Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage Crafting, Coffee Pots, and Dad

I received a mysterious box in the mail a few days ago.  Barbara, who I lovingly refer to as "Babs, She Who Is Funnier Than Most Anyone In The World" (you have GOT to check out her blog here if you've been living in a cave and don't know about her) had warned me she was sending me something but was having a hard time getting it in the mail, causing me to have no end of wonder as to what it could be.  The box arrived and I opened it with every expectation that she had sent me $1,000,000 in a solid gold treasure chest along with an autographed nearly-nude photograph of the hunk who plays Gannicus on "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena".  

Aren't I the silly girl?  

Here's what she DID send, which is really better than a million bucks or a solid gold treasure box and ALMOST as good as that nearly nude photo.

OK, so what's better than one vintage spunhead clown?

A whole freaking BAG of them!  (That THUNK you just heard was Magpie Ethel passing out from envy immediately after muttering, "Curses!  So THAT'S what happened to all the clown spunheads!"). 

Next question: what's better than one little vintage black pipecleaner horsie? 

A black horsie, a roan horsie, three palomino horsies AND five pipecleaner cowpokes and 'pokettes!  With whips, yet!

Cowpokette Wanda (who is Cowgirl Billie's cousin, obviously) is the gal who rounds up them thar frisky horses and herds them back to the corral.  As you can see, they escaped with their saddles still on. 

Babs also sent me a huge bag of plastic gee-tars.  I'll show you soon what I did with one of them.  Now I only have 3,999 more to do something with.  Any ideas? 

I think this little silver plastic swan held mints at someone's wedding long ago.  Right now it looks cute with the plastic quilled flower. 

A bag of plastic bells! 

Vintage golden fruit! 

Vintage "it almost looks real but it's not so don't eat it!" fruit!! 

Here's the other coffee pot I was referring to in Saturday's post.  I got it at an estate sale and for some reason the previous owner also had three creamers and three sugars.  Of course I bought them all.

 Love the pattern!

Dad will be having surgery on Wednesday.  His ever-present staph infection (part of his clavicle was removed because of it and of course, his lower leg) has found a new home in the tip of the fibula bone.  Here's a link if you're interested in learning more about the fibula.  I had a nice long conversation with him last night and he's just in amazingly good spirits, which is so important to help with healing.  He also said he'd received two more (and probably more since he's been in the hospital) missives from his fan club members and said he'd answer them as soon as he goes home.  He's intent on getting out soon because he wants to be in good health for his surprise birthday party on April 16 (his actual birthday is April 6 but the 16th is more convenient).  

Again, a big thank you to everyone who joined the GJB Fan Club--it truly means alot to me to know there are some really really really great people out there in Bloglandia.  I haven't forgotten about you, Carol R. & ZeeMama--I'll be getting your packages out this week.  Anyone else who wants to join the fun? 


  1. Wow! We love Barbara!

    Still sending healing Dad mojo!!

  2. What an amazing and fabulous box of goodies (yes I did hear Magpie Ethel hit the ground. I am sorry George has to have surgery but I know he will bounce back and be home soon. I am a proud member of the fan club and enjoyed his letter sent to me before he went in the hospital. He is a special guy for sure! hugs, Linda

  3. I knew you'd appreciate the stuff in that box!

    I forgot about the horsies and cowgirls!

    Oh, and I forgot...all the clowns have x's on their eyes, so technically, they're all dead. I sent you a bag full of dead clowns.

    Keep us updated on dear old George!

  4. Whoa! (that seemed appropriate because of the horses and cowgirls and boys) That is an amazing bunch of treasures. You'll have hours of fun with that stuff.

  5. Glad your dad is in good spirits. I'll continue to keep him in my prayers.

  6. I hope Laurie wasn't foolish enough to try to stand up after hitting the floor that first time, because she just would have hit the floor again! I don't think I've ever visited Barbara's blog before, so I'll go check her out. What a generous gal! I'll be keeping your Dad in my thoughts and prayers for Wednesday's surgery, and you're right, being in good spirits helps tremendously!

  7. Wow, you hit the crafter's jackpot!! I'd be happy to take some of those gee-tars offa your hands! I'll trade you somethin' for them. I've gots lotsa crafty stuff too. I'm glad your poppy is in good spirits! Tell him to keep an eye on the mailbox, more is a' comin. Lotsa love to you and him!

  8. Now that's a bag of goodies to receive! Gotta love Barbara!
    Good to hear that your Dad is in good spirits and looking forward to getting back home.....always a good sign. I sent my letter of introduction on Friday.....he should get it by the time he is home.

  9. I'll keep you both in my prayers, he'll be fine! Lots of cool stuff, but that pink and gold carafe is very cool.

  10. Well you were sure right about me PASSING OUT FROM ENVY and letting out a shriek heard around the world! ZONKS GAL...jealous on this end...and what a generous gal! I've got some of those clown spun heads and a couple of cowboys and have one horse that I rounded up somewhere. A bag of those goodies would have sent me over the spun head edge...those guitars are pretty awesome too. I'll stop rambling...pure jealousy..pure and simple.