Monday, May 17, 2010

The Materialistic, Uncaring, Shallow Gal That Is Me (Rant #475)


This is what I found in my email this morning from a now-former friend (and she really did type it in all caps).  The rest of it is her complaining about the fact that after I took her to the hospital and brought her home after hip replacement surgery I didn't call her to see how she was doing for the next four months.  I admit that was wrong of me but this "friendship" has been in its last gasp stage for quite awhile now.  She informed me that the friendship ending is all my fault, by the way.  Seeing as how I'm such a callous, uncaring, materialistic bee-atch. 
You know, I'm not the only person who talks about their stuff.  There's Michael who shows us Russian nesting dolls, a tray, paintings, and old dayplanners he bought at an estate sale!  There's Pixie who tells us about little toadstools and a brocade jacket and shoes and handbags and patterns!  Carole, fighting over a pair of chipped bluebirds!  Sue and her VERA scarves!  And let's not even get started with Madam's whole new HOUSE and Atomic Ranch's eBay addiction and Two Guys' incessant, nonstop buy buy buy (and subsequent sell sell sell)!!!!! 

The thing is--we like (no wait, LOVE) reading about things that other bloggers find!  And we LOVE to share our tales of thrifting and garage saling and steals at the antique mall.  THAT'S WHY WE BLOG, dammit!  Some people might not understand, but that's their problem, not mine.  Jenny M blogged about the many reasons why people have garage sales, the main reason being that we need money for one thing or another.  And the only way people are going to make money is for someone to come along, pick up your Grandmother's ugly vase, look at the price and ask if you'll take a little less -- if you will, then you've made someone happy and you made some money.  These are the kind of experiences my fellow bloggers and I enjoy, and even if we don't buy something (which is in my case pretty near impossible) we still love the thrill of the hunt. 

So just to shove my materialism down everyone's throat again, here's an awesome little something I picked up in a favorite antique mall in Hattiesburg, MS yesterday.  I want to give a great big shout-out to my newest best friends, the owners of the booth, George and Steve, who are two of the nicest guys ever--funny, smart and antique-lovers.  They happened to be there re-stocking and straightening and we had a great conversation--I gave them my card so hopefully they're reading this.  Hey guys!  I luvvvvvv this:
(If I didn't love it so darn much I'd consider giving it to my cousin Gwen who can't "complete her business" without a cup of coffee, the newspaper, and a cigarette.  Although I think that may be TMI, huh?)

Happy f**king Monday to all my WONDERFUL bloggy friends.  Keep it coming!!!!!


  1. And Happy Monday to you, too! You are damned right that we enjoy reading about your stuff and writing about our own and reading everybody else's and looking at all of their photos (I click to enlarge almost everything - I'm a detail FREAK).
    Poop on anybody that doesn't like it. And why are they even reading anyway if they don't like this stuff????!!

  2. From one callous, uncaring, materialistic bee-atch to another - you certainly don't need this kind of friend. Stick with us kid, we'll take you places.

    To your friend: You obviously don't get it. Since it appears your intelligence level does not come even close to Christine's, I suggest you find other companionship - preferably with people who will enjoy your whining. No one called you? Poor you. Life does not revolve around you. Good day. I SAID GOOD DAY!

  3. Girl, you make my day! I love all the blogs you mentioned and I love all the cool things you buy and if anyone thinks that any of us are as shallow as 'oooh, look what I bought' then they are stupid as hell and aren't worthy of our friendships anyway. Besides...who the hell wants to read about the bummer of a day I had or whatever my complaint du' jour is? I keep that other blog for that sort of thing.

    AND, being the four yea rold that I am..I love that toilet ashtray! My dad used to have a cigarette lighter, a table-top sort, of a littl boy peeing, only you lit your cigarette right you-know-where!

  4. Oh my Dear...

    I have been on enough peoples s*it list to finally let that stuff roll off my back. Mostly.

    It started with the neighborhood kids giving us s*it because Mom wouldn't do the 'coffee clatch b*tch-fest' gossip the other women in the 'hood did, so it transferred to their kids who made my life a living hell (even up to a few years ago the former HS beauty queen now 300 pounds yelling at me down the block!), to the kids at school giving me crap, to people who I'd run into working at the store years later remembering me as being from "THAT FAMILY".

    Now it's on chat boards where unhappy people dump their unhappy lives all over others like a dog taking a c*ap on the lawn.

    I'm sick and tired of the bitter, unhappy, judgmental assh*les who take a dump on every one else. F*ck her, f*ck them, and the horse they rode in on.

    I talk to no one in the neighborhood (yes even after all these years, f*ck them) and give NO ONE who is a b*tch any weight in my life. Only the opinions of my friends matter. My GOOD friends.

    So blow it off, brush her off like lint on your shoulder and enjoy YOUR life, because ain't no one gonna do it for you, and they will suck all of the fun out of yours if you let them ;)

    Wow that was a lot of asterisks, huh? lol... =) Whew that felt good!

