Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well, I Just LOVE Weller!

More than McCoy or Roseville or Van Briggle or Rookwood or Teco or Newcomb College or Haeger (sorry Sue) or Niloak or University of North Dakota . . . I LOVE WELLER POTTERY!  It's so beautiful and satiny to the touch and every time I see a piece on eBay I have to restrain myself from bidding.  Obviously I haven't been completely successful since my new blog banner shows you what I own right now in Cameo, Magnolia Blossom, Nasturtium and Wild Rose. 

Right now, this one is my favorite with the nasturtium flower:

I got a great deal on the vase due in part to the seller's admission that it had a water ring around the inside.  WELL, NO FREAKING KIDDING!  It was about an inch from the top and believe me when I tell you it was thick, like someone had left some really hard water in it for, oh I don't know, about 50 years.  My wonderful husband looked at it and said, "Use some of that CLR on it," and when I looked at him with my famous Blank Stare he said, "It's what I use to get the crud off the shower heads."  Oh ok, let's just use the very same chemicals on my vintage pottery that you use on metal objects that can be easily replaced at Home Depot.  Right.

Guess what?  IT WORKED!  It took me about 45 minutes of scrubbing with a toothbrush (I even worked up a girly sweat!) but it's all gone.  Yay!

CLR did not pay me to make this recommendation.  Had they paid me, I would've probably told you to drink it or bathe in it or something.  I'm easily bought, you see.

And just to show you that I'm not completely Weller-centric, here's the most adorable little vase ever!  Miz ZootSuitMama sent it and even though I've already thanked her I wanted to show it off to y'all.  Thanks again, Deb!!!


  1. Pssst: Chris....can't you talk Miz ZootSuitMama to send me one of them vases? It's cool!!

  2. We love zootsuitmama!

    Oh geez, I CANNOT start collecting this lovely pottery. I CAN'T!! Because I would go broke if I bought just one. I know I would not be able to stop.

    Just too, too lovely!

  3. GOOD! You just keep collecting this Foo-foo-flowery-satiny Weller, and that will leave more REAL pottery for the rest of us! (Be nice, or NO MORE PINS FOR YOU!!)

    Just kidding! It really is lovely! ...and who is that awesome vase from ZSM by? Seems I have seen it before, but can't place it!

  4. There was no mark on the ZSM vase but it's certainly Art Deco-y, isn't it? Maybe if she reads this post she'll have some info. Ha ha, love Sue's description of my Weller.

  5. Ladies, Ladies! That is why God made so many different kinds of pottery so we could all have our favorites. Now that said...Vintage Christine I love these gorgeous vases of yours but I'm all about some old grungy USA price point maybe?

  6. Yes, Weller is lovely! I've seen it around and will focus on it a little more now.
    Now the deco-looking one is terrific. Who is it?

  7. OMGOMGOMG! That chartreause vase is to die for! Go Mrs. C AND zoot for the trade! Yay! You ladies slay me with your style(s) respectively...

  8. I didn't trade her for it--she just sent it to me! I the lucky girl or what? Miz Chicken gets sent all kinds of poultry stuff but I'll take darling little vases! Oh and sweet poodle bookends too. God I love to get presents!!!!!!

  9. LOL! Amen and how to that! Wow, miss zoot is a generous girl... Anyway, cheers to you and the mister this eve...

  10. Weller is beautiful, so graceful, satiny. My sis has tons, tonsm ind you, of McCoy and is looking to sell most of it. Eventually she will. Maybe I'll put some of it on my Etsy shop. Keep your Weller, girl. It's too beautiful to part with.