Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Bama Day!

(Me, Mom & Sally, 1952)

Bama being my nieces' and nephew's name for their grandmother, and my mother, Marian.  Not being a mother myself (and 100% happy to let the rest of you have children, thank you very much), this day doesn't mean much to me any longer, seeing as how Mom went to live on her Arabian horse farm in Heaven in early 2009.  But I do send best wishes to my sisters and other female family members who are proud mommies.

I'd also like to honor my maternal grandmother, Nettie, my paternal grandmother, Meta, and my still-on-the-planet mother-in-law, Jo.  Couldn't ask for a better MIL than her, believe me!

And an extra-special HAPPY to all my bloggy friends who are mothers!

By the way, for those of you who were wondering, the cake in the photo on the previous post is one of those horrendously expensive fake cakes sitting on top of a beautiful Fenton white glass "Spanish Lace" cake pedestal.  My niece Corinne of "CoCo's Cakes" actually makes real cakes that look this good!


  1. You are a have furbabies.
    And that cake is making me hungry.

  2. What a sweet photo of a little you and your Mom.

    *mmmm* Cake! I went to the grocery store this evening and picked up a boxed confetti angel food.
    I will make it as late Mothers day cake for my Mom.
    But the real reason is because the Mr. wanted one. *hahaha*

  3. No kids, no Mom gig for me either, thank you. The four-legged kind are enough for me. . . :)

    You look so much like your Dad in that pic, compared to Dads pic at the top . . .