Friday, June 25, 2010

Freakin' Fabbo Friday!

Vintage Philco console.  Phonograph player in left-side pulldown cabinet, radio in right-side pulldown cabinet.  The phonograph doesn't work, the radio does.  Not that I care--it only gets the local country & western station.  Just looking at it makes me happy.

Spunhead Fourth of July peeps from Magpie Ethel.  I LOVE her stuff!

After I stupidly passed up the Oriental gravel art piece at the thrift store, I swore NEVER AGAIN!  So I went looking for gravel art on the internet and discovered how pricey it is!  That being said, I still was able to obtain this little gem for the low low price of $12.50.  Added bonus--their eyeballs are sequins!

I added to my little tableau.  The Holy Family is painted on tin with little gouges that sparkle.  Ooooooo.

Don't miss tomorrow's post:  "Animal Planet Star Visits VintageChristine And Scares The Crapola Out Of Her!"
Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Beaaautiful piece, I must say I like looking at it, too. Functional or not.

  2. Love the phonograph, Christine! It would look great right here!

  3. Love the console!! The kitty gravel art is very sweet. Your new blog look is tres bien mon ami. oui, oui!!

  4. Oooo love the phonograph too!

    And thanks for reminding me, if I don't get out my Fourth of July goodies, they won't see the light of day until next year!

    I've noticed a jump in prices on the gravel art. Didn't I tell you, we have to snag these things up before they become a costly trend? 6 months ago, you couldn't give the things away. Now I see some of the better one's going for a nice lil chunk-o-change grrr. Why didn't I buy some back then? Why?

    Happy Friday!

  5. Happy Friday Christine! I have been deadly sick, so I'm falling behind on my blog. Help me!

    Gravel art is 'spensive. Who'd a thunk?

  6. Hello vintage Christine!

    Suh-weet looking phono there. And I love what looks like deer paint-by-number. I LOVE PAINT BY NUMBER! Sorry, I was overcome with emotion there. And yeah, I've seen owl gravel art by the truck load here in Chi-town, and all are 40 or higher. Pardon me, grey poupon. It's gravel! LOL

    If you're out and about and you see a flamingo picture, paint-by-number.... pppppplease let me know... I need it. LOL

  7. Thats Console is great! I the 2 iv always wanted is the (1946 sparton)that looks like a juke box, and a blonde console with the pull down radio in the drawer! I also like how your console looks like it couldpass for a copy of a copy of Heywake ;) Im a fan th of the gravel Art, my grandmother made several of them ( she is a full blown seamstress and crafter) 1 I ahve hanging at the lake its an 8 x 14 Of a blue colored bird, I always think its a peacock but its not. The other one I have in storage, but might be taking out for the Pirates of Penzance party later this month. its more 24 x 36 of a Spanish Galleon in full sail,(lots of reds and yellows). Happy friday!

  8. Lovvve that console! Who care if the phono doesn't work- with looks like that who can complain! And I've never heard of the gravel art but the kitty one is so cute!

  9. I thought I was the only one who said "crapola!" (Since your blog has a beautiful French flair, does that mean that crapola is a French word perhaps? Are we more refined than we appear?) Oh, my good gravy! (NOT French), I just love, love, love that milk glass in your previous post! Beautiful candlesticks and that shoe! To die for! You scored some good stuff, girl. Glad it arrived in beautiful condition. Stay cool...


  10. Who would care if it works!! It is gorgeous! I do love old stuff.... :)

  11. Does this mean my obsession with string art is going to be priced out of my range soon?

  12. Thanks again for the Magpie Ethel love and happy red, white and blue! The post on the snake is making me shake in my boots...yikes!