Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If It's April, It Must Be Our Birthdays!

I keep (figuratively) hitting myself over the head about not posting on this blog.  Actually, maybe I should LITERALLY hit myself over the head, hardy har har.  What with keeping up with the antique mall booth and the flea market and shoving antibiotics down the throats of TWO dogs, well, I absolutely had no time for anything else.  Although we did go to Birmingham for Dad's surprise birthday party that he planned, coordinated and hosted.  It was maaaaaah-vah-lus and over 100 guests showed up to fete the honoree!!!

Large sheet cake that was 99.9% consumed within what seemed like two seconds.  The senior set loves them some cake!

#8 balloon and #5 balloon--trying to get a photo of them side by side wasn't easy since they'd been placed directly under an A/C vent.  The ONLY A/C vent, it seemed, since it was bloody freaking HOT in there.  The senior set also gets cold easily and the thermostat had been set so that everyone got to pretend they were partying in Death Valley in July.  Seriously.

The birthday boy!  What a cutie-pie!!

Dad's invitation said there would be "light refreshments."  Yeah, right.  The senior set knows this is code for "one step down from an all-you-can-eat buffet".  The invitation also said there would be non-alcoholic punch, coffee and tea.  Needless to say, about 15 people offered to make a run to the liquor store so they could spike the punch.

Another birthday girl, my sister Sally, and her daughter, The Stunning Amy.

My sister Cynthia's daughter, The Gorgeous Toni Marie (on the right), and her friend.  I can never remember the names of ANY of my nieces' friends, but they excuse me because they are well aware of my fried brain cell problem.

The fabulous and recently hitched Anthony and my niece Corinne.  Corinne has made her auntie very happy because she loves vintage almost as much as I do and therefore has received many vintage goodies from me.  Corinne is one smart cookie.
(P.S.  Aren't they just ADORABLE?!)

April 13 was our 20th anniversary!  I purposely scheduled the ceremony for that date since the one thing I never forget is my birthday on April 14.  And guess what?  I FORGET MY ANNIVERSARY EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  Thankfully my husband didn't fry out his brain in his youth like his wife did and he not only remembered our anniversary but presented his pathetic wife with these:

Oh, you can't see what's in the box, you say?  Here you go!

The month of April is full of family birthdays--Dad, me, sister Sally, sister Susie, Dad's mother, cousin Peggy.  Dad asked his guests to insert the word "y'all" into the Happy Birthday song they were about to sing so that his three attending daughters would be included.

So here's how it went:

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday YA ALL ALLLLLLL,
Happy birthday to you.

Nothing like celebrating in the South, I always say . . .


  1. I'll be 'using' this as a model for my Dad's b'day party!!! If you don't mind.
    Looked like a nice time and what a great looking crew you have!

  2. well, happy birthday, late, to you alllllllll....

  3. Happy birthday baby. You don't look a day over 20, bless your heart.

  4. Happy happy all the way around!!!

    Dad looks wonderful, and family looks great too!! =D

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y'ALL!!! Whatta nice partay! I'm glad so many people showed up for it. Its nice when everyone's B-days are in the same month, you can just have one big ass party for everyone. Obviously George was the guest of honor though! He is a cutie!

  6. Happy Birthday y'all...VC, Daddy-o and sistahs.
    I've got one coming up next week, dang it, they just keep coming.

  7. Happy Birthday all around!! from your newest friend! I feel inadequate when I see blogs like yours (amazing!) but not defeated ~ I wll rise to it! JSYK I love all your stuff ........ sweet dreams are made of this ......

  8. Awww, happy b'day to you and the Gorgeous George. Your gifts were very nice! And you look fabulous, darling, fabulous!

  9. Your Dad is such a cutie! Glad you had a great time. Happy Birthday(late) and anniversary! Wow April is a busy month! Now I have several birthdays in April...My SIL Blake and niece Amanda and my BF Carter and now my Grandson Tiger! I love April!

  10. Happy Birthday to EVERYONE who has a April Bday!!! *Woo woo woo woo*
    The Anniversary present is gorgeous!

  11. It looks and sounds like a wonderful time, I just stopped by to check out your blog:) Have a nice day.