Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Avon's Cape Cod Makes Me See Red

And I'm saying that in a good way, of course.  Is there anyone in the universe who doesn't love ruby red glass?  Much of the ruby glass out there is waaaaay expensive but I've been able to find quite a bit of Avon's Cape Cod in the thrifts.  I started out with a bowl but have now amassed enough to display them in the kitchen window.  When the sun hits those babies--WOWZA!  Unfortunately, I'm not enough of a photographer to get that shot, but even without the sun blazing down it's still a lovely collection.
The ruffle rim hobnail bowl isn't Avon but everything else is.  We didn't extend the white fence any further since we have really great neighbors and like to be able to chat over the fence occasionally.  Plus, my dogs love to "fake attack" their dog through the chain link.  There's nothing like seeing a Chihuahua acting all big and bad to an overweight black Lab.  I can almost hear Holly:
"Hey, you fat peesa Labbadore ree-TREEE-ver.  You wanna peesa me, huh?  Eef thees fance weren't here I'd tear you a new won, you betcha!"

Of course, having 65 pound Boogie next to her snarling away MAY have something to do with her ill-advised bravado . . .

This bowl just screams ART DECO.  Not sure what to do with it but I think some plastic grapes would purty it up.

Coffee, anyone?  I recall that one of you boy bloggers has a tray that goes with the pot on the left.  I think I'll just leave the price tags on.  That's SO Minnie Pearl.

I love the 70's orange and browns on this metal tray.

And just because every once in awhile I buy something just because it's pretty and I want it and maybe it's not the deal of the century but it's PRETTY and I WANT IT . . . This gorgeous Hull basket
was marked at $20 at the flea market and the seller said she was ONLY selling stuff cheap (huh?) because she had a booth at an antique mall and she needed to get rid of some stuff (where HAVE I heard that one before?) sooooooo--she "allowed" me to buy it for $17.  I hate it when I encounter antique mall people divesting themselves of some of their "lesser" goods by slumming at the flea market, which is why I usually just go to the temporary vendors who are probably selling stolen goods to support their crack habit. 
Anyway, I still think I got a good deal on the basket. 

 Mom used to say, "Screw that Madam Lazanga!" when she'd had it UP TO HERE with the snooty Alabama society ladies she did battle with at Dad's company cocktail parties.  Of course, to their face she'd be all smiley and ooey-gooey sweet.  She just let the expletives fly once she got home.  Mom was from Wisconsin but she could out-bitch ANY frickin' Southern belle!  High 'n mighty slumming antique mall bee-atches?  Lemme at 'em!!!

Babs just took HER Mom to Las Vegas.  God bless you, Babs.


  1. I just love that Ruby Red Avon glass. I can only imagine when the sun shines through it!! I found those ruby red plates and so I have an idea of the color!!! Love that Hull vase so pretty! You are right sometimes we just have to have something because it just calls out to us. You have some great vintage items in this post.

  2. I love your steal of the day with the pink basket. It's gorgeous!

  3. Love your Ruby red AVON collection.. I inherited quite a bit of AVON myself amongst other cool bottles... I have a AVON chess set.. Hmm.. I sort of wish AVON would go back to cool cologne containers.

  4. I think we have the same ruffle rim hobnail bowl But mines in an "Amber" Color... and was a Freeby at the $1.10 garage sale! I cut some purple iris' really short and put them in it! Thats a Pretty Cool basket and for $17?! Theres a good sized fleamarket in Bowie Texas known as "Second Monday" and I swear everyother booth is beign run by a) People selling Time Life Cd's (and or Tehoano Music), or B) is running a "Mr Haney" Operation from their truck... However I must admit I love dealing with these people SOMETIMES because they have no idea what they really have...other times not so much :(

  5. Hi Christine! I just wanted to let you know that I have had the best time this afternoon looking at your blog and all your great collections. I have become a follower hoping to push it up to 100 because I want one of those kitty planters! Hope you are having a great day! Twyla

  6. I just saw some tall ruby avon candle holders at thrift lastnight.
    What a great collection you have.

  7. What a great post! Love your collectibles. I think the pinecone carafe is my favorite. I rarely see red glass lucky you have such a collection.

  8. Have you seen the picture on Babs post? Her mom looks stunned and Barbara looks like she is grinding her teeth. She is a good woman!

    I know the folks at the flea market are glad you got over your self-imposed "no shopping" rule! You got some great stuff! I've never seen the orange flowers on a metal tray! WWWAAAAYYY 70's!

  9. I have always loved Avon Cape Cod but it's really expensive here and almost never found in thrift shops. Oh well, I still look for it but don't own even one piece.


  10. OH WOW! I LOVE that carafe with the pinecones on it! its awesome!!!

  11. LOVE that deco pedestal bowl!

    My mom collected the Avon ruby glass when I was a kid. She had quite a few pieces as I remember. I don't know what ever happened to it.

  12. Wow! YOu cashed in! I think you might have the same coffee carafe obsession as some of the rest of us! Zootsuitmama

  13. Ooooooo that red glass is fabulous! If I'm not mistaken, that coffee pot on the far right is just like the one I got over the weekend! It came with it's original burner!

  14. That orange flower patterns seem familiar! My in-laws may still have something like that. No really. Not kidding.

    p.s. LOVE your mom!

  15. I have a lot of Cape Cod (50 pieces+/-) that I want to sell, but there doesn't seem to be a market here. I would accept any reasonable offer if you are interested. Thanks.