Friday, May 14, 2010

The Gift of Hearing

My friend Rachel of Two Dog Pond has a little friend who's desperately in need of a hearing aid.  Go HERE to read his story and purchase a necklace (Rachel is incredibly talented and a good person, to boot). 

In case you're not aware of it, hearing aids are incredibly expensive.  My father's hearing aids mysteriously either were lost or thrown away recently since he's been in the hospital (they also destroyed his CPAP machine, his Blackberry disappeared AND of course money was taken out of his wallet.  This is at what is supposed to be the best hospital in Birmingham, AL, har har har), so we know that to replace them they will cost about FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.  And of course his insurance doesn't want to pay for them.  Dad has had the nerve to stay alive longer than anyone thought (we all thought he was going to pass on when he retired!) and even though he has great insurance, he's also had to supplement it by using his own money--which is not a finite amount, believe me.  The bottom line is that if he has to buy new hearing aids it's going to be a major expenditure. 

Either that, or we can just all sit around and scream at him.

Good luck Garrison!!!  And thank you, Rachel.

P.S.  Just in case you're in New Orleans this weekend (and of course I know you'd sure the heck like to be!) there's an event happening on Sunday to benefit Gulf Relief.  A TON of national and local artists will be performing.  For more details, see the "If It's Friday" Lenny Kravitz widget on the side.  And dawlin', ya best get ya mama 'n dem and get ya ass ta da Qwatah TOOT SWEET!!


  1. Hearing isn't necessary? I swear, I've heard dumb things from insurance companies, but damn, for a 4 year old, hearing is NECESSARY.

    Sorry to hear of your ample losses in the hospital, I've been down that road. The specific reason I do not have hearing aids is because I cannot afford them!!!

  2. Now that just stinks about the losses in the hospital and then the insurance co not wanting to pay for hearing aids! What a world we live in. Thanks for the story I will go check out Rachel's post!

  3. Just bought a necklace! Hope it helps Garrison. Thanks for letting me know about this worthy cause!

  4. My dad needed a hearing aid, but they were too expensive for someone like him who was on a fixed income. He had medicare and supplemental insurance and still could not afford one.


  5. Hey Christine!

    How long has your dad had his hearing aids. Mine are replace free up to 12 months. My audiologist said it will even cover me breaking stupid and jumping in the lake before taking them out! That's how I lost my favorite pair of glasses, so it ain't beyond me!

  6. Hey, firstly on a more serious note I must just say I'm sorry for your hospital problems.

    Secondly on a lighter note, thanks so much for visiting- I hope I can become an overseas member of the Melvin Appreciation Society!
    Isn't he just the best.

    My cousins have moved from California to Columbia SC and each year we come over to visit with them. We all love the South.

    Hope to speak again

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