Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What? You've Started Another Collection? Oh, For God's Sake!

It'll never end, will it?  This insane need to collect collect COLLECT.  Here I'm trying to be good and then I go over to Miz 1950s Atomic Ranch and she's screaming and clawing her eyeballs out over missed lampshades and cooing over stuff she DOES win on eBay.  eBay?  Did someone say eBay?!  Must go to eBay.  Must buy something with massive amount of eBay bucks ($2.94) that are about to dissolve into thin air.  Here's how I wound up with a new collection: I posted a picture of a creamer that had a "sinuous" shape (remember it?) and was wondering who made it and what the pattern was.  Miss Pam identified it first as TS&T's "Boutonniere" pattern.  So when I googled it, I found that it sold for about $11.99 at Replacements.com and of course less everywhere else.  Then I saw the matching sugar and needless to say, I'm currently watching a couple auctions, as you can't have a creamer without a sugar for pete's sake.  TS&T also made the extremely popular and pretty LuRay Pastels line and I'm happy to say I got a superduper great deal on a bunch of pieces a couple years ago, so since I was already ON eBay and IN their TS&T sub-category I searched for more LuRay stuff.  HA HA HA.  It's 99% "Buy It Now" and just outrageously expensive.  Oh, but then I found . . . TS&T "Flor del Sol"--avocado green with white daisies.  I LOVE avocado green anything, and there before me was a gravy boat and matching underplate, auction ending in 20 minutes, and NO ONE had bid on the little darling.  It was $.99 and I won it!  The shipping was listed at $8.02 but I used my eBay bucks and it's all mine for just $6.07.  Woo hoo!
Other pieces of Flor del Sol on eBay were cheap cheap cheap, too!

I think I overdid it yesterday showing so much stuff so I'll chill out today and just share this Stangl "Antique Gold" candy dish:

And this beautiful pink candy dish, Made In USA, with a sticker from Sylvan's in Pasadena, CA.  Sylvan's was, I believe, a flower and gift shop and is no more.

And oh my yes, I do love my Pyrex casserole nesting in a brass stand.  I have another Pyrex casserole with some great turquoise and gold decorations that I think would look even better in the stand, though, so hopefully it'll fit.

Well, that's all fah . . . what?  You want one more?  Ohhhhh, ok. 
Here's my lil "Shot Dog".  Purchased for three bucks at the local thrift store that benefits a home for young female recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.  So when I happily carried it up to the counter and said, "I love this!  I'm kinda surprised that you guys would be selling something that used to contain alcohol"--well, the girl at the counter gasped, her eyes bugged out, and I honestly thought she was going to go into cardiac arrest.  "Oh my lord Jesus!" she whispered.  "How did THAT get in here?!"
Honest.  I am NOT making this up.
Due to the fact that I was convinced that she was going to throw it on the floor and stomp it into oblivion any second, I whipped out a five dollar bill, told her to keep the change and hightailed it outta there.
My little rascal, "Shot Dog"!

Have a great day, and don't buy anything I wouldn't buy.  Which pretty much leaves the field WIDE open, doesn't it?


  1. I have been following your blog. I love it... I too collect everything!
    Fun, Fun!

  2. AHHH hahahahaha that last part! You sure make shopping for vintage fun!

    And yes, once you have one thing, you HAVE to partner it with similar items, otherwise what's the fun? =)

  3. That dog is the best thing I've seen. fill 'er up!!
    I love seeing all of your stuff~We want more!!

  4. I love it when the shipping is more than the thing you won on Ebay! Isn't shipping outrageous? But I'm driven to Ebay over and over because I can't find what I'm looking for in the stores. That pink candy dish is yummy and the pyrex casserole is just a thing of beauty!

  5. The Show dog is Soooo cool in an over the top way. haha! My grandma has one that is a streched Donky and the cups are saddle bags!

  6. I am so with you on the collectin! I mean I don't need another collection but then I get something at a great deal and will it must have friends, so when you add a piece or two (or three or four) well it's a collection. I have some LuRay pieces and I do love them. Great ebaying!!! Must go search ebay. Oh that dog is so funny! Love it.

  7. 1. That shot dog may be the cutest thing I have seen in ages.
    2. My entire bathroom is in avacado green. Toilet, sink, shower and tub, oh and shag carpet. All avacado green. Not becasue we are cool and hip, but because my hubby is too cheap to replace anything. lol!

  8. I love the pink candy dish. That would look perfect in my kitchen. We in the UK find it alot harder to find bargains and treasures like you keep finding.

  9. Aw, there's always room for more collections! Muwahahaha! lol Love that shot dog!

  10. I keep telling myself to say off ebay! I have a whole collection of Poppytrail California Ivy that I got on ebay, back when the stuff was cheap. I love Metlox anything...my weakness is dishes. But all your goodies here are precious!


  11. That dog was sober and straight when it came in! Ha ha. I'm recovering (23 years) so I can make fun of it! Anyway very cool. I see so many unique bar things like the dog, I wanna know how that got started! Zootsuitmama

  12. Your treasures are wonderful but that story was priceless!