Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Not ALL eBay--I DO Go To Thrift Stores...

...I just don't go very often because the cheapo pickings are pretty slim these days.

One of my almost daily thrift stops used to be Jacob's Well--it's a local charity and the thrift raises money to enable the congregation to house, feed and nourish the souls of young women from all over who have, shall we say, gone down the wrong lifepath.  They own four thrifts within 45 miles of each other, mainly due to the enormous amount of donated clothing they receive.  The main warehouse has, literally, MOUNTAINS of pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, pj's, baby clothes, etc.  And if you can't afford their low low clothing prices, they will give you a bunch for free.  

Notice I specifically said "low low clothing prices".  Whenever their main pricer sees anything that might be valuable, usually something that's marked with a manufacturer name, she apparently starts seeing gigantic exploding dollar signs in her head and jacks the prices up.  Actually, if you're just collecting, it's bad but doable.  It's NOT doable if you're buying to resell it.  Fortunately she's not an expert on everything and there are still treasures to be found, like the little hand-painted lavender Fenton swan I snagged recently for $1.00.  I really should have given more, just to be fair, but I didn't.  So there.

The girls were talking to each other about "the couch" in the back--one girl desperately wanted it, the other girl couldn't understand WHY because she thought it was incredibly ugly.  So of course I had to go back and see what they were referring to.  OMG!  With a good cleaning this would be so groooooovy!  But I have no more room in my house for big things like this so I had to pass.  Boo hoo.

There was this ever-so-comfy chair for sale, 25 bucks, but again, no room.  I think it's cute how the girls arranged decorative pillows on the furniture and had a little table and a floral arrangement, too.  They might've been bad girls, but even bad girls know how to decorate! 

 If you are religious and get easily insulted, don't read this.  I'm not trying to be sacrilegious but after getting stabbed about four hundred times by this statue's pointy metal aurora, she is now referred to as Attack Mary.
Why is Baby Jesus poking his head out from under her robe?
And why is there a map of Mexico painted on the base?

Still going along with the religious theme, here's a darling little blown glass church.  The store was having a "Christmas In July" sale so, for half price, you could buy a Christmas tree, ornaments, garland, toys, figurines, lights, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc.  Apparently people other than me overbuy in November and then rather than pack it all up they just shove it in a big box and tote it down to the local thrift store.  "Here!" we say.  "YOU find someplace to put it for the next 11 months!"  Hence, the big sale in July.

Fabulous handbag full of big rhinestones. 

 An unopened box of bottlebrush hat Santa placecard holders.  Just the thing for that big holiday party I'll be giving.  Hahahahahahahaha.  If we ever did give a holiday party for most of the local people we know they'd probably think the placecard holders were either "somea them fancy schmancy whores dorves" and try to eat them, or pick their teeth with them after dinner (Those that have any teeth.  I'm not kidding about this).  By the way, I'm referring to my husband's friends, not mine.

MY friends would steal them and put them on their blog crowing about the sweet little Santa placecard holders they got soooooo cheap.

I snagged a full bottle of Muguet de Bois, which has always been one of my favorite fragrances--I think it was the first perfume I ever owned and it was certainly better than sneaking Mom's Tigress and then hearing her mutter, "My God, Christine, you smell like a French whore!"  How in the hell, I wondered, did she even know what one smelled like?!  Today, while researching the words "muguet de bois", which means lily of the valley in French (ah ha!) I discovered that the molecule bourgeonal is a component of the lily of the valley and that BOURGEONAL ATTRACTS SPERM!

So for once, Mom didn't know what she was talking about, since I smelled like a French whore when I splashed on the Muguet, not her Tigress.  But I'll bet she'd know why Baby Jesus is under Mary's robes.  Unfortunately, I'd have to conduct a seance to ask her, and I'm pretty sure she'd be mighty pissed that I bothered her up(or down) there.  Oh, good lord, Christine, just how disrespectful can you GET??!!!! 

 I collect vintage cigarette cases and lighters.  Got these recently at the flea market.

 I've been collecting pieces signed "Georges Briard" when I find them, and this bar set is one of my favorite finds.  Although he's not in the league of Sascha Brastoff or Eva Zeisel or other mid-century lights, he did some interesting stuff and since he's still not all la de da famous he's affordable.  
If you're interested, you can read what Wikipedia has to say about him here.

Here's hoping you have lots of good luck and find bunches of great things at YOUR local thrift.

And for all of you with moms still on this mortal coil, please give them a hug from that sacrilegious, disrespectful VintageChristine person.

Hell doth truly await me.


