Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Gloat Fest

Please note that I am NOT having a GOAT fest, but a GLOAT fest.  Just wanted to clear that up in case you thought I had actually meant to celebrate the world of goats.  I'll leave that to the people who have farm blogs and such.

No, I'm just GLOATING over all the goodies I've gotten in the mail.  I was actually the runner-up in ZootSuitMama's giveaway but when she couldn't get the winner to respond she redrew and I won (she also decided to draw twice and Mick won some boy stuff, I think)!  And then I nearly lost out because I kept getting pleas from her via email and my blog and her blog literally begging for me to send her my address.  And I kept emailing it to her and she kept saying she wasn't getting anything.  I was getting FRANTIC because I was going to win a vintage hairspray can cover and I've been wanting one for forever.  I am not kidding.  She finally checked her Junk Mail folder and lo and behold--VintageChristine had been tossed into the trash by AOL.  Humph!  What's weird is that whenever I get an email from Mick I get all kinds of warnings about how this email may be dangerous to your computer, do you know this sender, blah blah blah.  Mick posted about his winnings shortly after she announced who'd won so apparently he managed to bypass AOL's Twilight Zone.  Hey!  Since Hotmail seems to be quite suspicious of Mick, maybe it knows something about him that we should know before we prance innocently over to Texas in June . . . 

OH MY GOD!    Maybe.    Mick.    Is.    Leatherface!  Don't I remember seeing a chainsaw in those pictures he shared of his Grandpa's barn?!!!

 Anyhoo, here's what I got from Z-Suit-Em.  Thanks so much!
A vintage postcard.  A lovely ornate lipstick holder.  A pretty hankie.  A great gold pin with pearls.

Three really cool vintage framed ballet prints. 

A wonderful vintage tablecloth that's the perfect size for a small table in the dining room.  I love it!

Here's the lipstick holder already hard at work.  Burt's Bees products rock!

My new hairspray can holder, ready to disguise the cheapo Suave hairspray.  Faaaabulous!

Et voila!  My ever-so-glam bathroom!  Most of the rest of the stuff is Shabby Chic--I KNOW it's not vintage and it's usually overpriced but all this was found at the thrift store for just pennies.  I truly feel that Rachel Ashwell is a goddess.
When we moved into this house 18 years ago, the vanity was dark wood and there was just a big slab of mirror hanging on the wall.  Mike painted the vanity, added the molding around the mirror, and replaced the faucet.  He's one mighty handy dude, I must say.

Today, armed with a certain amount of dollars clutched in my tiny fist oversized handbag, I headed out for the Slidell, LA Street Fair.  I had every intention of leaving as soon as those dollars were spent (since I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to spend every last one of them), but then I remembered that I needed to stop in and see Barry and Thom at their shop.

You see, they take credit cards . . .


  1. BAHAHAHA!!!!!! Leather face?! really Chris? "would you mind looking at this vintage sun burst clock while I cut you to pieces... please and thank you :) " ...actually not gonna lie, Im a robot... and this thing we call the Casablanca and "Mick" you speak of are all a fig-newton of your imagenation...thats because you've just crosses over into the... *cue Twilight Zone Music* haha You've made quite a 'haul' of vintage goodies of late!

  2. So glad you won!!! Congrats on the great prize and glad Mick isn't Leather Face but just a really innocent kid living in the Casablanca! :)

  3. Whoo hoo, congrats! Great stuff from zootsuitmama!!

    I love pouring over Rachel Ashwells books. My oh my what a smart women to take peeling chipped paint and turn it into an empire lol... *Damn, why couldn't I think of that??*

    Bathroom looks fab-u-los!

  4. So the "no more shopping" vow was only for a week? I might could do that! Love the table cloth and the lipstick and hair spray holders. I would have to spray paint them red! I'm a Zootsuit fan, too!

  5. Finally!! I was worried it would never find you! Hope you like it, and the many more give aways to come!

  6. Oh, I'm gonna swipe that hairspray can cover when I fly through on my way to Mississippi this summer! It looks like it came straight off my grandmother's dresser.


  7. Love the hair spray holder and lipstic cozy... or is a hairspray cozy and lipstick holder?
    Very Chic

  8. A pink tablecloth is at the top of my wish list this summer. Loooove yours! And the hairspray and lipstick holders are amazing finds. The hairspray one reminds me of how stupid I was to pass up a pink plastic one last summer. What an idiot!!!