Friday, July 23, 2010

Freakin' Fabbo Friday

Instead of sharing massive amounts of vintage-y stuff, this week's FFF will show you  . . . . . . . . .


La Condo is part of a 112-unit resort development outside of Pensacola, FL and not only are the units just too darn cute but there's also an outdoor freeform pool surrounded by waterfalls and rock formations AND a kickass Tiki Bar next to the pool (there's also an indoor pool and an exercise room but who cares about that, hmmmmm?). 
The kitchen is great!  I brought my set of four Fire-King jade-ite Swirl mixing bowls (that I will NEVER sell) and put them on the top shelf of the glass cabinet with instructions to the hubby and The Sister Who Cooks & Cleans When She Visits that they are not to touch those bowls.  Hubby fixed me with the "if we can't use them, why the f**k do we have them" look but oh well and la de dah.  Did you notice the built-in wine rack?!
(Those are my primary color Pyrex bowls on the counter.  Also a "no-touch" zone although not nearly as radioactive as the Fire-King zone).

I bought this entire dinette set for $35 at the Goodwill in Evanston, IL with every intention of polishing it up and selling it for a big profit.  However, it looks absolutely devoon at La Condo and here it shall stay for the foreseeable future.

I've always loved wicker and am married to a man who completely hates it.  He feels it's not structurally sound and will collapse if he even looks at it the wrong way.  I've made many attempts to show him that wicker is actually extremely strong, especially the outdoor faux wicker but he'll have none of it.  So he "compromised" on La Condo's living room furniture and we got this incredible rattan suite.  The fabric alone sold us on it!  Oh, sorry about Holly's butt.  I'm not real good about staging stuff.

The furniture is new but those lamps are totally vintage (other than being professionally rewired).  I couldn't believe it when I saw them the other day in a local antique mall--I just KNEW they were going to be perfect!).  The leaf shaped chip & dip came from a crappy local flea market but I managed to find the one guy who had a small amount of vintage stuff.  He said his family had left him an antique store and he came to the flea market on the weekends to sell "extra" stuff.  Well, far be it for ME to not believe someone, but he totally looked and acted like a drug addict.  But what the hey--I paid three bucks for the chip & dip!

I LOVE this plastic-covered chair that I snagged for cheap at Habitat For Humanity.  It's extremely comfortable but almost impossible to get out of since it's so low.  Not the best idea (plastic) for a tropical climate so have to remember not to sit in it while wearing shorts or you'll hear that nice rrrrriiiipppping sound when you attempt to get up.

When I worked at the art gallery in New Orleans, one of our artists was a wonderfully sweet lady by the name of Pauline Mullinax, or Polly M.  Her stock-in-trade was painting incredibly detailed images of little black people on little cotton farms--they weren't slaves, they were people who owned and worked the land.  After Mike and I had been to Key West and had some uproarious times at the Green Parrot Bar, I asked Polly if she could paint the bar from a photograph I'd taken.  She even included Boo the cat and Holly the dog, and if you look carefully you can see my dear departed Edgar's ghost in one of the windows! 

Tropical Storm Bonnie will be bringing us some bad weather in a couple of days so it's a good weekend to stay in and watch movies.  I'm cooking up another giveaway so stay tuned boys and girls! 


  1. I'm absolutely SICK looking at the stuff you picked up at the thrift stores. Ain't nothin' like that no how here for those prices EVER.

    Other than the fact that you are the luckiest girl in the universe for having a "vacation house", you get all the good thrift stuff too.

    I don't know whether to hate you or hand you my credit card and tell you to go shopping.

  2. I am so ready for a road trip to Pensacola!! Girl that is one cute condo and I love the vintage and new you combined. Love the look. Fabulous for sure!

  3. Wow! Looks great! I get a kick out of you not using your Pyrex mixing bowls...I use mine all the time! They're great, and I have yet to find modern ones that work as well for my cooking needs.

  4. I second what Barbara said. Can I just move into your vacation home?

  5. LOL- I thinkour husbands must be related. Mine hates wicker for the same reason- I think it is fear...Mix in a salad fellas.

    Love the chair- it reminds me of those hair dryer chairs at the beaty shops- the ones with the ashtrays built in.

  6. What a beautiful place! I've been waiting for the reveal! Your furniture looks absolutely perfect. You didn't talk about the end tables and coffee table. Those are beautiful. They aren't included in the new category are they? And when do we get to see the pool and tiki bar? I also would love some beach pictures which I'm assuming you'll be wearing your bikini in, am I right? Thanks for the postcard from Big Sur! Were you there? There wasn't a post mark on it.

  7. BEEEE-UUU-tEEE-Full! Love the condo. Why is the wine rack just big enough for one person per night? You will have years and years of fun there!!! Congratulations!

  8. I love your condo!!!! Now I finally know someone who has a "vacation home." Classy!! And now you have a whole other house to decorate in vintage. The possibilities are endless and endlessly fun!


  9. The painting is my favorite thing shown. Everything is wonderful and you are settling right in too! I hope Bonnie wasn't bad. I heard it was downgraded?