Monday, July 26, 2010

My Second Most Favorite Show (After "True Blood")

I'm a latecomer to "Mad Men" even though I've been aware of its existence since it started.  I have no idea WHY I haven't been watching it other than I watch "True Blood" on Sunday night and for some reason I thought, oh, I don't know why, I just haven't watched it.  OK?  The first three seasons are now on DVD so after I rob a bank I'm going to buy the set, plop myself down in front of the TV and blob out on "Mad Men."

Fact:  I adore Jon Hamm but I prefer him as Don Draper over his own actual real person self. 
(The Don Draper Ken doll comes with a briefcase, raincoat--which he seems to really enjoy tossing at the receptionist every day--and fedora.  Imagine prancing into your office today and throwing your raincoat at your Gal Friday.  She'd turn right around and strangle you with it!  Oh, and you want coffee, Mr. Draper?  Of course!  Where do you want it--in your crotch or over your head you sexist muthaeffer!!!!).  I'm the proud owner of all four Barbie Does Mad Men dolls seeing as how I'm a card-carrying Barbie Fan Club member.  Barbies are about the only new things I collect, though--I have this really weird aversion to bringing previously-played-with Barbies into my home. 

Fact:  I was employed in the fabulous world of advertising and public relations for many years and I remember being able to smoke at my desk.  It was wonderful!  Plus I was a bitch Assistant to the Boss so no one dared complain.  Even more wonderful!

Fact:  Those overhead fluorescent lights made everyone look like they were about to throw up.  

Fact:  Even though the show LOOKS authentic, I beg to differ.  For instance: In researching my font style for my new blog banner (which is Amazone and is period-correct la de dah) I learned that many of the fonts used on the show are NOT period-correct.  OMG!  Call the Font Police!  They're using fonts from 1986!!  Obviously I, and the person who wrote a whole blog post about this, have waaaaaaaay too much time on our hands.

Speaking of period-correct stuff, start drooling now.  I found me some barkcloth, boys and girls!

I found two 33-1/2"x84" panels--someone had removed the curtain rod stitching in case the next owner wanted to make pillows or seat cushions, I guess.  I'm thinking these would look fabuloso in La Condo's master BR.  Now if I can just get the hubby to stitch them back up we'll be good to go!

Here's what they look like from the back.  I'm pretty certain they're vintage and they're in incredibly good condition.

I've noticed in many of your posts that barkcloth is highly desirable when decorating the "new vintage" home and I've also noticed that everyone mentions how expensive it is.  NO FREAKING KIDDING!  I nearly fainted the other day (prior to getting these) when I saw a couple vintage panels (again with the stitching removed) for over $300!  Someone told me they're still making barkcloth in the old patterns so it's possible to get the look without going into too much debt but of course everyone's first choice would be vintage.  So there I was, wandering around my new favorite antique store, Blue Moon in Pensacola, FL, and there was a booth way in the back with one shelf labeled 50% OFF.  Guess what was sitting on that shelf?  Yup.  I got those panels for $19.95 each.

VintageChristine be proud of herself, she is. 

Here's the latest reincarnation of one section of my Mississippi living room.  Last night before "True Blood" and "Mad Men" I pulled my repro Crosley "Traveler" record player out of its box (finally--I've only had it for six months but that's my secret trick for when your husband notices it and says, "Hey, when did you get THAT?" you say, "Oh, I've had that forEVER") and put on a Ray Coniff album.  I LOVE the Ray Coniff orchestra!  When you play his albums you don't need to know the words to the songs (The Way You Look Tonight, They Can't Take That Away From Me, Someone to Watch Over Me, etc.) because his singers don't either!  All they do is go "dee do DAH dah, DEE dee dee dee do."  His use of wordless voices (an actual term which I personally did not make up) is awesome.
(Please overlook the potential fire hazard at the wall outlet.  I meant to hide that.  Sorry, but hey, I TOLD you I'm bad about staging).

Before "Antiques Roadshow" comes on tonight I think I'll listen to a little "The Hits of Louis & Keely" (from the album jacket: "By all odds, the combination of Louis Prima and Keely Smith shouldn't work.  How could Louis, a confirmed inciter to riot, and Keely, normally a model of smoky-voiced sobriety, do anything but clash? But clash they don't.  Explode they do!  The repercussions have set uncontrollably rocking the otherwise blase' patrons of such fun zones as Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe's South Shore and night spots like New York's Copacabana.  Here, in short, are Louis and Keely at their antic, frantic--even romantic--best.")  If you're not familiar with Louis Prima (who is from New Orleans) use this link to learn about this incredible entertainer.

The Jerry Murad's Harmonicats album, featuring harmonic renditions of "Moon River", "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" and "Over The Rainbow" may have to wait, although the liner notes make it hard to keep on the back burner: "Those who mistakenly consider harmonica playing a notch above wheezing through tissue paper stretched over a comb had better take stock of their listening habits!"  Jerry Murad totally looks like he pasted a caterpillar above his upper lip but maybe that helps when playing the harmonica.
(Yes, I KNOW those are supposed to be cat shadows behind them but it still looks like Batmen)

Man, did I learn alot today!  Hope you enjoyed it!!

