Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lamps. Lotsa Lamps.

I know I'm not the only one with a lamp fixation, but my taste in lamps runs all over the map--retro, Asian motif, antique, TV, even oil lamps.  And just to prove it, here's MOST of my lamp collection!

Dove girl accent lamp.

 Way cool chalkware lamp, fiberglass shade.

 Asian boy and girl lamp, formerly at La Condo (waaaah).

 I grew up in the 50's and 60's, and I can assure you that my ancestral home(s) did not have the high-end Atomic look so beloved by you youngsters.  No, my mother was an aficionado of the Colonial look, and these lamps were all over the house--in the den, in the living room, in the bedrooms.  Unfortunately for me NOW, as a collector, at some point she came to her senses and got rid of the Colonial motif sofas and end tables and all the milk glass hobnail lamps.  I bought this one the other day in one of those "longing for the good old days of my youth which, in truth, were not really the good old days because my parents were conservative Republicans" moods.

A lovely (and loving) swan couple TV lamp. 

Black and gold shell TV lamp.  This one, crack and all, was sold recently at La Flea Market, my new selling venue.  BTW, everything (except the stove) behind this lamp was ALSO sold at La Flea! 

Love love love my rearing stallion TV lamp. 

I also have some antique and antique-look lamps.  This one is a beautiful Fenton "Gone With The Wind" lamp.  Like the one my mother-in-law has TAUNTING ME in her living room.  When she noticed me drooling over it, she said, "Oh, don't worry, you'll get that lamp . . . . . . . . . WHEN I DIE!"  My mother-in-law is one of the nicest, sweetest people EVER, so I decided then and there I had to start reining in my lustful gazing at other people's possessions to get them to stop saying things like that. 

Recent estate sale find. 

Gorgeous antique lamp with enormous reverse-painted glass shade. 

And then there's my retro collection.  This one is my "Invaders From Mars" lamp. 

 The-deer-lamp-like-Heidi-has-only-hers-is-red lamp.  The fiberglass shade came with it but it has a crack so now it's wearing a cute little red shade until I can find another fiberglass one.  Since fiberglass is so cool, you know.

Totally "Mad Men" desk lamp. 

Fantastic pair of "cheap motel in 70's Vegas" lamps.

Finally, for those times when you overload your electrical system with all your lamps and find yourself wandering around in the dark and bashing your knees on your coffee table: the tried and true oil lamp.  Of course I don't have any lamp oil, but at least I have the LAMP for pete's sake! 

Every once in awhile one of you will feature someone's great new blog, and now I'M going to brag on someone:  my related-by-marriage-but-we-could-be-blood cousin, Gwen.  She has started a blog about both herself and her fantastic second-line umbrella creations, so please take a sec to visit and say hello.  Here's the  link: The Umbrella Lady

GJB Fan Clubbers, Dad is doing great and is looking forward to his Surprise Birthday Party this weekend.  You know, the one he planned.  His actual birthday is TODAY and he's now a lively 85 years young.  Woo hoo, Pops!!!  Also, a b'day shoutout to my wonderful sister Sally, who will be 39 (again) today.

Oh, and on April 14 I'll be 39 (again), too, and of course I'm looking forward to receiving massive amounts of gifts and large checks from all my beloved followers.



  1. You have some truly awesome stuff!

    Oh, and your birthday? The present is in the mail. Ha ha ha!! :-) No, I wish you a happy re-39th. (Thinking of doing that myself!)


  2. Please give that sweet dad of yours a hug from me and my bestest birthday wishes. I love lamps too and had loads of them back home...all sorts of 1950s-1970s craziness. I love then and they really add to the feel of a room!

  3. Love your lamp collection. You do have the best stuff. Happy Birthday George! Can't believe you will be 39(again) in April!! That must mean I will be 39(again) in June since we are the same age!!! hugs, Linda

  4. Oh man, must get card in mail for George...

    No offense my darling, but the first few things are what my mother and I call "deep ugly". You are certainly random in your picking. Must be that sellers mind. I only buy what I like. I'm boring that way.

    Glad to see you post. Been wondering if you'd show up again!

  5. Firstly, Happy Birthday Georgie! I love that he has planned his own birthday party! I also love that you and your sister have turned 39 several times. My older brother has been 29 (ehem, he's 41) many many years now. Lol, guys can fudge their ages too! Happy soon to be b-day to you and your sis too!

    I was just thinking the other day what kindof vintage lovin' fool I am for lamps. Who among us isn't? They just came in so many shapes & sizes, each one better than the next. I can fully concur with the need for an oil lamp when I blow a circuit with my many "accent" lamps!

    Great post today! Have a great day!

  6. OH!! The "Invaders From Mars" lamp - I LOVE it so much! My Grandma gave me one like that in turquoise when I was a teenager. I miss it - I have no idea what happened to it; I certainly don't remember giving it away. :(

  7. OH! Did Buddy (GJB) get his card in time?? I hope so!!! When you wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, make sure and wish him a Happy Day from his Fan Club Members TOO!!!! 8-)
    He should have his card by his 'surprise' party... with it comes a 'License to KISS' so be forewarned 8-)!!

  8. Happy Birthday all around!!

    Well, I love your lamps!!!

    My Mom's Mom had a lot of oil lamps and such, so for my Mom, "warm fuzzy vintage" was hobnail lamps and oil lamps and a curling iron you heated on the stove, all antique stuff.

    I still have the oil lamps Mom bought (I can't bear [bare?] to get rid of them even though they are not my style) and the things she bought to help remind her of her childhood.


    And like someone said, glad to see you posting, was about ready to send out a search party for you! =D

  9. I'll take the cheap 70's Vegas motel lamps any day of the week, sista!

  10. Wow, just wow, I can only hope to have a collection this amazing one day! I gotta ask, do they all work, or is that part not really important to you when you buy them?

  11. OMG! Christine, that is a lot of lamps! Loved the deer one and its shade! Not to mention the first one, and then.....all of them.

  12. Growing up, we had a lamp that was tubular with a waterfall scene all around the outside of the tubular shade. When lit, the waterfall looked like real water falling and the stream "moved!" I wish I could find a lamp like it now. Did you ever see one like that when you were a kid? I love your mars lamp!

  13. Oh dear I must have ugly taste according to Barbara too cos I LOVE the first few!!! I love oriental 50s lamps I would have my house full of them, sadly you don't find them that much in the UK!

  14. Lovin' your dove girl have the best collection of lamps my dear :) Way too fun!

  15. The Asian lamps always fascinate me. Yours are super cool. The one from Mars is out of this world!

  16. are we having lamp wars? I really didn't see your post before I did mine..but yours are better and your pix are much better ~~~lol

  17. MY GOD! You have some of the nicest lamps I have seen! I am always on search.. but there must be someone in my town always steps ahead of me at local thrifts.. cause I have not come across much yet.

  18. Those are some great lamps! I can see why you're so much in love with collecting them. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  19. Hello hello newest follower here dunno why I hadnt found you earlier love your things.I see some of my other blogging buddied here too.