  5. Well thats a Hell of a deal... and your right, we share because of the Hunt! The Thrill of the find... Im sure its simplistic and giving to catch a fish and take a picture holding the daily catch... well damn it what do you think were doing?! Haha And to your yoru ex-friend... "if you dont like reading abotu my materialism DONT COME VISIT MY DAMN BLOG!" just that simple... *sigh* I get you Chris, and you A. OK by me :) so we can just be ' selfish hoarders' together... BAH happy monday

  6. My stuff makes me happy too.

    I think it is more about the fact that you know yourself so well that you can find objects that bring joy from the outside, and add to the joy on the inside. People who do not have joy on the inside can't enjoy "stuff" on the outside.

    Screw her... and keep showing us what makes you happy because it makes us happy to see it.

  7. I love other people's drama!!! Sometimes I think I'm weird, in that I get just as excited about other people's treasures as I do my own. It's the whole reason I started my blog. To share my junk. And I love seeing your junk too. Like that pink potty!
    That person is not your friend if she isn't happy for you when you find something awesome. She should be able to see how happy your stuff makes you, and be happy FOR YOU. Oh, and Happy F**king Monday to YOU TOO!!

  8. Like I said in MY last post... if anyone out there is tired of hearing about 'such-n-such' ya better stop reading 'cause it's not gonna change any time soon!

    WE LOVE YOUR BLOG with all of it's STUFF-n-JUNK - Don't you dare change!!!!

    Got it?!

  9. Do you think maybe she's a little jealous or envious of you? After all, you have such a cache of hilarious stories, wit, humor, a great husband, a beach house (hopefully soon), an eye for the unusual and freakish thriftstore finds, everyone LOVES YOU in blogland and you are never afraid to say what's on your mind. Damn, I want to be you! Anyway, you can't please everybody so why try. Just keep those posts coming because when your computer is down, we is down.

  10. I agree with all of the above, sometimes ya just gotta cut certain "friends" loose. As for the stuff, we are all on the same page with you. I feel like materialism is more for those who drop a load of cash on a Gucci bag or something like that. We are bragging because of how CHEAP our stuff is, LOL!

  11. The toilet/cigarette thing? So so win!

  12. Oh, you naughty hotty! If you ever, even for one moment, quit showing off your fabulous junking finds, I will not visit your blog again! Fellow junkers just love seeing the bargains that other junkers, ahem, I mean thrifters, find. I love seeing what you got and love knowing how much you got it for. Okay, if you said, "Look at this here 20 carat diamond I got on sale for only $25,000" I might be a bit jealous, er, miffed. But, I adore your blog, adore your thrifty treasures, and adore your personality. So there!
    Hugs, Liz

  13. Girl I am 100% with everyone else! Asterisks included! I blog about my junk and thrift and fun finds cause I love it and love sharing it with others who ALSO love it!! You are a favorite because you are who you are! Like you said the friendship was on life support anyway. Sometimes we just have to move on and you have! I am joining you in being a BeeAtch on the subject!

  14. We skimmed over your blog posts about dating a pimp... and the one about dating an inmate...and the one about the cowboy one nighter...and that hippie guy with the camera...I like you because you are a proud hoochie mama!

  15. After reading her message, I sense that she feels left out because you're having fun without her. AND, she's not willing to compromise and meet you part of the way to learn about what excites you to at least be conversant or accepting. Doesn't sound like much of a friend to me. Hell, Clay is addicted to horror films, and they don't do much for me, but I know the difference between Universal Studios Dracula and all the others. Because it's important to him. He in turn has learned all about southern cooking to at least share my fun.

    It's hard sometimes for people to read a blog and understand that it's a *part* of our lives. Just because I have a public blog (which in my mind is a hobby related journal doesn't mean there aren't a lot of things on my mind, but I figured the folks interested in antiques would be interested and share their stories with me.

    And by the way, I'm happy to be an incessant shopper (and seller!) :-)

  16. I also know how to write correctly, although my previous reply wouldn't indicate that, but give me a break, I've been on my feet for a week!

  17. Ickk I hate people like that! And have definitely had my share of them... it's always amazing to me people can perceive us as being materialistic...It's such an insult! We're living with and buying and saving vintage treasures, cause it brings such joy and happiness to us! It's not about the money, or "Ooh look what I got and you didn't" kinda thing! In fact, HA, unlike a lot of people, we take PRIDE in the fact that we got it for super cheap or picked it up off the curb or saved it from the crusher!

    And it just goes so far beyond buying... I know for me (and I assume for most of you), this stuff is more than just "stuff".. Heck, if we wanted "stuff" we could go to Ikea or Pottery Barn and buy is about the's about the design...the history...the's about saving these things that honestly won't be around for much longer!

    And I LOVE getting awesome finds just as much as I LOVE reading about other people's awesome finds! It's just frustrating to me when I hear certain things or am told certain things like that...

  18. p.s. I posted your boyfriends performing. Go have a listen, do a little dancin' and fuhgit about it.

  19. I so agree with you, I love reading (and drooling) over all the great finds my blog idols find! Boo on that "friend", they missed the whole point. Sorry that happened!

  20. I love reading about other people's junk and checking out the pics!!! It is so fun to see what turns people on in terms of antiques and vintage finds. Keep up the good work!!