Oh and regarding "True Blood"--if Alexander Skarsgard gets any sexier I'm going to have to bring an inhaler with me when I watch the show because he just freaking TAKES MY BREATH AWAY!  Plus I know that Bill will recover from Lorena's slice and dice but if I were her I'd be making sure my life insurance was paid in full because you KNOW Bill and Sookie are comin' after her sorry butt!!


  1. ***Raises hand***

    I know who Louis Prima is. =D Belts out: "Bong Bongo Bongo I don't wanna leave the Congo no on no no no noooo" lol....

    And I was late to Mad Men because I do NOT have cable TV *gasp*!!! Funny, I just put all 3 seasons in my netflix queue to watch a second time. =D

    Oh golly do NOT show the dolls! I had no idea they have the dolls for Mad Men. Must... not... buy... I.... spend...too... much... already...

    I watched a whole set of atomic barkcloth end at a screaming deal a week or so ago. I could have kicked myself for not bidding, but I was SURE it would end a lot higher than it did. grrrr Oh and it was in colors I am not using. Lame excuse, I know!!

    Oh man, and who does NOT love your Jesus paint by numbers? =D

  2. Oops excuse the dyslexic "on" rather than "no" up there lol...

  3. I know Barbara hates me when I do this, but I got the Jesus PBNs in those really nice frames for $15 each. Obviously the seller didn't know what she had since they were labeled "Religious watercolors". SA-WOOOOOP! I figured you'd know who Louis Prima was since he was big when your dad was playing in the band. You will probably be able to get the Don, Betty and Joan dolls are some of the major retailers but the Roger doll is only available to Barbie Fan Club members, heh heh heh. I want to take them out of their boxes so bad and play with them but not gonna since I want to keep their MIB status.

  4. Kick my own arse and call me slappy. I love your radio and lamp... I'm almost faint as I am writing this. And yes, I'm a Mad Men head too. I don't want the dolls though. :) I'd rather have a book. :)

    Hiya, Miss C!

  5. I love Mad Men, I started watching season I when it came on then missed some due to TV screw ups. Finally bought season I & II and did a Marathon watching before Season III on TV, now last night Season IV! Sigh...I must say I've never seen True Blood. I will check it out. Love your bark cloth and my Honey is a huge old jazz fan! We might have those records.

  6. Just looked up True Blood. On HBO that's why I don't see it. Sigh....on my list for DVD I guess.

  7. Mom bought some similar dolls. Gene someone dolls? Anyways, she tore them out of the box and played like crazy with them lol...

  8. I love Mad Men, and I love the Ray Conniff singers. Listening to their albums reminds me of my childhood.
    And I love your Crosley record player, and your deer lamp and your barkcloth.
    We seriously like, and have, a LOT of the same things.

  9. I sold my original Barbies on ebay...guess you can tell, I'm not sentimental. Plus, they were nekkid Barbies. Got big bucks for buck nekkid Barbies! I have never watched Mad Men or True Blood, but being a fan of all things Italian or sausage, I loved The Sopranos! I would just die for a Tony Soprano Ken doll! Well, maybe "die" is not a good choice of words when discussing "the business" of the Sopranos, so I would - no kill isn't a good choice, either. And give my right arm/leg/eye is too literal/graphic, also. Okay, heck, I would *just giggle* for one of those Tony Soprano dolls. There, that was safe. Whew! Go make curtains, Chris.


  10. I can't wait for you to get into mad men. I don't even watch television and i love that show!

  11. I also love Madmen and want to say you are not being petty about the whole fonts thing. Granted I am biased b/c I am a historic researcher, but I believe that the devil is in the details, you know? I felt that something was slightly off about some of the show, now I have an inkling as to why. I feel accurately depicting details that are important to the show's visual culture (like fonts in ads) is an important feature to any type of historical "retelling as it better places the characters and viewer into the time period.

  12. Okay, as my true friend and companion, I beg of you to order me a Roger doll of which, of course, I will pay for. I love Roger. Pleeeeze?

    And seriously, if you like Jesus PBN's, don't let me stop you! I may even find some for you. Imagine the artistic license you could take painting the Last Supper...

    PS: Please take the Joan doll and stuff her appropriately. She looks so skinny, and that's just not Joan!!!

    The season opener was, but I've learned to hang in there and you get the payoff soon enough. Mad Men. Swoon.

  13. So..... how's it going today, Mrs. C? Hope swimmingly.

    As for the lamp, I traded to get the lamp in my post another 50's lamp. Any ideas about its value? I mean, it's a Majestic? I have no clue about provenance. I just saw it and loved it.

    Hugs from Chi-town!