Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Cavalcade of Stuff

Since I'm still waiting to finalize the condo loan (although I'm being cautiously optimistic at this point), I thought I'd get back to my first love: my stuff.  Here are some recent acquisitions at the flea market prior to my self-imposed end o' spending.  (Groan.  This is worse than Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet AND Richard Simmons all rolled into one evil little ball).

A Mirromatic Electric Percolator by Mirro "The Finest Aluminum" USA.  It came with the interior basket but no cord.  Anyone know where to get replacement cords?  I love its art deco lines and the very cool plastic (might be bakelite but who cares) handle.

I really like the way it looks on the stove.  I was finally able to discover some information on the stove while I was cleaning it the other day.  Ahem.  Did you read that?  WHILE I WAS CLEANING IT (THE STOVE) THE OTHER DAY?!  This is an amazing statement coming from me since I rarely use the stove just so I don't have to clean it.  Good thing it doesn't snow here cuz me and my outdoor grill got a THANG goin' on!  It's a "French Cook" gas stove manufactured by Magic Chef, Cleveland Tenn.  I have the model number and serial number but can't find any specific information on the internet.  I'm pretty sure it's from the 60's or 70's but I'd like to know for sure.  

Vintage "Made In Japan" liquor decanter in the shape of a cactus with requisite drunken Mexican hanging onto cactus.  Know how I know he's drunk?  HE'S HANGING ON TO A CACTUS.  DUUUUUH.  There are also two little cups for sipping and even a bit of green, red and yellow cold paint.

Cute plastic Raggedy Ann planter marked 1974 Rubens Originals, LA, USA.  Made In Hong Kong.  It's also marked (R) Polyceramics By Rubens.  Polyceramics?  Huh? 

And for all you mid-century-atomic-retro-spacerocket-boomerangshape hipsters out there, a gi-NOR-mous gold-flecked orange ashtray with three little peg feet.  The shiny glaze has worn off in the middle, probably due to the layer of ancient grime I had to scrub off.  It's in perfect condition other than that, so I guess it got buried in someone's barn back in 1965 or something.  Notice how I didn't say "attic" or "closet" when I said it got buried.  This is "American Pickers" country down here, boys and girls, and everything either gets thrown IN the barn or simply on the pile BEHIND the barn. 

Normally I'd say I'm going to hit the yard sales and flea market this weekend.  Instead, I'm going to start getting a bunch of my stuff ready to either go in my new Etsy store or to the flea market in a couple of weeks.  Incredibly, I'm finally doing something my husband asked me to do (stop buying stuff) and even more incredibly, he hasn't gone into shock dealing with my new-found self-control.  

Tragically, there are two estate sales, an estate auction, innumerable garage sales AND an antiques & collectibles street fair in the next two weeks.  GOD!  GIVE ME STRENGTH!


  1. I know you can stay strong- but I also totally understand how difficult it is!
    I need to quit spending myself.....

  2. I love your stuff and I would find it very hard to stop buying...good luck!

  3. Ooo ahhh I have a couple Mirro goodies. Find similar on eBay (the coffee pot with a cord). They usually sell for cheep, cheep. Then ask if you win, to only send the cord. =)

    I need a lid for my 1950's chrome beehive mixer, and plan on doing the same thing.

    You know, I have a friend who collects more stuff than me. I'll have to post pics of his collection on my blog. His house is full, FULL of stuff.

    He knows I got rid of a lot of my families estate "stuff" (my family collected a lot of stuff too) and now when I tell him I bought a thing or three on eBay, he wags his finger at me! Him! The guy with more vintage stuff than a whole antique mall put together!


    So, you are taking a small "break" from buying. Meanwhile, do what I do and enjoy what you have, just like you are doing now!

  4. hang in there Chris! Now is the time where you need to "fall in love with your stuff" all over again! thats what im doing!

  5. That coffee pot is a real thing of beauty! I just love anything Mirro, because it lasts and lasts.I can't wait for the flea market to officially open this weekend! Yahoo! My husband has been wondering why we have so much money left over at the end of each week. It's because there haven't been any garage sales and the flea market has been closed for the season, DUH!!

  6. My dad' had a stove almost like yours! Next time I go over to the house, I'll take pictures. Everyone who came to his estate sale commented on that stove! It still worked. I think his was a Westinghouse.
    I saw a coffee out just like the one you have, only it had a white handle and all of it's parts were still there. I could kick myself for not buying it, but I drink that pod style coffee now. I bet it's gone now!


  7. Questions, do you actually use the cactus for your "cooking sherry" and what is the tall cubby on the stove for? Cookie sheets? I have been good all week and stayed away from the thrift stores in anticipation of yard sale-ing this week! Hang in there, soon you will have a condo to decorate! Woo woo!

  8. What did I miss? What closing? What condo? The coffee pot will look beautiful on a new stove in a new condo! We are downsizing STUFF, too. Thank heavens for craigslist and e-bay!

    Have Mike tie you to the bed around 5 am Saturday to help you stick to your "no shopping" guns!


  9. That is one cool coffee pot. Maybe instead of going cold could limit yourself...but you did promise...

  10. In order to stop buying I'd have to stop feeds my addiction. I get all shaky when I see things like that beautiful orange boomerang ashtray. Sometimes I run out of the house midway through reading someones post and head down the street to Salvation Army. It's bad. Good luck.

  11. I know it's murder to stay away, I always just KNOW I'm missing something... then I feel mad at myself for not clearing out the clutter from the basement. That's where everything ends up, plus, when I closed my shop it's worse! Hope to get a booth soon! The thrift stores have those cords all the time, but new ones work on the old coffee pots, too! Zootsuitmama

  12. I love pictures of your stuff :)
    and Raggedy Ann? I love her the best!