Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reunited At Last! A Frenchie Celebration!!

Pierre and Jacques, together again!  Woo hoo hoo!!!  How sweet it is, and thank you SO MUCH Miz Leah for the great sacrifice you made to make this happen.  Don't the freres look ever so proud holding up my vintage collection of Teddy Roosevelt's "The Winning of the West" series (I'm on the hunt for Volume I to make it complete).  Pierre looks a bit more haggard than Miz Leah's Jacques, so I'm assuming he took it on the chin over the years, as opposed to Jacques living a life of leisure and privilege.

Miz Leah also included this fabulous planter and a lovely pin attached to a green hankie.  And this note:
"Dear Chris: Thank you kindly for reuniting these twins!  If Jacques ever asks about me, please just tell him that I wanted a better life for him & that it was for the best that I send him away to live with you.  He will be happier with his brother & your family.  I wish you all a very happy life together with many happy memories & good times!  Au Revoir Jacques (~heart~) Leah.  P.S. I will leave this pin for Jacques to have as a memento of our time together. (sniff sniff)"
Don't worry, Miz Leah--Jacques will be given lots of amour.

Remember all that broken Fenton glass I showed in a previous post?  And how it looked like the post office had lost the box of replacement glass?  Well, it finally arrived, two weeks after it left Ohio on its way to Mississippi.  I'm assuming it made a side trip to Timbuktoo.  That bowl is just toooooo beautiful!  I love Silver Crest anyway, but the handpainted flowers totally take it over the top.

Basket and darling LIDDED shoe.  Love that Fenton Hobnail, too.

Hope y'all have a great Thursday.  I'm about to meet for the last time with the U.S. Census lady--she's been coming by every three months for the last year and I've been supplying her with complete details of our life and finances.  Hey, I'm doing my bit for my country!  And she's a fun gal to boot!


  1. Aw, so sweet to see them reunited! Thanks for sharing, they look perfect holding up the vintage collection.

  2. Ah so happy that the boys are back together. Poor Leah what a sacrifice she has made. She is so wonderful! I love the fenton glass and so happy it arrived intact! Beautiful!
    Au Revoir!

  3. those are wonderful bookends!!!

  4. YAY!! Reunited and it feels so good!!

  5. I know a lick of French, so I will assume your sentence read something to the effect of" Reunited, Jacque, and it feels so good."

    Your story is touching. And I love the bit about the one "taking it on the chin". What a hoot!

    My grandmothers both love glass stuff. As a kid, I hated going to visit because it meant I couldn't run around the house like a banshee because I might break something. Case in point, I did. And did I ever get in trouble. As a result, our house if very much anti-glass, lol. Just in case I have to bust out the banshee again after all these years.

    Anyway, top of the morning to you...

  6. Glad you have the boys together! Mz Leah we love you!

    Also glad you got your glass. Yea! I have a basket similar to that one. Milk glass and hobnail. Of course mine was bought cheep because it has a repair on it, but toss in some potpourri and who cares! Love yours!

    And the roses... So sweet!

  7. Thank God those poodles were re-united!! So sweet!

  8. I failed french twice. I am surprised I can even spell "french" right.
    Tell your lovely bric-a-brac I am so happy for them.

  9. What a handsome pair Jacques and Pierre make! Keep your eye on those two! Love the hobnail.

  10. Yeah, the bookends -they are just alike too! Very cute! Zootsuitmama

  11. aw, they look so perfect together! They look so well behaved, but I bet they stir up a lot of trouble when nobody's looking ;)