  1. Christine please don't ever change! You make me smile! That pointy Mary would have creeped me out! Nothing much to find in my thrifts lately but I've not been visiting them much either. Trying to keep my 'inventory' to a minimum right now. Loving that bar set! Oh and yes I would be one of your blogging friends 'borrowing' your place card holders and showing what a great bargain I got! I just might be joining you in hell! hugs, Lindag

  2. I love thrift places but the prices? Um, they are getting high and I don't get it. Who are they serving? They people in the community who need to buy or resellers?

  3. When the thrift store prices on collectibles are higher than my antique mall prices and eBay prices, that's when I start complaining. They get that stuff for free--I don't. On the other hand, I guess they deserve to get whatever they can get since the money's going to help people in need (at least at the local thrifts). Oh well, there's still the thrill of the hunt--it's just that it's not quite as thrilling anymore!

  4. Okay, first things first. Jesus is hiding under Attack Mary's robes because they are crossing the border from Mexico to California. How could you not see that?

    Secondly, I had no idea you collected lighters and cases. Hello!! I smoke, you dummy. Let me see whatcha got!!

  5. Babs, only someone from a border state would see that. Down here in Mississippi we get our panties in a wad over them damn Yankees, AAA-rabs and actually everybody else who's not a card carrying redneck honky.

  6. My Man would love that couch because to me it sort of has a Asian feel to it. And he loves that sort of stuff. Heck I like it too. I could sleep on it and not have my feet up on a slant because of arms.
    (My current t.v. couch is a loveseat and I have to sleep like a gnome to fit in it properly)
    Lol about the baby Jesus... yes that is very intriguing. My guess is ... he lost his ball.

    You found some cool stuff. I like the looks of your thrift store.

  7. You are hilarious That couch I thnk is great and the perfume story was funny Maybe mum used it to catch your dad? You never know now do you?
    Wonder what we aussies are called when we visit your state? lol

  8. On closer inspection, that's not Baby Jesus under Mary's robes. It's Elvis. Hmmm, so that's where he went when he left the building! This icon is actually a clue. Elvis is not dead, he's hiding out in Mexico. See? you just hit upon something. Now go expose his charade, sell to the tabloids and make millions!

  9. made me laugh and smile!!!don't ever change!! You know,God does have a fabulous sense of humor!!..if you don't believe me..go outside and take a look at some of the people roaming the streets of any town!!!

  10. Ahhh so that's why you perked when I mentioned Georges Briard in a post of mine a while back? I have noticed his stuff too, and I'm all for snobbishly turning my nose up at anything mid century selling for "your first born" prices, and pursuing the other things that normal folk can afford! Why didn't I snap up more gravel art? I predict string art will be the next "cheap" collectable.

    You know, my Mom was not religious, but she had all these statues of Mary, a St Christopher (or whoever that guy was that protected the animals) and all these Nativities. I know for a fact that Mary Mother of Porcupine would have wound up in our house for the sheer kitsch factor, and the giggles we'd have gotten over Jesus lurking under Mary's robe! Oh how Freud would have had a ball diagnosing THAT statues' creator lolll

    You are a Dear, I thank you ever so kindly for the nice note, and I'm glad you are finding deals!

  11. Sigh, being raised Southern Baptist, poor Mary always took a back I really can't answer that question.....
    I'm forever amazed at the stuff you collect..and where on earth do you keep it all? I was thinking that you could rival the Smithsonian...
    Love the cologne story, and I smiled about Tigress...I haven't thought about that in years. Who made that stuff?

  12. Christine, you did it again! A totally enjoyable, off the cuff post by the QUEEN of VINTAGE herself! Prices here are also sky-rocketing at thrift shops. But, like you, I can occasionally find something THEY missed. It is a huge business here in Canada.Value Village for instance is humungous and does give a little to charity....I mean a little.
    I always learn something from your I will keep an eye open for 'Georges Briard'. Thanks.

  13. My mom has a saying about too much cologne in one room, she says "Good lord it smells like a barn dance in here!" LOLS. I think I know why your Attack Mary has a Mexico on the base. She is a Lady of Guadalupe, basically the Mexican version of Virgin Mary. That could explain why baby Jesus has a full head of dark hair and not the sandy blonde hair that Caucasian Jesus' have. At first glance I thought it was a lil' Elvis under there! One last note, that couch is frikkin' Amazing! It looks like it should be in a Harem! I hope it goes to someone who will fully appreciate it!

  14. When I was first going out with my hubby many many years ago his sisters bought me some perfume one christmas, now at first they weren't sure what to make of me (I wasn't good enough for their little brother), imagine when I opened my pressie in front of all his reli's, it was called TRAMP. I got my own back later when I just happened to mention rather loudly that my grandmother always said that girls who wore painted toe-nails were nothing but loose women and whores and then looked down at my future sister in laws toes garishly painted red and went Ooops, sorry. We are the best of friends now and still laugh about it.
    I love your blog, it makes me smile (and occassionally giggle and snort)