Monday, April 19, 2010

Stuff I Already Had . . .

. . . but didn't unpack until this weekend.  From an estate sale, a vintage handpainted on mother-of-pearl vanity set.

Closeup showing lovely detail:

Shawnee kitty planters.  If I ever get to 100 followers one of these is going to be the giveaway.  If you want to start begging now, please be my guest.

More Shawnee planters.  I love how the colors on Shawnee pottery are so cheerful!

Found the ricksha planters on the same day in different booths at an antique mall.  BOTH were on sale and I think I paid $5 each.  It's sad, but nowadays the place you get the best bargains on stuff is at the antique mall--the thrift stores and flea  markets have gotten greedy.  Then again, for many years antique malls were overpriced.  The internet has really leveled the playing field!
I'm always on the lookout for black cat figurines--those two were $1.99 each.  I paid three bucks for the great big yellow Pyrex bowl you can kinda see in the back.

I hate Smiley Face Guy.  However, I don't hate him enough to pass up a really good buy on this McCoy mug.

Hmm, let's see.  What's next?  How about this 1957 Pyrex baker in the rare charcoal Snowflake pattern.  Ever since I saw the one that Missouri Michael snagged I've been looking.  Voila!

Two more exciting acquisitions.  Fire-King hand-decorated Gay Fad Studios "Fruits" baker and loaf pan with color intact and no chips or cracks.  Baker: $7.50.  Loaf pan: $5.00.  Again, the best deals are at the antique mall.

I bought a bunch of vintage eyeglasses at an estate sale--when I saw them in a pile on the bathroom counter I literally stuck my arm out in front of the woman in front of me and swept them dramatically into my shopping bag.  I didn't want all of them of course, but there just wasn't TIME to pick and choose.  I got what I wanted and they were only $2 apiece, anyway.  The clear lenses (they're bifocals) are going to be replaced with tinted lenses. 

These are my personal favorites because of the rhinestones, which saves them from being too "Meta" (my paternal grandmother, who probably would've thought that wearing eyeglasses with rhinestones told the entire world you were a prostitute).

These are already sunglasses and remind me so much of my mother's:

To me, these look like something Marilyn Monroe would've worn when she was trying to look "studious":

More stuff tomorrow!


  1. Firstly, I have never seen a vanity set as gorgeous as the one you found!
    Secondly, I LOVE vintage eyeglasses and am always on the hunt for them....what a fabulous find and deal you got on these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy day!

  2. Let the beging Those rickshaw planters are identical to the ones my sister used to have. I just love them, but I will not beg. Not yet, anyways. lol


    This is how you spell begging, right? Har.... A whole song just for you!
    Love all your treasures. I love knowing I am not the only one who has a whole host of goodies and is not shy to show them off.

    I am wearing a pair of catseye glasses I found in an Antique Mall that I happen to put on and discovered how bad my eyesight had been before! Of course I bought them on the spot. But your silver pair is much nicer than mine!

  4. Oh for Pete's sake....have you no mercy? Such torture to sit on the other side of my computer screen and not be able to reach out and lovingly touch your treasures! Ah, well, looks like I'm just going to have to go treasure hunting on my own. Girl, you got some good stuff there!


  5. You cleaned house! I love that the gay fads design is called "fruits" made me chuckle :) the Donky and cart planner is my favortie in the group! Since I CANT get you to wear a party dress, how abotu some of those sun glasses?! :P

  6. how many times can i say sweet? sweet glasses, sweet dishes, sweet planters, and sweet sweet sweet vanity set. you my dear friend are the treasure hunter of the south, no the states, no the world, no the universe!!!

  7. That Vanity Set is absolutely beautiful. All your other goodies...envious!!!! Let the begging begin...I love Cats and that cat planter would be so cute in my home! I can wait! I will have to start looking at Antique Malls again. I still find most of them pricey!

  8. Good move sweeping all those vintage sunglasses into your bag...glad I wasn't the woman in front of you or we would have had to battle!

  9. Wonderful! And that vanity set is simply gorgeous!

  10. I just wrote a post about cat planters, too. I gave three to my mom for her birthday!

    The glasses are fabulous! I wonder how hard it would be for an optician to fix as prescription? I might have to ask that question! Vintage glasses are just the best!

  11. I love those glasses. They are so cute. Even if they have some funky perscriptions, I'd wear them as headbands over a Rhoda Morganstein scarf.

  12. Congratulations on the charcoal snowflake baker - I really love mine!

  13. I loooove that vanity set!!!

  14. Do you have a separate storage shed or what? My goodness, I'd never be able to fit all your stuff in my house!!

  15. Whoah! All that stuff just blew my socks off! *looking under table for socks* Wow!