Friday, May 11, 2012

Vintage Collections

Contrary to what my family thinks, I do NOT sell everything I get my hands on that's not securely nailed down or breathing.  I collect stuff, too.  Like these vintage compacts and pill boxes.  Actually, the little box with the owl on it is a matchbox cover.  Too cute.

Two of these small purses are for cigarettes.  Then there's the gorgeous little Whiting & Davis purse in the middle, and the tiny gold change purse with the crown.  But my favorite "thingie" is at the top of the photo.

It's a mirror, lipstick holder (still some really really red lipstick in the tube) AND a perfume bottle.  I love this!

Of course I have to show off two of my recent jewelry acquisitions.  These ARE for sale.  The first brooch is a beautiful ruby red Juliana.  One of my favorites already.

This crystal brooch may be contemporary but it has a very vintage feel.  Plus it's just hands-down gorgeous.

My cat, Boo, loves to jump up on the Hey-Wake dining table and look out the window during the day.  So when I put this glass out to photograph he certainly wasn't going to change his routine.  I can't yell at him--I learned my lesson the hard way when I did and, in his panic to get off, he took the tablecloth and the vase I had just put down with him.  I'd forgotten how many tiny pieces of glass you get to pick up when a vase shatters on the floor.  Boo hoo, Boo.
 (Fenton dressing table set, Anchor-Hocking Ruby Red ivy vase, and unknown maker--but incredible--ruffle rim vase with enameled flowers.  And yes, there's some very vintage refrigerator dishes behind Boo.  The opaque one is McKee glass, I'm not sure who made the others but they do glow under black light).

I'm making an effort to visit some of my favorite blogs, which does take some time as you well know.  And of course I can't visit and not comment, so that takes even more time trying to be clever and complimentary and all that.  I love reading your blogs and am happy to finally (I'm pretty sure about this) be back in Blogland myself. 


  1. Oh gee! Love the little perfume lipstick thingie! (Official name)

    I think I've photographed most of my stuff, but it's been a while so may have to "recycle".

    Love your Boo! My Chris loves to get in the closed off bedrooms when I go in them because he is sure they are secret hidey places just for him. . ,,,=^..^=,,,~~~~~

  2. OKAY.. I am jelous of your collection!!
    I love vintage compacts and pill boxes but barely ever come across them. I pretty much just drool over them on Etsy. I did make a compact purchase once though, because drooling simply wasn't enough. (It was a green with white flowers enameled Rex powder compact.)
    I try my hardest to only buy pretty things for super cheap but that means they are few and far in between.

    Your cat Boo is flipping adorable I love those giant saucer eyes! *ahahah*

  3. Haha, he looks like he is not sure if he is in trouble there! I love all your items. The multipurpose compacts are my favourites because they are so unique and nothing like them is around today.

  4. Wow chris, your favourite carryall is mine too, don't think I've ever seen one in that shape.xx.

  5. Chris I love it when you post items from your great collections! Love the pill boxes and perfume/lipstick thingy! Boo is too cute and looks great with your glass items. Hugs, Linda

  6. squeal..that is some gorgeous stuff..lurve the lipstick case...and is the cake real? Oh and I didn't forget Boo...he is very suave.

  7. Christine! You have an incredible 'eye' (well two eyes) for these things!
    Boo looks terrified! lol But fits in well with the glassware! Love that 'cake-plate' thingy! Is that a 'fake' cake on top? Or does it cover a cake? Don't laugh!

  8. That ruby pendant reminds me of Scarlet at Ashley Wilkes' birthday party...smoldering color! Lo-o-ove the compacts, too. You have great taste!

  9. I love that carry all. My mom just gave me one and it is in perfect condition, there is also red lipstick in mine and pretty crystals on the front. Lovee it!