuff? Do you have a freaking 5000 sq ft house?

    I love glass bottles but even I have to find places for them!!

    A giveaway? Heck, I'm hooked!

    Our lady of the lepers - bwahahahahahahaha!

  3. Soooooo glad you're baaack!

    That hippo is hilarious! His eye is looking at something down low, is he/she trying to tell you something?

    And I ADORE that orange candy Halloween.

    Of course that lady is French, not French Canadian. She's so haughty and I'm betting her husband has HER fooled. Alzheimer's my hippo eye! I bet she was wanting to cram that candy dish...into your sack.

    Love your finds, Liz

  4. Carol--actually, there's this one set: a man and a woman who are fighting and he's actually got her naked boob in his hand! How utterly perfect for me and the hubs, too!
    Babs--If American Pickers ever came to my house (which does of course include the big shed hubs built for me) they would probably start screaming, jump back into the van and hightail it for the normalcy of one of the stars of Hoarders.
    Liz--I'm glad to be back, too!

  5. Hahah ze french lady is tres beyotchie lol...

    I bet I know someone who has more stuff than Christine, and NO, it's not me, any more lol....

    My best friend has had antique dealers and bulk auction sellers over to his house, and they tell him HE HAS TOO MUCH STUFF for them to handle! They won't deal with it! All vintage and antique stuff he's collected over the years for pennies on the dollar.

    I want to visit him (lives on the opposite coast) and take some of that stuff off his hands heehee....

  6. Miz 1950--if he's on the opposite coast from you then he's just a hop skip and jump from me! We could have a stuff-off!!!

  7. Oh man, whatta haul! Since you are feelin' generous enough to do a give-away, you can give away that little burro & squirrel planter to me! I HEART them both! I think now you have to post the salt & pepper shaker you are describing. I have a thing for boobie stuff too. Maybe I'll post all of my nekkid lady stuff!

  8. Amber--I just saw the photo of the S&Ps in my shaker book. Hey, I JUST GOT those little cutie-pie things so I'm probably not going to give 'em away quite so fast. but then again, who knows. I really should do a weekly giveaway, that might be the only way I'm going to get rid of stuff since it's sure not selling!

  9. Honey I was laughing my ass off at the Lady of the Lepers and you 'knowing you are going to hell'....wiping tears from my eyes. Ok so I love salt and pepper shakers but have tried to curb my collection to 'orphans' (got another one today) but also got a set yesterday. What can I say and I would love to see the naked boob one!! Your glass collections continue to amaze me and of course the pottery makes me drool!!

  10. Fabulous stuff! And you are too funny! I did a LOL at the eyeball placement.

  11. Where have you been all my life!? I love all your stuff....maybe we were separated a birth. Great blog! And Happy 98th!!!

  12. I love your stuff! The aladdin lamps are my favorite,such great colors.

    I was at an estate sale of a salt & pepper shaker, the entire garage was full of shelves of them; floor to ceiling. I can see how easy it can be to collect them, though. They sell S&P shakers pretty much everywhere.

  13. ooh those are so cute..i will sing along in your cute finds...i have a loft full of old things.

  14. You had me burst out laughing reading the story about the lady's husband that was flirting. haha